• Major Rocker

    She has great "guns"!

    • KeyserSoze

      inner thighs need work though.

      • honk

        oh for gods sake. are you the fuckin grand imperial wizard of standard making?

        • KeyserSoze

          no. but i'm guessing you're the officiated chancellor of taking what you can get.

          • its_forge

            The line of guys who'd queue up for a chance to even talk to Shay Maria: around the block, around the next 16 blocks, down the turnpike, into the next town, 2/3 of the way across the continent. Line of guys who aren't interested because her "inner thighs need work:" You.

            • Jared

              yeah, forge. 'cause poularity means one is right and the other is wrong. most of us grew out of that in highschool.

              • its_forge

                Having differing tastes is one thing; being an insulting asshole to a bunch of people for showing their appreciation for something they like is another thing entirely.

                • Jared

                  how is his first post insulting to anyone(except Shay)? and his second post was because someone directly insulted him first.

                • b-ry

                  Tell that to honk. He's the one that lambasted KeyserSoze for giving his opinion.

            • b-ry

              No, I agree with him. Not saying she's not attractive at all, but I certainly wouldn't "queue up for a chance to even talk to her: around the block, around the next 16 blocks, down the turnpike, into the next town, 2/3 of the way across the continent". People have varying taste. No need to take it to such hyperbolic lengths of patronization, that's just immature.

      • Jak

        I'll take the job!

      • its_forge

        Oh please go fuck yourself until you bleed. And yeah, be sure to call us when you've actually spoken to a woman who isn't your mother.

        • Cast Iron Skillet

          wow. that was a totally reasonable response to a guy who expressed his opinion about someone you don't even know. good job.

          • its_forge

            This is not an isolated incident, this poster or someone going by this name is there waiting to heap his complete lack of appreciation on every single hot-chick post The Chive puts up. You tend to get sick of it after a while. If you appreciate something, say so; if you don't, say so but don't pile insults on the people who do.

            • its_forge=douche

              what thread are you reading? when did he insult "people who do"? He wrote one reponse directly to "honk" only after "honk" called him out for stating his opinion. Go outside for a few minutes (there's some pretty cool stuff out there) and stop trying to be an internet hero. I promise that she will not overlook the fact that you are a greasy 300 lb douchebag just because you defended her on thechive……….and b-ry, thank you for always being the voice of sanity around here.

    • http://www.gfys.org/ truth

      And then people thumb me down when i say chivetes are whores. She is the epitome of whoredome.

      • RamRod

        You my friend are missing the point entirely. Good day, sir

      • sdf

        100% agree on both counts.

      • Anonamau5

        Well, she also gets paid for it rather than giving it away for free.

  • misschris

    Shay – I love your face! (not sure how many people compliment you on that instead of.. well.. your body of work)

    • b-ry

      face like Penelope Cruz. my favorite.

      glad to see you mixed up the poses this time and not 1 nipple slip either. 🙁

      • b-ry

        i want a face just like her after the surgery.:*

    • peanut3603

      she has face? I'm playing, she is a hottie.

    • JG Marine

      Bravo! I also love the guts it takes to do what she does without the aid of photoshop! Beautiful + Brave = Amazing

      • sdf

        "guts"? gee, i guess she's one of the few models who leaves the house then…..

        • http://www.facebook.com/jeffapel Jeff Apel

          I, too, like face

      • its_forge

        Helps when you're that genetically blessed and you know it.

        • its_forge

          Not that I think she's egotistical mind you, a woman who knows she's gorgeous and doesn't make a big damn deal out of it is a truly wonderful thing.

      • shakeythemoyle

        Guts and Bravery?!?!…..I'm thinking the guys storming the beeches of Normandy were Gutsy and Brave. shrug

  • parker

    I suddenly have the urge to fire my secretary


    • Dan

      And the Chive's.

    • robert

      already done.

    • jdb

      You guys are a bunch of fags. Beauty is beauty, simple as that. She is beautiful.

