Cintia Dicker. Seriously. (10 photos)

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  • aaron

    something about gingers……….just..no.

    • Gingerfox

      and you're probably a fat balding homely cat with hair the color of shit

  • Balls deep

    prime example of a hot ginger

    • mook

      Gingers are all fucking crazy, and not the good kind. Burn your house down because they had a bad day. I say we just start shooting gingers.

  • shockresistant


    can’t beat a nice red head. even if the freckles above her upper lip suspiciously look like a tash…lol

  • c4vemanlawyer

    Not bad for a ginger but her eyes are strange, like they’re too far apart or something.

    The black and whites are way better than the colors…those freckles kinda freak me out.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    I would be willing to play ” connect-a-dot” , if you catch my drift

    • duh huh huh

      no. we don’t know how to play connect a dot

  • yah

    Dicker? I hardly know her.

    • pistol pete

      Yet, I totally would.

  • James

    She reminds me of skinny Angie Everhart.

    • Jeremy

      As if Angie Everhart isn't already skinny? Gimme a break.

  • LOL

    Beautiful. And her legs are about 5 miles long. Ick at the cigarette pic tho. 😛

    4th pic…one in every color. Blond, Ginger, Brunette, Black. 😉

  • vitorla

    Meh….she’s definitely cute, but nothing special. What’s with all the red heads Chive? St. Pattys Day promotion?

  • damn

    now I’ve injured my penis

  • Quincy

    Cute, but certainly not worthy of internet goddess status.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Unlike the two posted yesterday, this girl actually has red hair! I’m loving her lip freckles….and her hips…and her eyes…okay I’m just going to kill her.

  • HellHathNoFury

    And WTF she has a 67 GTO and I don’t? *jealous*

    • BillyBlaze

      Don’t be too jealous. That car was probably just used for the shoot

  • Mattythegooch

    Uh ohhhhhh, I contract a rise in my Levi’s!

  • HardCore Mike

    Who wouldn’t dicker?

  • Sticks

    Red hair turned me on, smoking turned me off.

    • Joey

      I’m glad all those public service announcements have worked on the feeble minded and politically correct masses. Nothing unsexy about an oral fixation. She could smoke my pole and smoke in my bed afterwards any time.

      • Sticks

        Only panzys are pc. And I’d rather be feeble minded then someone who can only use name calling to get his point across. Smokers make my allergies act up and I ain’t kissing an ash tray who wastes money on stuff that can only damage your health.

        • YamroZ

          God damned. Photos with cigarettes are clearly staged to make her look like Brigitte Bardot – google some of her pictures. I doubt she is smoker herself.

  • Gonz

    why you gotta do this to me chive??? ( Tear) why???????

  • Person1

    weird… on every picture her face looks different… on some she is beautiful tho

  • dino goposaur

    ok, I guess we can keep one ginger alive.

  • Woody

    30,000 more calories in this one and she’d be perfect.

  • shane

    they say we gingers are descended from cats. but this one’s a FOX. no i haven’t used that in a bar yet.

  • garp

    …I told you Pippi Longstocking would turn out to be a babe

  • MichaelGS

    she suffers from “gingervitis” and has no soul… unfortunately, as hot as she is, she can’t be cured

  • MarryMeCintia

    Wow she is fucking gorgeous

  • Anonynomnom

    So gorgeous and sexy. Damn I love redheads. No, she is not a ginger, let's make that perfectly clear.

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