Real ‘Alien’ bar. Who needs a drink? (14 Photos)

It’s called the Giger Bar but locals in Gruyere, Switzerland, refer to this as the ‘skeleton bar.’ The bar was designed by famed Swiss artist H.R. Giger. If you think the bar is oddly reminiscent of the ‘Alien’ films it’s probably because Giger worked as a designer on the ‘Alien’ movie, receiving multiple awards, including the Oscar for best special effects. The attention to detail is scary.
The interior of the bars are themed along the lines of his famous biomechanical style as shown in the ‘Alien’ films. The roof, walls, fittings and chairs are all modeled by the artist and fit into the same designs as seen in the films he designed. The bar is mostly open at night….mostly…

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  • chiver

    on shrooms?

  • stick lightly

    this is fucking assome

  • Darkmyth PT

    This is in gruyere in switzerland, been there

    • forge

      Oo, all this and the most awesome variety of cheese on Earth as well huh? Color me there.

  • Mattythegooch

    I’d rather hang at the cantina on Mos Eisly……

  • LOL

    Why yes John…I could use a drink. Thanks. 😉 American Honey is my new favorite. Wild Turkey/Bourbon with honey/caramel taste to it. Anyone else for a glass or 3? It’s Friday…c’mon…relaxxxxx.

    This bar…I like bones. I could live here. 🙂

  • Ranger Danger

    That’s not creepy at all…

  • Vicarious

    so so so awesome

  • doo

    Filled with awe.

  • Joseph

    Just don’t do acid before going.

  • doo

    Sage words, bo-spliff.

  • drainbrain

    wouldnt have sex there

  • big dog

    Aw yes, can I have a glass of green acid blood please? I want to kill a few ant beds.

  • anystranger

    Actually, looks more like its meant to be demonic, not alien.

    • incuben

      true. giger did worse shit than aliens. frankly i woulnt want to hang there. bad vibes.

  • Jose Biscuits

    What kinda piece of shit is this? What a large misappropriation of vital funds! I like it.

  • Pierre

    there a predetor bar around the corner from that bar but it’s only old men and young girls there so it’s not as cool as the aliens bar

  • Blip

    That is a really fantastic bar!

  • God

    Screw drinking there. Need to get high in that place.

  • Amy

    It was amazing. The detail in the walls is ridiculous.

  • Pants

    GIger is a genius. Nuff said.

  • Brandon

    Holy shit I want to go there! Giger FTW!

  • huh

    For the people that have been there, what are the prices like? Is everything absurdly expensive?

    • http://frenchazm.wordpress.com kamikazim

      It’s in Switzerland. Been there, drank there – prices are, relative to Switzerland prices, pretty cheap. The special drink of the place is the ‘Alien Coffee’ which is coffee in a futuristic cup served on a small wooden tray, also futuristic, and served with two servings of cream and a biscuit. Great place.

  • Anonymous

    Monday morning hangover, now I want a pint, I’m putting that down as a win

  • http://www.aaronhorrocks.com Aaron Horrocks

    Looks like some sort of secreted resin…

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