Attack of the fupa (22 Photos)

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  • Jezbort


    • Me,Myself,andI

      damn you. i wanted to be first.

  • Me,Myself,andI

    first. and gross

    • God

      Nice try.

  • JessieBear23

    hahaha…front-butts. nasty.
    @5: that cat looks fake and is creeping me out…
    @7: ya got a lil somethin’ on your pants…ewww
    @8: wtf kind of shorts are those? it looks like she’s wearing underwear..

  • no wayman91

    Did #7 pee on himself?

  • bbbbbeaver

    it just makes me wonder what goes on down there

  • spott

    It makes me wonder what grows down there????

  • jeff in Australia

    Stop laughing you guys…!
    Imagine never seeing your breeding bits ever again…. have some pity….
    You shouldn’t laugh… it’s not their fault…
    OH WAIT…. it is…. as you were..

  • gozer

    man, Im not exactly a size 2 myself…but these are scary!

  • HimAgain

    Whats worse that someone came up with an acronym for that or that there are people thta belief it makes for a “kodak moment” ?

  • Brandon

    Goddamn, you Americans harbor some disgusting people.

    • Anonmouse

      Yep, nobody was fat until the United States was created…

    • HellHathNoFury

      Yup, King Louis VIII must have been American since he was so morbidly obese. All the disgustingly fat people I’ve seen abroad must have just been tourists. And to think, all of our fatties are the recent descendants of Europeans that came here.

      • sploosh

        That was Henry VIII, who was English (puddings, mutton, stews, etc). Louis was French (snails, wine, etc.). No fatties in France, surrendering constantly burns lots of calories.

        • randomness

          “surrendering constantly burns lots of calories”


  • StanDup

    My question is..How do you get one of those?

  • P-90


  • Robi5150

    #18 is a classic example why Americans get so much shit abroad. Hey honey, today lets roam the streets of Paris in our matching outfits highlighted by our orange sherbet shirts…taking pictures of everything and showing our affinity for fatty processed foods and wiener dogs!

    • HellHathNoFury

      Sounds like the Best. Day. Ever, hon! Meet you at McDougals.

  • evilorstupid

    I wouldn’t have thought that the human body could actually bend that way.

  • HellHathNoFury

    I’ll be over here, weeping for humanity.

  • mook

    Jesus christ.

    We should be shooting these people.

    • jeff in Australia

      Nah…. there is no way they can breed…. let em die out naturally..

  • Jay

    Gross. What’s fupa stand for anyways.

  • bigrye

    gunt, gooch, front butt, dicky-do, bloated camel, watermelon crotch, The ole two-gut-no-nuts

  • Mack

    Attack of the Frontbutt?

  • Andiev

    Up here in Canada we call that a Gunt!

  • Anonymous


  • dr3w


    …hahaha, “Gunt” sounds way funnier than “Fupa”

  • randomness

    If i looked that like i would definitely not be getting my picture taken

  • Anonymous

    This is just plain mean, insensitive, and not funny at all. And no, I do not look like that.

    • jeff in Australia

      I would agree with you, but… as in the pics, of the orange people from Jersey, or the people with far too many holes in their bodies, or the people with multicolored skin in silly patterns, or the people that wear their pants around their ankles.
      All of the above ( pics and examples ) people did what they did to themselves.
      If you do not want to draw attention to yourself, to be pointed at, laughed at, disgusted by, pitied, stop doing what you doing to yourself, if you like it, carry on.

      • HellHathNoFury

        So, Jeff, what do you feel about long-distance marriages?

        • jeff in Australia

          Sounds like an expensive and futile, way of getting as much sex as I am now.
          Thanks for the invite though, always nice to be asked….

          • jeff in Australia

            PS. I was going to add people who dyed their pets feet pink to my list, but I turned into a timid bunny at the last moment..

      • ButtTurds

        i completely agree. it doesn’t take someone with superior intellect to know that eating completely unnatural foods in extreme excess will put titties and asses all over their bodies.. and not in a good way at all. these people did this to themselves, unless they all happen to suffer from some disease that makes asses randomly sprout from various areas of the bodies. we’ll call it Spontaneous Assimus Growthimus.. or if you have a better name, go for it.

  • chameleon

    I have so much more confidence in myself now.

    But seriously, how do those people even zip their pants with those inner tubes of fat blocking their nether-regions? More importantly, where do you find pants designed to fit such a horrifying frame? Or are they just multicolored tarps?

    • fupasRus

      they’re not tarps bro…just ask the manager to take you to the ‘fupa’ section in any major retail store.

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