Thief steals Macbook -owner remotely turns on web-cam to track him down

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  • Malkintosh22

    What a dickface.

  • FishTaco

    mobileme does that too

    • Lenka

      what exactly do you mean?

      • dub

        They steal your macbook as well.

  • andfukyamoms

    macbook's are gay anyway so who cares

    • Ugly Monkey

      your face is gay!

    • Moreno

      youre gay faggot

      • David Stern

        That'll be $100,000 please

    • j22

      here here!

  • T.T. Tiger

    These thiefs should be found and castrated as to not contaminate the population. I am downloading this app now.

    • 888

      your last sentence = the story worked.

      • links

        LOL 888 nice catch

  • Anonymous

    Why is he upset? Mac already stole from him by selling him that overpriced piece of crap.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Erich-Backhus/591747781 Erich Backhus

      Two wrongs do make a right?

      • grimey

        How the fuck did that baby learn to type?….and be kinda funny.

    • Ugly Monkey

      the piece of shit you call a computer probably couldn't handle good quality porn! just pixelated pics of guy on guy action for you to fap fap fap to!

    • konaehukai

      Obviously you've never owned a Mac so your opinion is irrelevant.

      • Anon

        He has the overpriced part spot on, but it's not crap. Their iMacs though… you can save hundreds of dollars and get a better PC out of it on your own.

      • Enamorado

        Obviously you own a Mac so your opinion is biased.

        • konaehukai

          Indeed, I have a Mac. Steve Jobs has Bill Gates and Windows to thank for that one. Vista was the straw that broke the camel's back.

          • dub

            My camel runs windows 7.

      • matty

        He just cant afford them is all

        • matty

          at the hipster club, you can't get in without a mac, so obviously it's way cool. I used to be a dipshit that had no indie fashion sense, but look at me now. The macs we have are waaaay better then normal macs. I'd tell you about it but since you've probably never heard of it, I won't waste my time. It totally fits the decor in my studio apt, but you wouldn't even know where I live. That sister of that guy from art tv lives there too.

    • Apollos


      If your broke ass could afford one…you'd "get" it.

      • so hip

        are you one of those guys who has a mac sticker on the rear windshield of your Jetta? Do you feel like Ashton Kutcher would hang out with you because of your apple products. Damn……you are soooooo cool.

        • DaddyD

          I have a Mac sticker on the back of my VW Cabrio. I am too cool to hang out with Ashton Kutcher, but if Demi Moore wants to stop by …

          • Apollos

            I have a mac sticker on my skinny jeans, I'm far more hip that you with your ghetto ass name

        • links


    • 123

      The only thing more retarded than a pointless political debate is a bunch of geeks fighting over why their computer is better. Holy shit, shoot me in the face if I ever do that. Please.

      • Dad

        I think technically retarded people are more retarded than both of those things, and don't pretend to be cool, you're still not getting laid.

        • 123

          My mac book says otherwise. The app I have for meeting chicks has skyrocketed my scoring.

    • Nathan

      You got green for that, amen

  • willkm75

    Nice hair, butthole!!!

  • sheoncebelieved

    that was boring.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shannon-Coverdale/606371253 Shannon Coverdale

      I agree. Now show us your tits

    • lovely

      now that you mention it, I did find myself yawning.

  • Ryan

    Pure Ownage!

  • SkyVader

    I think I'll leave a Macbook in a strip club then.

    • Enamorado

      I doubt you'd get the results you want. Strippers are too smart to want a Mac, so you'll wind up looking at some obese alcoholic playing tug boat with his sausage looking at your gf's pics.

    • jesus loves macs

      then you'll be able to see the dude who steals it jerking off all day, everyday. But why waste all that money, I think mac has an app for that.

    • The Boris

      Seeing as you own a macbook, I'm guessing you're going to leave it at chippindales.

  • miles

    maybe its boring.. but if you've ever gotten something stolen from you.. you wish it had a little camera on it so you could bust the douche bag to got your stuff.

  • ted

    thiefs are worse than hipsters and douchbags

    • Spellcheck


      • links

        boom head shot!

  • medtxpack

    ha, sucks for him. from now on when i steal a macbook i will be putting a small piece of ducktape over the camera. haha.

    • Brad

      but the owner can still take screen caps…

      • Hoooooo

        He wants to steal a Mac… what do you expect?

      • Photogapster

        Its ok. he's not very bright.

  • Chiveinator

    Creepy lookin troll
    but that bedstead is SWEET!

  • ohmyguinness

    #6 Is that an invisible cock in his mouth or was his mom a chipmonk?

    • dub

      That's the detonator.

      Seriously!? I'm almost down to the bottom of the comments and No Terrorist Jokes? C'mon.

      • zach in a cubicle

        Photoshop is made for this photo.

  • Serenesabine

    Am I the only one surprised that he seemed to have a really nice expensive looking bed for a creepy thief?

    • amrith777

      No.But maybe he can AFFORD that bed cuz he steals alot of other things..therefore freeing up that money for expensive furniture and the like.Just a thought…..

      • ThatGuy

        Or maybe he just bought it from the guy who stole it. That's actually the more likely scenario.

  • Ben

    #2 ….um…did anyone notice his ridiculous bed?

    • downfall616

      its stolen too

    • dub

      Probably stole it.

    • Ray Cole

      Probably stolen as well…

      • Raymond Cole Sr

        Good going Jr, glad I raised such a quick witted son who pays attention to detail. Maybe you should spend your free time looking for a girlfriend, or actually doing your JOB.

