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Sports figures that would make great villains (pics & article) Ellie Kemper can run my office any day (pics) Tom Cruise and John Travolta face off (pics) The best of whitegirlwasted on Instagram (pics) Web speculates Cav’s are illuminati (pics & article) Rachel Bilson is pregnant but looks amazing in a bikini (pics) This teen’s […]


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20 ugliest breakups in sports (pics & article) Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver divorce money net worth is mind blowing (pics & article) Virginia Senator proposing law that would make oral sex between teens a felony (pic & article) Remember to sign up for theCHIVE’s LAST free fantasy football league here for a chance at […]

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Guys, guys, there’s a Minka Kelly sex tape! (pic & article) Muppet Teens: just because they’re puppets doesn’t mean they’ll do whatever you want, dude (vid) The numbers are in, and the Dark Knight Rises had the 3rd highest debut in history (pics & article) The hottest cheerleaders from every sport (pics) The 6 most […]

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Sarah is…what’s the word..”hot” (pics) ‘Skins’ teens strip for ‘Elle’. I like the show more everyday (pics) The 50 Sexiest NHL Ice Girls (pics) Frankie Muniz’ Girlfriend: He Put a Gun to His Head….his GF is also really, really sexy. True story (pics & article) If you don’t know Susan Coffey already, this is your […]


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The rapping weatherman, good Lord what people will do for fame (vid) The new King of Kong is crowned (vid) 6 unintentional ways you’re ruining your dog (pics & article) Nikki Sims working the pole–NSFW (pics) Purse Snatcher Fail: Angry Mob Beats Theives (vid) Miss COED: Victoria Rays is the epitome of a blond bombshell […]


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Nikki is a junior in college, and I’m still a junior in my heart me (pics) Drunken Lawn Mower Driver Gets Tazed…F#$%ing hilarious (vid) Heidi Montag boobs and more (pics) 20 sexy 90’s stars (pics) Dealing with a guy who’s clearly hiding a zombie bite–funny (vid) Aylen Alvarez looks extra busty in pink (pics) […]


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8 Rejected Photobooth effects (roll mouse over photos for effect) Backstage with runway models, some sexy and some kinda weird, man (pics) Some dude hurled a jellyfish at a group of teens! Here at The Chive we HATE Ed Hardy, here are 11 idiots wearing Hardy that you’d never expect. They should be ashamed With […]