Conditions at the Sochi Olympics are bad/hilarious (32 Photos)

  • Russia, a Pathetic Olympics Host: 32 Embarrassing Photos

    […] Check out the rest of the pictures at The Chive. […]

  • #SochiProblems, Facebook looks back at 10 years and this week’s bits and bytes | Thomas Knorpp

    […] The Chive has pulled together a more comprehensive summary of the #SochiProblems. […]

  • Spotlight: Week 7 of 2014 | The Forgotten Bloggers

    […] Conditions at the Sochi Olympics are bad/hilarious […]

  • WC colectivo – Aventar

    […] é na Rússia! […]

  • Conditions at the Sochi Olympics are bad/hilarious | The Hockey Feed

    […] Wow the photos coming out of Sochi are pretty embarrassing. Do they really expect the athletes to have communal bathrooms like this and not have any privacy.  Check out other images from the games by clicking this sentence. […]

  • Stress & Sochi | Jessica's Transit Talks

    […] of the security issues, human rights violations, and shoddy bathroom workmanship in Russia are hot button topics in the news lately, and so I was interested to hear how people on […]

  • Sunday, 2/9/14 | Tipsy Teetotaler

    […] for the duration of the Olympics, I’m a Russian. Don’t piss me off with glib class-clown potshots about my […]

  • Few Reasons Why #Sochi is Being Called The Bathroom Olympics! - Orange Society : Orange Society

    […] thechive & google […]

  • Welcome, Sochi 2014 | Sara DiNatale

    […] been quite the buildup. With the steady stream of hilarious photos depicting a less-than-ready Sochi, or the preceding discussions of homophobia and intolerance, it […]

  • The Sochi Winter Olympics Inspired Workout

    […] I have to applaud so many of them for making a crappy situation funny and light-hearted. This one is particularly amusing. […]

  • Bad conditions in Sochi | Mat Dowler

    […] The 2014 Winter Olympics have started this week in Sochi, Russia. It was a mystery how Sochi was chosen for the location of this years Olympic Games and the photos that are coming back from the Russian city are supporting this. This link takes you to a photo collection of the bad and hilarious conditions of some Olympians hostel rooms. Sochi conditions […]

  • WTF? t.A.T.u. is Playing the Olympics Opening Ceremony, Despite Russian Anti-Gay Laws… | Online Music is Awesome

    […] t.A.T.u. is playing at the imminent Sochi Olympic opening ceremony… even though lesbianism is central to their image.  Will anyone be fined […]

  • Note to Self

    […] more photos check out my […]

  • Links – 10.02.2014 -- fulgerica's blog – Doza ta zilnica de distractie

    […] Conditii de cazare la Soci – link [wtf/photo of the […]

  • Conditions in Sochi are even worse than we thought

    […] just how bad is it? Oh, it’s bad. Real bad. Just take a looksee. Sarah Palin is probably watching from her comfy Alaskan house and laughing her ass […]

  • Bucket List Item of the Week - Find the Canadian Beer Fridge | Neverending Wanderlust

    […] I can imagine. Canadians in Russia drinking unlimited amounts of Molson Canadians would make the problems at Sochi seem a lot […]

  • Site Selection for the Olympics | Jill StoneJill Stone

    […] to be high, and with social media, everybody is a reporter.  The likelihood of any of the city’s questionable or strange offerings being exposed is high.   As we have seen with Sochi, the athletes have not been shy […]

  • 20 Funny And Weird Sochi Problems - NoWayGirl

    […] credit: thechive […]

  • On The Opening Day Of The Olympics, The Last Place I Want To Be Is Sochi | TWO Care

    […] Some of the issues are absurdly unacceptable, like the fact that hotels are still very much under construction, spewing water everywhere, the internet is hanging out of the wall, etc. Just look at these pictures and tweets: […]

  • Sochi Olympics: A Hotbed of Cybercrime

    […] Winter Olympics in Sochi are off to a rocky start to say the least. The web is saturated with pictures from Sochi of unfinished hotels, awkward communal bathrooms, contaminated brown tap water, and […]

  • Sochi Hotels and Why You Shouldn’t Care | Leslie Lessard

    […] taken from Buzz Feed and The Chive. If you need a laugh, I highly encourage you to look up more #SochiProblems. The situation has […]

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