Volvo 240 Station Wagon: Sex Machine (21 Photos)

Ok, ok so it's not a sex machine, but there is something about an the Volvo 240 station wagon that I can't deny. Maybe because it's so ugly. Maybe because it's so boxy. Maybe it's because my friend in High School had one and it was a beast. We blasted the shit outta that car and it just kept on running. Eventually, yes, the engine gave out but at the time it had over 300,000 miles on it. No shit. RESPECK!

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  • Locode

    needs more doors

  • Nicklas


  • Jimmy

    yeah it's totally a pantie dropper.

  • Dillin

    Awesome. So far the only vehicles i have owned are a 87 240 wagon and a 91 240 sedan. The wagon sadly got hit by a telephone pole during winter. The sedan is going strong with 278000 miles

  • mgreen

    Family member owned one and lasted forever. Its a BEAST for sure.

  • IggaPlease

    my friend has one that ran as a taxi, it has over 500,000miles on the clock, and still starts for him every day, even if the car is covered with 3 feet of snow.

  • scott

    i cant remember what movie it was but it was about a nuclear plant meltdown and destroying a town or more near by and a guy in it drove a Volvo wagon and he survived and the Volvo was fine and my teacher asked what did we learn from this and my answer was buy a Volvo they can survive nuclear meltdowns.

  • John

    Had one of these back in the early days of parenthood…always wanted the turbo model, never got it !
    Great cars, best heater I've ever had !

  • Brian

    Best car ever made. Most of the 240s in the pictures have Oregon plates. I'm a Volvo mechanic in Portland, and they are everywhere, as they do last forever.

  • dmcgee

    #1 is my wagon!

    • Howard

      What kind of rims are on #1 and what size? I'm restoring a wagon currently and love those wheels.

      • dmcgee

        They are Eiker Polaris wheels. They are somewhat difficult to get in the US, but ipd carried them for awhile so a set will come up occasionally on turbobricks.

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