So ya think your Call of Duty game is intense, here’s the real thing (Video)

[viddler id=7fb72bde&w=500&h=417&a=t]
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  • elias

    00:18 Wow way to run across somebody's field of fire. Lucky he didn't friendly fire your ass.

    • greg

      exactly my though
      Someone has been very close to go back home in a wood suit. But i think the shooter should had hold his fire, instead of being a cowboy

    • john

      thats first thing i noticed also… good thing his battle buddy was paying attention to detail.

      • tag

        Wow…way too close.

    • Kalim

      Check out how he shoots at first and when he tries shooting after his buddy passed he has to unjam. Seems like he jammed just as he was in his line of sight. The lucky fucker.

    • guest

      LOL if that was call of duty I wouldn't have kept my HEAD WAY UP AND RAN IN FRONT OF THEM AND SHOT ABOUT 10 GRENADES AND MISSED

  • Pretz

    It is so funny when a country is invaded for its oil fields or heroin and the "Enduring freedom" and "Heroes" echo in posts like this. Gotta love the irony..

    • ssr

      It is so funny when people like you bitch and complain that people are being treated poorly in a country and beg for someone to do something about it, then bitch and complain again when the government actually does something about it.

      • URDumb

        LMAO except no one was complaining about how people were being treated in Iraq or Afganistan. Well after the media showed up but before the invasion no one gave a fuck. No one is protecting Americans while they are in Iraq or Afganistan. You can spin it untill the world ends but I have more to fear from my neighborhood then I do some poor ignorant motherfucker overseas.

        • http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=wigger ThugLife4Ever

          Depends if that poor ignorant motherfucker overseas is a Wahabist lunatic with a bomb strapped to him, champ. Then you have more to fear from that guy. The only countries that didn't give a fuck about the Taliban in Afghanistan were Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

    • Beagle

      Where is the Iraqi oil I was promised by all you D-bags seven years ago?

      Maybe you could explain how we steal Iraq's oil but still pay over three a gallon at the pump for regular unleaded?

      • Pretz

        Maybe if you weren't driving a SUV, it would be cheap for you as well.

        I slowly come to the conclusion here: buy economic cars, stop invading oil rich countries. Maybe that is the root of the problem. 🙂

        Sometimes I am amazed at how good the brainwashing in the US isALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAAD!!!.

        • O3OCS0606

          How does driving an SUV have anything to do with the price per gallon of gas, not to mention none of the oil contracts went to American companies, not to mention you have clearly never been to the Middle East or served in the military. Ever seen a child used as a bomb, or a little girl lit on fire to draw out our troops? Ever seen what the Taliban was doing before we ever arrived? So who is brainwashed, the person still using the tired oil theory or the person who risks his life to defend your right to say stupid crap?

      • FlickMyBic

        don't feed the hippie troll

      • ranD

        you pay $3 a gallon bc the gov't wants you too… who do you think is raking in all that cash?? sure isnt the towel head wearers over seas…

        • aaron

          Good point. Those towel-head wearers in OPEC don't rake in any dough. The UAE is one of the poorest countries in the world.

        • Kman

          I'm sure you're paying 3 dollars a gallon because that's the market price, dumbass.

          • Kyle

            His point was that people said we invaded to get free/cheat oil. The government doing this so they could say, look at all the cheap oil we provided, vote for us. His point is none of this happened so the war must not have been about getting cheap oil (it wasnt)

            Way to miss the point.

    • B_kap

      I wish I could live in a fantasy world like you, must be nice.

    • Jakt

      Sum the production of 200 years of Iraqui oil and you still can´t pay the war bill,so the oil excuse is moronic to say the least. Take a look at the map and see what´s sandwiched between Iraq and Afghanistan and you will get a little closer…..

    • nouu

      fuck off faggot pretz.

