Only in Romania (23 Photos)

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  • sMMY

    they aren't all the same .. these photos are just a little part … every country has her negative part don't you think ?

    • Borat

      What a shit hole of the world Romaland is

  • LOL

    I don’t think this collection is negative sMMY. Just showing us what other people around the world live like. If someone thinks of it as negative, that’s on them. I think it was really interesting. Makes me glad I have a toilet that is for sure!

  • Amsterdam

    We’ve got nr 5 in the Netherlands too, it’s called Amsterdam.

  • Anonymous

    If the chive featured the good parts of the country, it would be boring as shit

    • Da Cuntstabber

      no, it 'd be better cunt

  • Anonymous

    “If the chive featured the good parts of the country, it would be boring as shit”

    Damn skippy. 😉

  • http://xevu.org/index.php/2009/04/romania-vazuta-prin-alti-ochi/ Blogu' lu XEVu'

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  • Nae

    Not all those pictures are taken in Romania. Pic no. 2, 3, 8, 14 for example. And those are bad example about Romania. Why you dont put pictures with beatiful landscapes from Romania, houses, cities or something to show us beauties of this country? Or only a woman shittin` on street counts? Every place on Earth have ugly things, ugly people, etc. but this means that everything in that place is crappy? Dont think so…shame.

  • Anonymous

    As a Romanian person, I know that these are not giving the full impression of what a beautiful country Romania is. As for the person who says ‘if someone thinks they’re negative, it’s on them’ These pictures are negative, and they only show one side of Romania, the NEGATIVE side, it’s not all like this. In fact, I’ve seen some of these pictures on Romanian sites making fun of our own redneck/homeless population. I’d like to see pictures of any country’s homeless population and determine for myself if they’re any more glamorous, because I seriously doubt it.

  • Anonymous

    to LOL: this isn’t how “other people around the world live like”, you ignoramus… not all Romanians live on the street or in the country. This is only showing the parts of Romania that even we Romanians ridicule.

  • LOL

    Fighting on the internet is stupid. It’s like two hemophiliacs getting in a knife fight.

    Even though I know it’s stupid…I just have to respond anyway…God help me.

    I NEVER said that ALL Romanians live that way. SOME of them do. Just like some Americans do. Just like some French/English/Russian/Mexican/Canadian/Brazilian/Irish/Hatian/Tiawanese/Spanish/(insert ANY country here ________________) live that way.

    And to make fun of those people…no matter what country they are from…it’s not nice. It’s not a “nice” world though, and seeing this collection of photographs, whether they are actually of Romania or not, it was very interesting, and made me (again) very grateful for the blessings I have in my life. I have been just as interested in the collections that show the way some “rich” people live too.

    I stand by my statement that if you see something “negative” in them, that’s on you. I happen to see some people that make the best of their lives, regardless of their financial situation. And honestly, some of the solutions they’ve come up with are AWESOME. Making a hay truck out of a little care is just ingenious! I would love to see the rack that is underneath all that hay!

    TheChive does show the awesome parts of all sorts of countries. Even though the site is relatively new, it has broadened my horizons even more. I spent some time in Europe, 3 years total…but I didn’t go everywhere. Every collection of pictures makes me think. I thank them for that. 😉

  • LOL

    For those who come here because of Blogu’ lu XEVu’s link, I am going to use an online service to translate my words. I hope the translator does a good job and shows what I intended to say.

    Pentru cei care vin aici din cauza blogu ‘lu XEVu de link-ul, am de gând să folosiţi un serviciu online pentru a traduce cuvintele mele. Sper ca traducător nu o slujbă bună şi arată ceea ce am intenţionat să vă spun.

    Lupta de pe Internet este o prostie. E ca şi cum două hemophiliacs Noţiuni de bază într-un cutit de lupta.

    Chiar daca stiu ca e prost … M-am avea de a răspunde oricum … Dumnezeu să mă ajute.

    Nu i-am spus că toţi românii care trăiesc aici. Unele dintre ele fac. La fel ca unii americani fac. Doar ca unele Franceză / Engleză / Rusă / mexican / Canada / Brazilian / irlandeză / Hatian / Tiawanese / spaniolă / (insera Orice ţară aici ________________) vii asa.

    Şi pentru a-şi bate joc de oamenii aceia … indiferent de ţara în care sunt de la … nu este frumos. Acesta nu este un “frumos” lume, deşi, şi vedeţi această colecţie de fotografii, indiferent dacă acestea sunt de fapt din România sau nu, acesta a fost foarte interesant, şi mi-a facut (din nou) foarte recunoscător pentru fericire am in viata mea. Am fost la fel de interesat în colecţiile care arată modul în care unele “bogat” de persoane trăiesc prea.

    Eu stau de declaraţia mea că, dacă vezi ceva “negativ” în ele, asta-i pe tine. Nu se întâmplă pentru a vedea niste oameni, care fac cele mai bune din viata lor, indiferent de situaţia lor financiară. Şi sincer, unele dintre solutii au venit cu sunt AWESOME. Realizarea unei fân camion, dintr-un mic masina este doar ingenios! Mi-ar placea sa vezi la raft, care este sub toate că fân!

    TheChive nu arata minunat piese de tot felul de tari. Chiar dacă site-ul este relativ nou, care le-a lărgit orizonturile mea chiar mai mult. Mi-am petrecut ceva timp în Europa, total 3 ani … dar nu am merge oriunde. Fiecare colecţie de imagini ma face sa ma gandesc. Eu le multumesc pentru asta. 😉

  • Nae

    Thanks. I`ll come back and wait for another collection of pics.

  • MoshutZu

    Lol… Those are gipsyes, who are living in Romania… We don`t like those photo too.
    It`s just a bad “description” of our country. Like all, we got bad parts, and good parts.
    Don`t let this images to have a bad influence on you all.

  • Carlos MV

    Cool pics. We all know not every rumanian is like these

  • Paul

    Dude, the pregnant chick is not from Romania. And the one with the empty stro is very very old, before 1989.

  • Chacha

    About half of the photos are from Ukraine or Russia (especially those with the Lada cars which were not popular at all in Romania and have the license plates blurred too, and the picture with the lady washing herfelf outside during winter). There are also pics from Poland (ie: the picture with the old women in that empty Warsaw shop) and Romania during the late 80s (the picture with the people near a small camp-fire in the park).

  • robin yates

    people love to ridicule other people from foreign countries,,,,,,,,,,makes them forget there are shit people in their own country,,,,,,,,,,,how many americans have no health care provision,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 50 million ???

  • Lady K.

    LOL, believe it or not, Romanians actually KNOW a bit of English. A friendly advice: don’t use a crappy online service to translate your apology. The result will be (actually it is) a type of Romanian “engrish”. I suggest you try that toilet you praise so much. 😉 You can actually cough up smarter things that this by eating fiber.

  • Lady K.

    EDIT: *friendly advice, *than

  • Romanian lover

    im romanian dude. this is not the way we live. the person who posted these photos is a little bit retardedl. His country is called Hungry ( why ??? )

    • Ro.

      good one! haha :))))

  • mihai

    they are not all from romania also some of them are 10-15 years old….romania has also it’s good parts

  • Pelkor

    i love how people manage to start bagging america

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  • G

    Just go to Louisiana. It aint much better than these pics.

  • dude

    How does health insurance have anything to do with the pics above? Just go ahead and say that you hate the US and be done with it.

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