Is this the hottest girl on Facebook? (16 Photos)

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  • pwnage

    she's friggin' beautiful. hottest, I'm curious what people have 2 say. i wouldn't last 30 seconds with this

    • Matt

      1A. Quite possibly. I’m going to need to see her nude first.

      • The Mad Zak

        You can see her nude! She was in Playboy. Her name is Jessica Burciaga.

    • Dj Jeffe Con Queso

      I wouldn't last 3 seconds………

  • LOL

    Now this is just me talking out loud here…and it's wrong…but if y'all can't keep her mouth busy doing something else besides talking, y'all need to get new hobbies. 😉

    She's cute & some of her friends are damn sexXxy too. 😉

    • Will

      Why the thumbs down? I liked the comment

  • Anonymous

    there is no way she's hotter than me

    • Will

      Usually only ugly girls say that….just sayin

  • PULP

    *kicked out of bed for eating crackers

    • Gand

      I wouldn't kick her out of bed if she accidentally shit herself.


    *not kicked out of bed for eating crackers

    • Bill

      hott – but a bit of a horse mouth…way too big.

  • Dave

    Maybe like the 53rd hottest chick on FB.

    • pierce

      47 on my list

  • MaxSpain

    You mean the hottest 45 year old man who found a lost camera…

  • CMG

    Being a facebook girl she looses a great deal of appeal. Much too cliché.

    • fsdc

      how is it a cliche to be on facebook? every one is on facebook you facepalm!

    • Casey Jacobson

      I think you meant "loses"… unless you were talking about her vagina.

  • niceguyted

    lol, pwnage – I’m sure I’d last a lot longer than that. The pics are wicked nice; makes me wonder if it’s a nightmare to hear her talk, though.

  • kris

    zzz… boring ol big fake boobs, i wouldnt pay more than 30euro for this

    • http://billthewelder.wordpress.com billthewelder

      Yea ok what ever buddy, you have fun smokin a pole then.

    • Cue

      LOL @ not knowing anything about her. She’s 100% Natural her name is Jessica and she’s playboy’s miss Feb.


    • Jeff

      Generic. She looks like a JLo knock off. I like my girls natural looking. My chick is drop dead gorgeous without all that high maintenance shit

  • Phil

    holy crap that girl is hot

  • natekarr

    I might not be able to last 30 seconds with this girl but it wouldn’t be too long before i’m right back on top of her… but i agree with niceguyted, i bet shes horrible to hold a conversation with.

  • Ken

    “She looks like the real thing
    She tastes like the real thing
    My fake plastic love.
    But I can’t help the feeling
    I could blow through the ceiling
    If I just turn and run.
    And it wears me out, it wears me out.
    It wears me out, it wears me out.”

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  • DVSN

    it’s jessica burciaga, she’s a former playmate


      That is NOTJessica B., her name is Lina Kierra (i know her). That playmate looks nothing like her at all

      • No, You're Wrong

        That is 100% Jessica Burciaga

  • kirby

    I’ll put her back in her playmate years

  • Sazuke

    She’s annoying. I can’t stand her voice.

  • Anonymous

    shes hot

  • HellHathNoFury

    I want to have her face for Christmas.

    • P-90

      Have it where?

      • Aaron

        hahahaha zing.

  • lorraine

    yeah that’s not playmate jessica burciaga

    • paulrrrrr

      That is definetely Jessica Burciaga without a doubt.

  • Tom

    Actually, that is.

  • Anonymous

    she looks like a slut. too much fake tan. gross.

    • Christian

      I completely agree, sorry if that offends some. Sometimes I think it's other females who thumb comments like these down. I'm not too fond of fake sluts. Call it like I see 'em

  • Jess

    She’d look better if she went for a more natural,
    with all that make up she looks like shes covering something up, and misleads ppl to thinking shes ugly

  • jkwalton

    if she’s not, I will gladly accept second place!

  • werk

    wish there was a pic of her w/out ultra-tan skin and all that make-up

    • peabody

      ooooo the wonders of make-up!!!

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