    • bobby

      youre a fucking idiot and you've obviously never served in the military

      • Pretz

        True. I try to use my brain get my wage, not my balls. I don't want to offend any army guy, it is not your fault at all. As I said before, I hate it when I see crying families of dead soldiers that died officially searching for WMDs.

        I am just being realistic, i am not living in a fantasy world. Vietnam anyone? Or were there commies instead of suicide bombers? Same sh!t, different country.

        • Tom

          Any man who claims to know reality is an idiot.

          If you think you know the precise reason why we went to war, you are truly ignorant and do not grasp reality.

          Any intelligent person would say "I have no freaking clue what their true intentions are, but I feel like it wasn't for freedom or whatever buzz word they are saying it was for."

          So please, don't say you are being "realistic". Because you have no freaking clue.

          Neither do I, for that matter. But I'm also not the one saying "ZOMG! IT WAS FOR DA OIL!"

        • SFC Williams

          Well Pretz, I can appreciate your distaste for the atrocity of war however, there are many service members (to include myself) that have an extremely different view from yours. I personnally would continue to spend the rest of my days hunting the individuals who were responsible for the attack on OUR soil which led to so many innocents lost. This includes anyone who continues to support their efforts and ideology world wide. There is no place in humanity for people who have absolutely zero concern for human life. Now, I have a strong feeling that you will try to classify me, and other service memebers, into that same category but you are wrong in that assumption. There are people out there willing to do violence on the behalf of defensless people so that others may live…this includes you.

    • man

      how about fuck you pussy

    • dsf

      Afghanistan has no oil fields.

    • Pretz is a Commie

      You are a POS. All there is to it. There is no way in hell you can 100% say this war is over oil or heroin. You can think that but you cant fuckin say that. These men and women are heroes.

      • Miq

        Oil, Heroin, who cares as long as there's a bullet in the face of every unchristian rag-head amirite? They must be like… monkeys… or something, either way they're faceless animals and if they really wanted peace freakin towellies would just SHOOT THEMSELVES SO WE DON'T HAVE TO. War for the lulz *chest bump* American Heroe's gonna kick yo Asses, booyah! Hero! Hero! WOOO!

        (ps: for those who are braindamaged or home schooled and pumped for illegal wars they have no reason to fight – I'm being sarcastic and please go fuck yourself)

    • guest

      So true. The boys are playing their games. It's also ironic how mad the truth makes people.

    • Wedgeeman

      why do yall spend all this time in forums? sad. i just came to watch the video but the real entertainment's below. go volunteer, spend this time with people you love, instead of igniting arguments. i know some of you get off on doing it, making sure your point gets across no matter what. but really, who are you helping? maybe yourself so you can feel better. guys, live less of a selfish life, look outward. these troops that went to war? ignore The Hurt Locker, their real juice is at home with their wife and kids. yours should be with people you know and love, and can have discussions with about hard topics like these. i don't have anyone in my life like yall, and it's a happy and good life.

    • Sean Brennan

      sit back and play COD while us real men take care of business queer.

    • Jony lane

      Wow your stupid, and it makes me sick to think that young men are dying right now to defend your right to say such and idiotic and "ironic" remark.

    • Guest

      Yes, the US invaded Afghanistan to address the Great American Heroin Famine of 2001, right?

  • Smalley Biggs

    It looks like the NCO is doing all the fighting while his crew takes cover…wonder why they aren't advancing on the enemy? Also, I'm amazed how similar this is to COD…all these dorks who play (including me) don't realize we're getting trained-

    • Jenny

      Why aren't they "advancing on the enemy?" b/c, unlike COD, they were just ambushed and are being shot at with real bullets.

      • Slizzo

        Training doctrine is to fight through the ambush in most cases. Depends on what you have for numbers on your side vs. their side.

    • Sean

      He's a badass, definitely the type of guy that will bring those others out alive. Haha, if you ever got in a situation like that you'd freeze up and shit yourself guaranteed. The only way to know how to act in a situation like that is training. Playing COD doesn't count.

