• Kool Aid

    oh yea!

    • Marshall

      What was that for?

      • SpawnofAchilles

        Kool-aid guy, duh.

      • Kook Aid

        Oh all the random ass chive comments you ask what mine was for……………..

      • clickhere

        now we hate u for no reason

    • ROK247

      WTF did i just watch, and why was it so fucking awesome?

      • tsulo21

        Here's a video of her grinding on some dudes…skip to :50

  • Avery

    Welll, that was awesome…

    • Kyle Retrato

      Mind indeed blown.

    • Yreva

      I probably broke that students record from the morning awesomeness watching this.

  • Anon

    Weird ending but she's hot.

    • Anonymous

      You find the endin the only weird thing in this video..?

      • Sean

        I don't know about you, but i had a pretty happy ending to the video…

        • rlmnofjean-ious

          I'm not sure "happy ending" means what you think it means.

          • Acraetis

            I think it mean exactly what he thinks it means.

    • Lrodr

      sessy girl, wierd ending

  • Doofenshmirtz

    Great googily moogily…!

  • 93GT

    i like it!

    also, first!

    • LukeSkywalker

      But last to lose their virginity.

  • Kyle

    that's legit.

  • McBeastie

    Is that the same room that was in Clockwork Orange when they killed the old lady with the giant penis statue?
    And before you smartasses comeback with a "know how I know you're gay," I noticed the girl first…the room second.

    • SmokeyMcBear

      All you had to say was killed old lady… but you HAD to throw in giant penis statue didnt you

    • steve

      I dont remember a big penis statue in my box of clue…

      • fjones

        It's always the first one to go missing

    • Hermes

      Not the same room; you just have giant penis' on the mind.

    • Sacco

      Just checked, the murder scene room is much smaller than this one. Juicy girl BTW, but 2000 a stand, kind of pricey for my budget.

  • 2theblackhole

    what just happened/????

    • Kyle


    • apple


  • KmanS

    Every straight guy thanks you today for posting this! Saying OMG is just not enough…

    • Justin Hall

      This was my first submission to theChive! I can scratch this one off my bucket list, thank you very much.

  • DJwillflo

    Good Christ. Find her!!!!!!

    • DJwillflo

      Oh, you've already found her. My bad, i was distracted.

      • tony

        ur forgiven, willow. also, i love you

        • KoldShadow

          Her name is (DJ) WillFlo . . . how U gonna e-propose when you can't even get her nickname right?!?!?

      • Shawn


    • Chelsea

      Found! On a streetcorner… because she's a hooker.


    congratulations, your famous now.

    • DrROBOTO

      Seriously cant stop clicking at the 41 seconds….

      • Sn can

        1:07 is a good spot, too

    • caleb

      congratulations, your grammar is terrible.

      • DrROBOTO

        so is you'res apparently

    • Queue

      Enough about my famous, let's talk about your famous.

  • Pokey_McPoke

    Gawd damn! "All that booty, is that for me?"

    • pokey is gay

      fag. you wish

  • Rahm Emanuel

    This is the then 16 year old prositute that slept with half the French National team for $2000 a throw!!!

    • DrROBOTO

      money well spent

    • BBOB

      2000 Euro close to 2900 USD a throw 🙂

      • ROK247

        oh well in that case…NAH STILL WORTH IT

  • good lawd

    entire office is currently gathered around this smoke show

  • Bill

    And now I have the Lonely Island song "jizz in my pants" going through my head for some reason

  • bettingonthecubs

    So much for getting up and going to lunch

    • Dr_StrangePants

      I don't know about Lunch…
      But I'm willing to bet good money almost every gentlemen did manage to 'get up'

  • ajhermann007

    I'm not even mad right now. That's amazing!

  • Reed

    Who is she? MOAR!

  • hmmm

    what is this from?

  • disturbed

    Made my day.

  • Bluto


    • Chelsea

      I was thinking that same thing. You'd think with all the hooker money she could afford a good plastic surgeon.

  • fozzie66

    OMG!!! WE WANT MOAR!!!!!

    • Jbags

      Give her 2k and i'm sure she'll be happy to give you MOAR.

      • fozzie66


        • Jbags

          AGREED. Totally worth the money… As long as she's clean… or it has a cure.

          • Chelsea

            Prob'ly not.

  • Pete

    RIBERY!! Who cares if she was 17

    • Gee

      Wow. Amazing. I'm totally distracted for the rest of the work day. Thank you for that. 🙂

  • Jordan

    It's Zahia Dehar, she was (she is?) a prostitute who slept with a french footballer…

  • Carmine

    Mother of God………….

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