Our first Uzbek Chivette: Meet Veronika (23 Photos)

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  • Borat

    In my country, they would go crazy for those two…. not so much this one.

    • Brad

      if you were in a room with her you wouldn't be able to take your eyes off of her and you'd be tucking your boner in your waistband…

      • Commando

        Joke's on you, I'm not wearing pants!

        • dub

          I'm actually just wearing the waistline. It's my look. So tucking is a-ok.

    • Cake is a Lie

      You're so beautiful… You could be a waitress
      You're so beautiful… You could be an air hostess in the 60s
      You're so beautiful… You could be a part…time…model

      • nemesis

        The most beautiful girl… in the room.

        • Phlerm

          in the whole wide room

      • _Moose_


        And I can't believe that I'm sharing
        A kebab with the most beautiful girl
        I have ever seen with a kebab, oh yeah, yeah

      • Beard Manly

        you're so beautiful…like a tree…or a high class prostitute…(a HIGH class prostitute)

      • 123

        I asked Dave if he's going to make a move on you
        He's not sure, I said "Dave do you mind if I do?"
        He says he doesn't mind
        but I can tell he kinda minds
        but I'm gonna do it anyway

        • Cake is a Lie

          your a legend Dave!

    • Pookie


      The legs sir, they just don't stop,

      Its like whoever poured them forgot to turn to tap off!

  • thomas

    #9 baby gap

    • Admiral Ackbar

      Its a Baby Gap!

    • evan

      high priced call girl gap

  • Angry Old Man

    Still think it's John's new mail order bride.

  • Marc


  • _=_+

    Solid 7.5…..

    • cyril

      yeah that's a solid ten plus a couple more for those never ending legs

  • Jayavc

    #10 is my fav

    • sully23

      Either a toe or just straight up see-through. Hey-o!

      • Da Sandman

        see through + toe

    • Sid

      Totally agree!

  • ThisGuy

    "Dear Lord Baby Jesus, lying there in your…your little ghost manger, lookin' at your Baby Einstein developmental…videos, learnin' 'bout shapes and colors…please bless this beautiful Chivette!"

  • IMHO

    Okay, who googled Uzbekistan? C'mon, you know that you did it… own-up.

    • musje83

      Nah. Unlike so many americans, us Europeans actually know where it is. And where pretty much every other country on this globe is. Oh well, if a girl like this is what it takes for you to go find out on your own, then there is still hope for the US of A 🙂

      • Mark

        euro trash!
        don't bad mouth America, since we are the ones who give you all your culture!

        • LineHog

          No no no, Americans took European culture and ruined it, Europe had culture before there was such a thing as the USA

      • Libertariandude

        Excuse me, but I lived in both the US and Europe and I can attest Europeans are no more cultured than Americans. In fact, I believe it's the other way around. Greetings from a South American (now this is a truly retarded continent).

    • Bodhi

      Only in America lolz

  • Virulent87

    Well… she is hot…

  • BobSugar

    #12 What a scorcher! Nice fcuk shirt too.

  • Brad

    I'm going to guess that although she is from Uzbekistan, she is ethnically Russian…

    • DCMOFO

      I'm also going to guess she has a very sexy accent.

      • Senor Rock

        Thumbs up if you read her comment in a Russian accent.

    • Brad

      And I'm also going to guess she's crazy, you get in an argument with her about something trivial and 30 minutes later she is putting a hit out on you with the Russian mob…

  • Ddazed69

    Beautiful!!! True work of art!

  • Curious

    I would like to know how many men she has slept with. In fact, I would like to know this information about many of our Chivettes. Just an unsettled curiosity type of thing.

    • Curious

      And women. You know…just in case….

    • 420

      Very blunt indeed.

      • kodakkid

        damn now I am dying to know what she said
        and 420 does OTAKU mean anything to you

        • 420

          Ah yes, you're the guy who thumbs up his own ratings.

          • kodakkid

            and you believe everything you read on the net

    • Curious

      Thank you for your honesty. It is refreshing.

    • Brad

      you're under no obligation to tell people here personal info if they ask, what right does this jackarse have to know personal details about your life?

    • Gia


    • chivette


  • robski

    some schmuck needs to buy her a boob job (OO)

    • Rusty

      That same schmuck can buy you a brain aswell……..and the horse you rode in on


      "Haters Gonna HATE"

    • Cris_Ron

      And a face transplant! she is stink

  • Sen

    #23 ADD TOO CART ! NOW !

    • Jorge V.

      Can we get a 2 x 1 discount on that thought?

  • ...

    Oh yeah, about that, it's probably just the pants, I was meaning to take them back to the, uh, pants store.

  • bigD

    Very much like…

  • Rusty


    • Zooropa

      Should HAVE.

  • eartikator

    id tap that maybe if I was drunk and there were no sheep available

    • Rick

      Go tap your fat sister, retard

  • http://thelaurengentile.wordpress.com/ Lauren Gentile

    Blue looks stunning on you! Good for you for getting your MBA and moving across the pond, btw! That must've been an extremely difficult move.

    • TommyGuns

      Your goofy lol. Thats a big pond there.

    • Veronika

      Thank you Lauren 🙂 Us ladies need to stick together.

  • dub

    I'm kind of sad at the negative comments. I think she's gorgeous. Her body is amazing and she's porn star hot when she dons the shiny lipstick.

    • Dick LeGrande

      "Porn star hot?" Of all the women I know, all of them would find that insulting.
      The next time you wan't to say something clever, don't do it, cause you just fucked that all up.

      • tits


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Holly-Sands/1666982036 Holly Sands

    That womans legs are amazing!

  • Eddie

    Pornstar for sure.

  • Mr_Joshwa

    ok, she is sooooo far out of my league…

  • ChiverMeTimbers


    • hchdg

      that is justifiably hilarious

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