      • Saul

        they are probably fighting people who have shit weapons and armor maybe no radio, its like shooting fish in a barrel as usual and is murder, these bush loving rednecks are signing their ass to uncle sam to shoot expensive guns (bought by our tax paying money) at poor people…ya your right thats real bad ass… if your a pussy with a gun and no honor or respect, see i never like playing call of duty, rather train to kill cocky rednecks like an assassin, intellectual warriors like myself will always own silly soldiers like you who only know how to do what your told, shoot guns, throw grenades, and hide like pussy taking orders from satanic commanders. your retarded in more ways than i have time to explain. but know that one on one, without your squad? i'd beat you, any warrior beats a soldier cuz they lack…

        • Intellectual soldier

          Intellectual??? For someone so smart you use the wrong form of your/you're every time.

    • Adam

      Really? You can't be serious. This is not at all like COD, cause if you get hit, you don't hit the x button to respawn.

    • Trango

      @Smalley, you are an idiot. This is NOTHING like COD with the exception of the weapons being used. Guys like you drive me nuts. You sit on a Fing couch playing a video game and think you can relate to REAL warriors who have been in combat. I'm guessing someone like you wouldn't make it 2 days in ANY bootcamp, let alone an actual firefight.

    • Lago

      No flank, no call for apache support… NCO should have known to take control of the building for offensive elevation and/or defensive position. Luck was on their side.

      • Jeremy

        I'm seeing a lot of hating from a lot of people who obviously have never been in Afghanistan and on dismounted ops. You don't hard charge in because every single tic I've gotten into while dismounted was a bait for IEDs that were emplaced near them. Just the two cents of an EOD tech.

    • Spc. Dipshit

      You're a fucking idiot, the only kind of ambush you are supposed to advance on is a near ambush (aka inside grenade range). No fucking way I'm taking a squad and some ANA to take on an undetermined number of enemy with unknown firepower. They could've had a fucking dishka set up for all the Americans know. Aussie peel and break contact, live to fight another day.

      • Spc. Dipshit

        Also what the guy above me said about IEDs, saw those assholes try to set up that exact scenario a couple of times. Luckily we were recon so we always broke contact ASAP.

        Any idea where this might be? This looks nothing like the Afghanistan I saw, spent most my time in Nuristan / J-bad. Not doubting authenticity or anything like that, just curious.

  • beer

    Cool video. Any more context on it?

    • http://Xaotikdesigns.com Adam

      Yeah, I would love to know what happened to these guys

    • Sheep

      I'm kinda wondering why the cameraman is the only one not taking cover when he's reloading and just standing there for long periods of time like a big target.

      • Anon

        The camera was on top of his helmet. He was taking cover just like everyone else

    • Saul

      wonder what they do with the bodies of the people they kill? does anyone ever think about that, i never saw a U.S. soldier giving proper burial to anyone, they probably heap them in a pile to burn and tell us different. kinda like empire.

      • Eric

        At least they don't drag them through town or hang them from bridges like the savages we're fighting against do.

    • Hart

      Cool? Fuck you.

  • Sgt. SA

    Good example on how all your tactics and training go straight out the window when you are being shot at. Can’t blame them though… And that (near) blue on blue situation, not the runners fault. The shooter already has three guys in his field of fire. He needs to move a few meters to the line on the left side of the road before firing. (and check his own sector which is to the right…). Guess the best thing to do would be to form a proper firing line (whit the crew actually firing) and rally left to the walls and get the hell out of the killbox (the road/bridge). Then pull out, counterattack or “stay and play”.

    • Saul

      i agree you sound different than most on the comments people saying that these guys are badasses when its obvious they are running around like chickens with their heads off, the crew is mostly hiding hoping not to die, the truth came out they are pussy they don't want to die. the commander is loading his gun at random times, even moving its placement, seems he is a fluster of training procedures in action but he barely can keep it together. they are not warriors and have no place in war. like 2 monkeys fucking a football, whole lot of action but nothing happening. or in this case a whole squad of monkeys.

