• AnyoneForCoffee

    Yep, Mother Nature did well with her.

    Now, wrap her in rubber and send her to my suite. Chop Chop!

    • http://twitter.com/Phillip1209 @Phillip1209

      That's how Mother Nature did her, but I can do her much better!

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t mind doing her.

    • Anonymous

      The question isn’t if you would mind doing her, but would she mind you doing her?

      • Rusty

        Who cares?

    • Kyle

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  • T-Boz

    Yep , that’s pretty nice!

  • Anonymous

    Or just wrap her like an eggroll. Is her pussy horizontal?

    • McBeastie

      It’s probably best that you stay anonymous.

      • Anonymous

        becaaauuse?? LOL your an idiot.

        • McBeastie

          Because 36 thumbs up and counting can’t be wrong. If you don’t see that, well then I don’t think I’m the idiot.

  • thatsnotausername

    Chive, You have once again succeeded in making my morning fu*king awesome

  • thatguyyousaw

    type her name in on google

    • Phreaky

      If you’re talking about the first result that comes up under her name, you might want to watch yourself. First of all, it’s not the same girl. This girl has dimples when she smiles, not the same face at all. And the one in the google results is missing teeth, pretty sure she is underage.

      • thatguyyousaw

        yeah i went back and looked at it again, the girl doesn’t really look the same.

  • goldeare

    in the words of the great tony stark:” I want 1″
    damn you chieve, now i have a boner 😐

  • top dog

    You gotta love a woman thats proud of her assets. Look at the nipples on this girl. Well proportioned body, feet not too big, and a nice booty to boot……DAMN I’am getting hungry!

  • goposaur

    #7 her reaction upon seeing me in a swimsuit – I’m crushed

  • stafferty

    Chive, I would stand up and salute you now, but for the time being I think it best to stay behind the desk.

  • Ugnott

    One very attractive lady there.

  • Equalizer

    I’ve been searching for her. Good work chive

  • BoogerEater

    argh another mutant, her boobs are uneven! stop posting asian as sexy

    • McBeastie

      Because if anyone knows what sexy is, it’s someone named “BoogerEater.”

      • joeloser

        comeback win

  • Chris

    That’s not Maiko Kazano.

    • Mustafa_Beer

      I concur… pic 8 is Miwa Oshiro from what I could find. But none the less, thank you for making my morning!

      • stafferty

        A rose by any other name…still has great titties

    • thatguyyousaw

      so who is it?

  • LucyRobot

    Damn white people, you all think we look-alike.

    • anonymous

      you do. And thanks for the assumption that everyone here is white. Damn asian people, you think we all act white.

      • Tom

        fuck you gumby!

  • jsmoo

    Wow, Chris and Mustafa know their asian models! Agreed, check the Google images.

    Jacked grill, but nice body. Typical asian model from asia. Where the Asian American models!

  • sideshowjoe

    god damn she is hot

  • Anonymous

    Yeah. I’m gonna need 100 of those shirts so I can pass them out where I see fit.

  • Kilroy

    Yeah, I’m gonna need 100 of those shirts so I can pass them out where I see fit…

  • Kilroy

    Oops. New.

  • Anonymous

    ^ who invited you, lets just go see all my circuits the movie

  • setydufyju

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  • theseatoachisel

    OP = Optimum Pressure (that is now against your pants)

  • forge

    G*dd*mmit, booty!! Move your hand, girlie!! You can tell that’s a gorgeous behind and you don’t show any pictures of it!!!! What the heck!!

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