        • dub

          Oh snap! Mama drama!

          …. assuming that Raymond is a woman's name.

    • b-ry

      well i guess i should say he probably stole it too. in case anyone missed the other 3 replies.

    • Chiefs420

      The person who posted right before you did

    • http://www.facebook.com/urnukh.d Urnukh Dp

      probably stolen

  • Brad

    a school near philly got in trouble for taking pics of their students with macbooks that they distribute to their students…

    • dumbass brad

      that was done by a couple of creepy IT guys ahole.

      • dub

        who were probably hired by the school, therefore making them entities of the school.

        your point is invalid.

  • chive_mind

    hahaha awesome post 😀

  • http://www.moddedmustangs.com/forums/clubhouse/220967-theif-steals-macbook-owner-tracks-him-down.html#post3784554 Theif Steals Macbook- Owner Tracks Him Down

    […] Steals Macbook- Owner Tracks Him Down Awesome. Thief steals Macbook -owner remotely turns on web-cam to track him down : theCHIVE Some guy named Joshua Kaufman had his Macbook stolen out of his apartment a couple months ago and […]

  • bless1

    #6- fuckwad.

  • Porn

    Osama's lesser known cousin Abdul had to entertain himself somehow for 5 years.

    • link

      he looks more like a Mahmoud to me (does this count as a terrorist joke?)

  • MacNCheesePro

    Awesome! It's awesome catching pieces of shit like that. Thinking they got away and getting completely owned, is just awesome!

    BTW, you Mac haters, I'm a systems admin and web developer, I use both. They both have their ups and downs, but being that biased on something that you don't know much about just strengthens your douchebaggyness!

    • switch_24

      Totally agree on that! I'm a web designer, and I also work on both platform.

      • Diodeold

        Me too, Im web developer as well, I also believe that someone who only likes a Mac or PC has never used the other-ever. Only guys like us have really used both. We're the elite of hipster cool. Obviously we are probably the only people in the world who have used both computers. I used to give Steve Jobs classes on how to use a PC. He never understood it. I think I remember you guys doing the same thing.

    • boop

      Totally agree, except theres one thing which quite a few mac owners seem to somehow invented:

      If you dont have a mac its because you are too poor to own one.

      I hate this idea and i hate the dickhead mac users who portray this elitist view. You are nothing more than cocksuckers and you know nothing about computers and technology.

      I play games on MS Windows and you know what DX as a HAL is fucking awesome, its the best shit MS ever did.

      • blabba

        "because you are too poor to own one" is a classic gay defense. Homo's love fashion and celebrities, so they see being poor as a huge slight. When you make fun of them for having dicks in their mouths, they get so angry that they cut as deep as possible from their point of view. That's where the "too poor" comes in. It's the gay equivalent of your dad blurting out "you're adopted".
        The mac store is just like a gay hipster club, and also advertises itself as being for rich people. The two ( gays and macs ) were basically meant for each other and the statement "because you are too poor to own one" will be said to anyone who doesn't buy apple products because they will always be in fashion to the homo crowd.

        • links

          and being rich still won't help Steve Jobs beat that liver uh problem

    • CAMO4eva

      Sorry not to be a jacka$$ but I totally agree with you and I don't have to be an expert with computers I try not to be a narrow minded piece of crap on principle alone not because i have an in depth understanding of how they both work. Also I support the haters right to hate because *somewhere a soldier is dying for your right to do so~"Carlos Mencia"

      • CAMO4eva

        even though mac's can't run crisis which in my opinion anything that can't is a waste of space

      • blabba

        Did you really just quote Mencia? I'm assuming you're an enlisted man so I'll let that go I guess, but never let that happen again. ever

    • Joe

      Agreed. I use both for what they do best. Cross platform baby !

    • Musje83

      Hear hear. Mac's are awesome, as is Windows, as is Linux. Totally depends on what you prefer and nothing else. Windows isn't '98 or XP anymore so quit moaning about bluescreens and instability.

      I work(ed) with all 3 of them and I personally prefer Windows. However every Mac-user I know (save 1) laughs at non-Mac users (ha ha ha, you still use M$ Windoze?) and that just annoys the sh*te out of me.
      These people include my brother & sister, too bad.

      Mac Scareware ftw. Open their eyes baby!

      • MacNCheesePro

        Yeah, I bought my Mac used. These things hold their value well! My boss at my old work was one of those types that treated one like an ass for not owning a Mac, yet he programmed in ASP .NET and MS SQL?? All he did was start up his 17" Macbook Pro that set the company back 3k and started a VM with XP on it. What a waste. I bought my slightly used 15" Macbook Pro which was 2200 new for 1k.

        Even though I love my Mac, as a sys admin, I laughed at people at that job that said "switch our computers out for Macs". Yeah, a domain environment with ASP .NET and MS SQL servers using Macs, that's just the best idea isn't it? LMAO! That's like saying you can turbocharge an electric car.

        • GearsAvit

          Umm….the kit to turbo charge an electric car has been on sale for quite some time.
          Maybe you should have said, 'thats like saying I'm a systems admin and web developer who's getting laid tonight"

          • MacNCheesePro

            Yeah, knowing how to turbo an electric car will get me laid tonight. Should've seen it coming.

  • buster cherry

    The twentieth jacker.

    • bigdeal

      rofl! yep

  • http://www.facebook.com/tristan.wagner2 riverjns1234567


  • Dapper_Dave

    Well played sir. I tip my hat to you.

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