• Centuraol

    Очень полезная вещь, спасибо!!

  • schtinky

    This gallery was awesome.

  • andy

    i liked the spring break part

  • stinky

    Ha. Someone changed my dirty diaper. Thanks!

  • darren

    i’d hit #37

  • DUV3

    college *sigh*

  • karl

    those are not nova girls

  • John

    know what the best part of our site is? we just get to make shit up and not care. welcome to the chive.

  • O Geezy

    wow, I think the best gallery yet! even counting the book chics and underboob..
    Girl in glasses= Hotter than Mendez

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  • ann

    ew. orange drunk whores.

  • raymond


  • rick

    Pi Lambda Phi is a frat. Glad to see some chicks dig it though.

  • Adam

    Why do most women always have to have there boobs out in some form of photo or another ?

  • galacticlove

    You guys should really check out the hot Russian Ladies where I live here in Siberia.

    I wrote up a blog on them that you can check out here.


    Have fun..


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  • Dragonia

    What is this soriety bullshit….fucking yanks

  • okthenjustpickoneforme

    Hi – I’m a giant tampon rip-cord. Scroll up about nine pictures and we can hang out.

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    Классный блог! Виновник простой служащий, такого хорошего письма исстари не видел, завидую белой завистью. седельные тягачи б у

  • совместные покупки

    Красивый у Вас блог! Много полезной информации, благовременно, может Вам нужны подарки на новомодный год?

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