How to make a surprisingly awesome chandelier (8 photos)

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  • Stupendous

    Wouldn't call it awesome… But it's cool though…

  • pufffdragon

    This was cool. Way better than that tampon slipper thing. Now to go to MC Donald's to get me some spoons.

  • Insert Name Here

    shit looks ghetto

    • stafferty

      Its made from a water bottle, a light bulb and a bunch of plastic spoons. I tend to think that was the point.

  • shanna_SA

    recycling is awesome using something in a complete opposite way for what it is intended this is art…so it is cool….. 🙂

  • Crystal

    Mildly cool with the lights underneath on, absolutely hideous with the lights underneath off

    • wendy hobaugh

      tHANKS…. wouldn't want to go to all that trouble for an ugly light…plastic is plastic after all…sigh

  • coco

    what a great project for my twins to try….love it.

    • biscuit

      your boobs can build chandeliers?

  • top dog

    The shit worked, thats all that matters. The only problem is, you can't leave the light on for too long, the plastic will melt.

    • http://www.facebook.com/christophe.courtin Christophe Courtin

      …maybe that's why they use an energy saving light bulb…

      • top dog

        Or mabe not.

  • MigraineBoy


  • equalizermax

    Awesome way to recycle!
    For once chive posted something productive.

  • anon

    i attached a diesel generator to mine, to counteract any enviroments i may have saved. Oh and it smokes something fierce when it catches fire, use in a well ventalated room.

    • anon

      oh and the 50 plastic handles you remove will make a great addition to your local landfill.

  • CPO_Mendez

    Not too shabby. Must find a way to best it with the remaining spoon handles…

  • Qwerty

    This was the begining of aperture science, right before they made Shower courtains they made chandeliers(#5-6)

  • Dug

    I think they sell these for $40 at IKEA…

  • http://wulkanizacja.neostrada.pl drN0

    This was cool – money for jam!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001322646576 Enddy Park

    정말 멋져여~^^

  • dave

    how is it any crappier than what they sell at Home Depot or where ever?

  • -Arma-

    Fantastic! 🙂

  • http://blog.benetton.com/chile/2012/03/20/diy-lampara-hecha-de-cucharas-plasticas/ DIY: Lámpara hecha de cucharas plásticas | Chile

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  • heller....olo

    how to attach the spoons to the bottles ……does anyone knw?????

  • Claudia

    with a glue gun

  • Kevin

    If it smokes you can use a LED light, they don't produce a lot of heat. Attach a battery instead and string and it can be hung anywhere.

  • hungup1968

    well, as for the light source and it heating up, i'm assuming you use a cold lamp, or a very low wattage florecent one.The LED light idea is very good also.

  • anon

    You know, if you don't like something, then move on with your life. There is no need for rude comments. They are just unnecessary. That's what is wrong with the world today, people have no censor on their mouths or thoughts any more. Not everything you think, must be said outloud or typed. Learn respect or you will never receive respect.

  • Launib

    Use LED lights to reduce the amount of heat produced. It is definitely more for ambiance rather than functional reading light! If using an incandescent bulb, nothing more than a 15 watt for sure! Love recycling and repurposing! Kinda cute it a kitschy kind of way! 🙂

  • jen

    this may work as a perfect night light for the nursery 🙂

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