• j-man85

    thanks Chive.

    • CalculatedRisk

      "Is she sexy enough?"

      Is the Pope Catholic? Is a frog's ass watertight? Does a bear shit in the woods?

    • denzino

      Thanks j-man85 for not being a jerk and saying "first"
      do my fellow chivers agree??
      and of course, my favorites: #4 and #11

  • jamison

    I prefer the suggestive legs-spread pose but that's just me #5

    • uber guy

      you are not alone. stay thirsty, my friend.

    • Querky

      U can't find a more beautiful woman than her

  • geezie

    tokyo sand-blaster?

    • Mikey WINS

      I'd like to take her to applebees.

  • Nardo

    FAP FAP FAP FAP …….. pause…. FAP FAP FAP FAP pause …… repeat.

  • codyne

    I agree with Dan. Too much photoshop. #27 is spot on though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pcribaudo Pete Ribaudo

    awesome! #25 and #27 are the best.shes so perfect though she resembles a cartoon in some of em. Must be airbrushing. Guess theres something to be said for keeping it real.

  • top dog

    #25, She got nice tits tho, I think they are real……

    • Kio

      Wishful thinking WIN. Just look at the last picture.

      • its_forge

        That could just as easily be "she's twenty-three" as "she's surgically enhanced" but I must add that I'm about 50/50 on it myself.

  • grrrr

    Fuck fuck fuck
    Motha motha fuck
    Motha motha fuck fuck
    Motha fuck motha fuck
    Noise, noise, noise
    1 2, 1 2 3 4
    Noise, noise, noise
    Shmokin' weed
    Shmokin' wizz
    Doin' coke, drinkin' beers
    Drinkin' beers beers beers
    Rollin' fatties
    Smokin' blunts
    Who smokes the blunts?
    We smoke the blunts
    Rollin' blunts and smokin'
    Let me get a nickle bag
    Fifteen bucks little man
    Put that shit in my hand
    If that money doesn't show
    Then ya owe me owe me owe

    • orly


    • F U Chiveassholes

      it's Noinch, not noise.

      Get 'em, Steve Dave.

    • hot carl

      hey baby, ever had your ass hole licked by a fat man in an overcoat?

    • Bud Ugly

      lol @ noise noise noise… like THAT makes sense.

    • Billy Bob yeeehaw!!

      Would you like a chocolate pretzel?

    • Boris


  • Its me

    Smoking hot

  • Brian

    I need her phone number now! Who am I kidding I wouldn't have the guts to call her. wowwwzer

  • chance

    I concur

  • jason

    meh, i seen this broad in import tuner. she's not that hot. there's so many hotter women out there.

    • Average Chiver


  • toby

    I think she's hot as hell. Or is she. if you're 21 and smoking, you don't need that much photoshop. It's like the guy who 'shopped them just got finished glossing over a 45 year-old woman and forgot to tone it down.
    Or am I retarded? #16

    • scuzlebutt69

      ur retarded

  • Superlame

    singer/song writer…right…so am I.

  • Christian


    • quo


    • ccaaassseeeeyyyyy

      lol i knooo thats why wallpaper on my comp

  • Anonymous

    First! Nice Abs!

  • js in pc

    thumbs, i would prefer mine in her bum while a pound her vag. i will save my thumb for that while you bebate if a a girl hotter than you will ever even talk to you is worthy of a post. stupid d-bag!

    • juju

      you sound like a 14 year old trying to sound cool, shut your dumb ass up.

  • bigheads

    why is her head huge in some pictures?
    example #19

  • fizzy

    Great looking girl but we need some more "Lower Back Problems" girls!! These skinny, wafie girls just dont do it for me. Give me athletic, curvy, with some meat on the bones and I am a happy camper.

  • rodrocks

    Damn the #27 pose is smoking hot!

  • XOS


    this is the face, that if she asked you to go kill her x boyfriend…you would say..umm okay sure why not.

    • DaddyD

      Where is he? I'm ready to kill.

    • scuzlebutt69

      thats the sexiest face i ever seen

  • Throbbit yuengling

    Breast Implants= If you can touch them, then their real.
    I would give her a hard 9. Face is epic but she seems very petite. Legs are sexxy, and she has some ass.

    • Quackster

      "If you can touch them, then their real."

      Well there you have it, Santa's real. Doesn't matter he can't do anything of the things Santa should be able to, because you can touch him.

      • Mr F


  • Williemo

    The things I’d do..

  • MiddleLane

    Singer songwriter, eh?

    Can you say "Tila Tequila" part 2?

    (I bet her Facebook is blowing up as we speak….)

    • its_forge

      C'mon, nobody could ever be as much of a dumb camwhore slut as Tila Tequila.

  • Dunny_

    Sweet Baby Jesus.

    • yumyumgivemesome

      This would look really nice on my cock

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