Best Roller Coaster Souvenir Photos Ever (19 Photos)

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  • Miss W

    hahaha nice

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  • Who?

    I know one of the guys in the chess one.

  • Nick

    Oh sweet jesus, on the chocolate land one and the last one I nearly fell off my chair laughing.

    thanks for the laugh, I needed it.

  • TF-FAN


  • That one guy

    The puke one is amazing…and i think the second and third to last are kind of fake, to be honest

  • A-Ron

    OMFG these are amazing!!!!
    The puke one, the Hershey one (kind of an ironic humor) and the Pirate Splash Mountain had me crying.

  • dapnepep

    amazinggg! 😀

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  • Anonymous

    How bout that last one? FAIL!

  • tufdaawg

    too funny. i sharted from laughing so much. check out my website:

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  • kookimebux

    Hello. And Bye. 🙂

  • Wilfred

    My name is Wilfred

  • FAIL

    there are awesome!!
    TheChive is my new favourite site!!

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  • Kim Randall

    OMG these are GREAT! HAHAHA!!!

  • maaccc

    this is so freaking funny! nice collection!

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  • Иван Милюков

    Отличный сайт! Если необходимо убить парочку-троечку часов – вам сюда 🙂

  • Иннокентий

    Да, инет – он не маленький, если и такое даже можно найти 😉

  • robin yates

    when I was a kid I had a part time job at a funfair,,,,,, worked the wooden roller coaster and had to oil the track every hour or so, which we did from outside the car,,,, quite a buzz till you got used to doing it

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