      • derp

        And look at you, the monkey behind a computer w/ no combat experience.

        Sorry, but not every thing works just like call of duty.

        • Saul

          if your going to respond at least respond to what i say, i never played cod. i train in real life away from the computer, you literally make no sense.

      • Jake

        Um…he wasn't reloading at random times. His rifle was jamming–that's kind of what happens out there from all the sand and dust(no matter how many times you clean your rifle). He actually handled that situation perfectly, though his company was fubar. His priority was to get his boys back to higher ground to gain fire superiority and not be pinned down. It looked to me like he accomplished just that.

    • Jeremy

      Meh, your "blue on blue" scenarios are the reason why we have snap drills and I was trained and drilled to never get up and move if someone's behind me shooting until I confirm visually and by touch that they know I'm crossing their plane. Everybody over complicates things and makes up acronyms and "rules" when in reality the best policy in my opinion is just to have a few basic rules and common sense ideas and use them as a framework for what you do instead of some complicated "battle algorithm". Also, everyone who is saying they should've moved in and flanked or something would be dead in a matter of days over there. Their whole reason for 90% of dismounted "ambushes" are to bait you into IEDs.

  • FlickMyBic

    Lucky the enemy didn't have a sniper or something, the NCO was in the open for a long time.

    • ktxd

      He probably realised that after the situation, there was probably a lot of flash over the video review of his head cam. Just goes to show that under pressure, thinking straight and clear craps all over itself.

      Still in my opinion he held it together half decent out there, kudos to the man and his squad. In a way, he had a man down, he put himself in the line of fire upon that man several times and he kept up a near constant tally of grenades and weapons fire on the enemy position.

      I'm a British citizen but I congratulate any one who has the irons to go out there, no matter what their superiors intentions may be. You boys have my respect.

    • Saul

      exactly if they were fighting a capable enemy he would have been SHOT IN THE HEAD A MILLION TIMES!

      idiots started this war, idiots fight it

      • Saul knows all

        Saul please for the love of god tell us what would you have done we really need your advice

  • Cowboy

    A lot of chit chat here from people who have probably never been in combat talking about should have, would have, could have.

    Should the camera man held fire with his own guys in front of him; of course. Does he also have muscle memory that caused him to fire as soon as he figured he was getting shot at, of course. His reaction was extremely quick which leads me to believe he's been there before. His squad did not seem to be helping him out much at all which is disappointing but it was a near ambush and those can be very scary.

    For the dip shit above who said COD is getting him ready for combat; never, ever confuse a video game with real life. You don't know anything until you're in the shit with bullets whizzing by. Some of the biggest "hero's" on the FOB clam up when engaged and some of the quietest ones are truly heroic.

    Everyone reacts differently and while I think the camera man could have gotten better cover, and checked his lane before firing, he did his job by putting fire on the enemy and constantly checking his men. I'd go to war with him any day…

    • Adam

      well said

    • Cowboy2

      lol @ muscle memory. Everyone is full of it in these replies. Yourself included.

      • Slizzo

        Are you doubting that muscle memory takes over? Because I know for a fact it does from personal experience.

    • Trango

      Well stated Cowboy. Thanks.

    • Andrew

      Solid comment cowboy

    • Health

      Thanks for schooling the young punks in my generation who don't have a basic understanding of reality and/or basic human respect.

  • Texican426

    Nevermind the politics of the war. What these guys are going through is amazing. I would have shit myself in that situation…

    • Jmiker

      OMG, what you said! So many of the morons on this site are missing the picture. The men in this video didn't fucking make the policy that put their brave asses over there. This video is NOT A POLITICAL STATEMENT. They're fucking braver than I am. God Bless Them!

