Parents can be cruel to their kids…and hilarious (20 Photos)

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  • Anonymous

    Oliver Shoulder

    • Mike hawk

      Hue G. Rection
      Hugh jass
      Master bates
      Sha dynasty ( shady nasty)

  • thegreatfatsby

    Some of these are funny as hell. Whoever knew parents could be so fucking evil? Mike Litoris must have fun introducing himself to new people

    • Braininin

      Almost as bad as Mike Hunt

      • GrubbzinSD

        His real name is Dave. He did that as a joke and the news woman believed that was his name.

  • ChrisDG74

    Ha @ #8. I knew him!! He went to Aiken High School in Cincinnati, OH

    • https://www.facebook.com/khloe.josims Khloe Jo Sims

      Hes pimpin that name lol

  • SaintxXxAsh

    Mister Love was merely living up to his name.

    • Alexis

      That's what I said. lol
      I have to say B.J. Cobbledick was my favorite.

  • Bobloblaw

    on #17 you put your chive logo right over the joke…….c'mon!!!

    • Boobaloobs

      His name is Anass…an ass! Thats the joke!

    • rainbows1234


    • lmao!

      The joke is "Anass Afadass"
      An Ass… A Fat Ass lmao!!!

  • Stubblecat

    I can vouch for Gaye Males. She's a real estate agent in Kitchener, Ontario (Canada – duh). Her office gets phone pranks by the dozens every week.

    • Cam

      Really? Poor Gaye. lol

  • MPMoore

    I have a customer whose name is Wanda Inhmathong.

    Also, I enjoyed #16 and #18.

    • Luciano

      I agree. B.J Cobbledick is one of a kind. I hope she married a man with a decent last name!

  • P-90

    (Old joke, and no I don’t hate the Irish one of my great grandparents was Irish)
    Irishman: I want to change my name!
    Official: What’s your name now?’
    Irishman: Patrick Shithouse!
    Official: Oh I see, what do you want to change it to?
    Irishman: Michael!’

    • thegreatfatsby

      As an Irishman, I can see the hilarity in the joke. Stereotypes are fantastic. You should have thrown in a joke about how the man was also drunk to make it complete.

      • Superfresh

        You forgot the part about the Irishman battering his pregnant wife.

      • P-90

        How about this one.
        Irishman 1: Hey Paddy look at this tiny headstone, it’s says this guy lived to 160 years old.
        Irishman 2: Really, what’s his name?
        Irishman 1: Miles from London.

      • Steve

        As an Irishman, perhaps you've heard of the Irish Jesus? He made a blind man lame…

  • ken

    At least they didn’t let them play with crocodiles as kids. But with names like that, maybe it would have been better if they had.

  • Gary's Wife

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    • donuteyes

      i don’t blame gary for spending all his time here, his wife seems like a real bitch…

  • Frostback

    While we often see dumbass bots trolling their identity/money stealing dating websites in the comments, it is not often we see them as number one on a post.

    Well done Dumbass Bot Trolling Their Identity/Money Stealing Dating Website!

    • Clickawhat

      At least it didn’t say ” FIRST”

  • Anonymous

    Seriously fucking die already!

    And Chive Bros. you need to set up a filter so that if the first four words in a comment is “Life is so lonely.” it’s not posted. You guys have too awesome a site to let it go down the toilet with this shit. Now get on it! That is all.

    • Stefan Hartman

      Get the Alkemist plug-in for wordpress. Should take care of those crappy things! I know it works on BangBoomCrash.com…

  • Mattythegooch

    Gentlemen….Judy really does Swallow. It’s a fact.

  • Stefan Hartman

    #18 had me in tears. Excellent!!!

    • davie

      an ass rammer

      That would be a cool name to have even if you were gay too. lol

      • Clickawhat


  • CPEM

    I met someone once whose name was “Ophelia Wang.” Believe me, you didn’t want her to.

    • garp

      …there was a guy that used to work at the bank I use named Luong Dong

      • Anonymous

        I once knew an oriental fellow who went by the name of “blood engorged cock”

  • goposaur

    damn Chive, why do you drag this old one out ever month or so? Moar bewbs for Friday.

  • Anonymous

    my brother knew two girls called henrietta dick and lotta dick. abuse!

    • Stefan

      That's awesome. And I thought my parents hated me…LMFAO

    • al

      where's their cousin, Ada Dick?

  • cfs

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    • Anonymous

      Why no Asians or Hispanics? BIGOTS!!

  • HellHathNoFury

    The old lady ranger for Olympic National Park at Staircase is named Beejay Cox.
    I have also work with a very nice shipfitter named Dick Lovingood.

    • Jan


  • NoPainNoGain

    What’s up with no Anita’s

  • vinomonom

    in sweded it's ILLEGAL to name your child metallica.

    • jacque


  • fieldy409

    if thats true would a guy named metallica be allowed into sweden?

    i dont think thats true though….it cant be true. im going to have to google this arent i.

    • Steve

      Why do you doubt it? Some countries have lists of approved names, or names have to be approved by a judge. In France until fairly recently (1970s, I think) names had to be taken from a list of approved names.

    • don

      sweden has a list of names that you can't name your children becuase they don't want their kids being the ass end of jokes

    • Delmar Knudson

      You have to check with the authorities in Sweden before your child's name becomes its legal name. They use Pykabo Street in their booklet as an awful example (apparently not knowing that she was named for the Pykabo Indians near Jackson's Hole, Wyoming; but thinking she was given a cutesy name for the child's game of Peekaboo).

  • Anonymous

    i went to school with a girl named Cherry Nipple

  • Chronic

    Try the new Jesus Condom. It not only guarantees you won't get her pregnant, but it can turn your 3 inches into 10!!

    • I Ronic

      No, that's the pinochio condom.

  • Phideauxe

    The Mike Litoris one is a joke. That’s my neighbor – did a TV interview for this bimbo reporter during the fires in Orange County a couple years ago. That dude is a local hero. hahaha.

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