  • actual real american

    i hope the granola and petiole oil dont clog up your shit too much, true patriot

    • Hold the Line

      I'd like to see how you react under fire…

  • sofaking

    Holy shit dude, if I had a gun and your face you have no idea how willing I would be to go to jail. Show some fucking respect for those that are willing to go out there and die for you everyday and DIE for you, even if you hate them. That's right, those soldiers CHOSE to put themselves in the line of fire, and they know that there are assholes like you waiting at home for them. But guess what? They don't care, because unlike you, they realize your as much of an American as they are, and they would die for you so you can enjoy the freedom to spew that kind of horseshit around at anytime of the day that you please.

    Go talk shit about the government, or the DOD itself, but don't EVER disrespect the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces.

    • STFU

      I dont remember voting for anyone to go die for me

      • troll

        probably don't remember the constitution either

    • Saul

      lol your soooo dumb, the "U.S. Armed Forces" is a joke, and a machine designed to make you feel safe but ultimately control you, they kill innocent men women and children, and those innocents bleed the same blood as you. They do not fight for me, they fight for the Destroyer, and its him who will deliver them. oh btw the gov, DOD, control the "U.S. Armed Forces", dumbass. its a big gun they have it aimed at the middle east for oil and heroine, but they will just as fast point it at you patriot, hope that flag keeps ya warm at night because your faith is very much misplaced.

  • Sean

    here is hoping you die in a fiery car wreck

  • SDMH

    True Patriot… go fist yourself. If you're not behind them I suggest you stand in front of them.

  • sofaking

    It's called suppressive fire.

  • Paz

    Who the fuck thinks COD is intense?

  • P90

    You are either the worlds greatest troll or the most ingorant-to-reality cunt on the interwebs, whatever reason those in governmernt have for starting a war how dare you make disgusting ill-informed comments about the soldiers actually fighting on the frontlines, unless you've been in their shoes you haven't earned the right. The men and women of our respective armed forces are true heroes literally putting their lives on the line on a daily basis to give complete strangers the basic every-day freedoms you and I take for granted. (Including I might add the freedom to make stupid comments like yours in the first place)

  • Jarrett


    • Sato

      Only one guy shotting and the other just camping out

  • Pukey McPukerson

    I'm not gonna sit here and disrespect an American Soldier but I'm not gonna give them my full respect just cuz theyre soldiers either. I dont know them. They could be great people or complete bastards. Same with cops, firemen, etc. They signed up for it. They werent drafted like my Father was in Vietnam. No one made them be there. It was a pesonal choice. I didnt ask them to go fight and die for me. However I do feel bad for them and their familes when they do die. That being said this video was FUCKIN AWESOME!!!

    • Some Bloke

      Dude, that 's most sensible comment I've read in a long time.

      • hold the line

        Do you have the stones to put your ass on the line for someone you don't know or to preserve our way of life? For some its a calling, for others its an obligation to protect our homes & families. Okay so, your Father was drafted…he probably served honorably & without whining about it, he answered his Nation's call for help as did so many before him.

        • SaveOurRepublic

          how in the hell is going to a foreign country and killing people "protect(ing) our homes & families" without congress declaring an Act of War? This is about sending off our boys to be slaughtered for bankers that have completely taken control of our country. WAKE UP!!!!!

    • derp

      So you respect some one more that was forced into it?

  • CaS

    I've always and alway will respect the men and women that go to war. I respect them for there honest desire to do something good and for having the balls a lot of us don't have.

    Other than that I think it is unfortunate that most of the wars are fought over made up ideals. How is it that you fight for your freedom by violating someone else's freedom? how is it that a peasant form Iraq destroy your "freedom" in the US? this doesn't even hold true to the rest of the American ideals of democracy and individualism. This is a war of contradiction that uses the brave citizen of the US to enrich those who are sitting confortable on their mansions back home. There is no way that a country will be set on its own feets and walk towards democracy while their culture. their people, their history, and they ways of life, are being destroyed by fake ideals.

    • YourName

      You respect the men and women who go to war to do something good? Am i the only one sensing something wrong here?

  • B-Rad

    What I found kinda scary is how many times the poor guy had to clear his weapon from jams. In a firefight, that has GOT to be amazingly frustrating! Your life is on the line and you're stuck popping a misfed round out of the breech……. I've never played COD, does that happen in the game? I'm guessing not. Maybe we should start giving weapons contracts to the SECOND lowest bidder 🙂

    • Jeremy

      It's a Colt M-4. Not even close to the lowest bidder. I've been in a few dozen tics and never had my m4 jam on me. That may just be because I have a personal weapon that stays with me stateside while I'm working on base and then deploys with me so it's not being used in a deployed environment nonstop.

    • alec

      it happens in Farcry 2… that game can somehow get a little intense.

      ….shit. here I am talking about video-games on this video.

    • http://twitter.com/hurricanedc @hurricanedc

      America's Army had/has (haven't played the new version) weapon jamming, was a right bitch when it happened.

  • chistophe

    "See you in Hell motherfuckers." Hmm, you plannin on goin to hell or somethin? Cuz I for one, don't plan on it 🙂

    • Saul

      too bad you don't get to tell God the perfect One how to run things in the next life. people are all like you think you can just make up what happens to you, you go to heaven free ticket??? lol go read the oldest book on earth get a clue. Good or Evil the choice is yours.

  • MiddleLane

    I am not military, would someone explain why one dude is running all over the place firing away, and everyone else is laying down? I am aware I don't know crap about military strategy, but it seems like there are a bunch of guys letting one guy do the work.

    • former lightfighter

      ammo is heavy, and who knows how much more they need to patrol. suppressive fire to support maneuver is good (when the noncom calls for covering fire he gets it), but blowing rounds at no target is just likely to get you caught out with no ability to respond.

      • MiddleLane

        I see…..

        It looked like Rambo took a bunch of newbies on patrol or something.

        "Lay and pray, boys, I got this…"

    • GySgt Sean Brennan

      Because he has the M-203 grenade launcher. It clears a wide area

      • MJF

        That's not a 203, it's an M-320….It's the Army's new 40mm Launcher and works as a stand-alone system.

  • powersticks

    Murphy's Law at 4:31

  • John Wayne

    What a pile of pooooo! This is fake as fuck…. 0:22 … guy is a bullet dodger or what?
    at the other side, well, Yankee cowboys snap shooting anywhere, why not..

    AND NOW ALL HATERS FROM US – Please wank your hate here;)

    • Deo

      I can't tell if you're an idiot or if you just wanted attention.

    • Jimmy

      just trying to get people to hate on you is fail.

    • Ella Vatorfart

      I'd rather wank to Asian porn !

  • ajohn243

    If you truly believe you are a "True Patriot" or a "proud" American, you should have respect for ANYONE who is willing to go out and fight for their country! You just spit on the lives and graves of EVERYONE who has ever served this great nation or any others fighting for a cause they believe is just. The fact that you are even able to say something like this without reprieve and while remaining anonymous is because of the men and women like those shown in this video FIGHT AND DIE EVERYDAY TO GIVE YOU!!

    If you really think you are some "True Patriot" then enlist and go overseas and see for yourself what it REALLY means to be one. Instead of going on some website to bash on those who have more courage and grit than anyone else on this earth.

    If the world were to end today, you would be the first person cast into the flames for your simple-minded thinking and disrespect for human life. I hope you enjoy your personal "hell" that your way of thinking led you into.

  • Jimmy

    yeah we only go there to destroy their country..not build schools, and pave roads. we don't build hospitals and provide medical help they never had. you're totally right True patriot, you know it all sitting there in your computer chair. If you haven't picked up on it, that's all sarcasm.

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