      • jdb

        that's not where I clicked reply…. Damn internets

    • http://twitter.com/The_Scofield_ @The_Scofield_

      But then what will your mom do for money? 🙂

    • nate

      fuck you chive…lucky bastards…i know, jelousy isn't pretty, but damnit, im fucking jelous

  • Jen

    so hot!

    • hMMMM

      but the flower bathing suitish one/two piece (?) Not much for style, but I don't think even Shay can pull that one off. #7

      • its_forge

        I agree, that's not a good look for her, not sure what it is, maybe her waist is too short? The woman's gorgeous nonetheless but yeah, ugly suit.

  • Kaiser


    • http://www.gfys.org/ itsobvious

      Yup ,just another random AW the chive guys are prolly banging in exchange for giving her internet fame.

      • justin

        haha, if this were LG, now THAT would be awesome

      • obv

        the chive guys are all virgins. why else do you think they had to start a site to get girls to send in half-naked photos so they could see some skin. This chick isn't nearly as good looking as she thinks she is. buy some lingerie & swimwear that actually fits, shay!

        • Coldzilla

          "why else do you think they had to start a site to get girls to send in half-naked photos so they could see some skin."

          yeah too bad there wasnt ANOTHER place one could see half naked ladies….

          Seems like a lot of work just for that.

          Nice "logic"

    • Meh.....

      Also….Meh….maybe a 7 after a night of drinking…..

    • Boooorrrinnngggg!!!!

      Nothing against Shay – I would bang her silly….but come on Chive. Seriously enough of the Shay, Lauren, Erin, et al……same recycled chicks! That is what marriage is for. Find some new talent because this shit is getting old.

      • Dildobot5000

        Preach on brother… preach on.

      • XZSFVM

        THANK YOU! they're like the smurfettes of the chive. just a bunch of worn out whores.

        • its_forge

          Y'all be sure and let us know if any of y'all ever do get y'know, laid.

          • Sean Baby

            what? have hidden cameras posted in all these guys' bedrooms?

    • jdb

      You guys are a bunch of fags. Beauty is beauty, simple as that. She is beautiful.

    • Ateka

      Gotta admit the whole "we don't photoshop so we just overexpose every picture" thing is kinda lame.

  • jakubwrobel

    #17 – love it!

    • urinetrouble

      shoulda been a gif of that one

      • jakubwrobel

        Great thinking.

      • UltraGammer

        OOOOOMMGGGG!!! They have an PS3 on their office??? (/trollface) hahahaha

    • ROK247

      THIS is hot as fuck

    • its_forge

      Shay, we want you to know that we like looking at you from just about any angle, but we totally want to see more of the dorsal view. Because it is decidedly superior to many other women's dorsal views.

  • Pat

    #20 While you are taking orders, I'll have… ummmm ok, YOU!

    • b-ry

      is it just me or does it look like her nipples should be visible…or were they shopped off?
      especially on her right boob!

    • http://www.gfys.org/ detective

      `Hello,this is she ,well 10$ for an hour and 40$ for the whole night`

  • Jimbo

    #16 want to touch the heiny

    • http://www.gfys.org/ honest

      Whore On !

      • KeyserSoze

        could stand to lose a few lbs. before modeling. little thick around the ribs.

        • iloveQuatchi

          Not at all. She's the perfect size. I love me some titties!!!

        • OGMrWhite

          This is hands down the best picture on theChive, maybe even the internets. A gaming shay maria drinking a beer.

        • its_forge

          Same guy in the next pictorial: "She's too skinny, she needs a sammich." Next girl: "She's fat, she needs to lose some weight." Dude, back away from the keyboard, go outside, participate in life for a while, meet a girl and actually talk to her. I guarantee you'll stop being so idiotically critical of every woman's photo on TheCHIVE.

  • Bud

    Fire the old secretary immediately

  • disturbed

    #1 She def needs to come hang out at my pool.

    • hMMMM

      "pool". ha.

  • jamison

    The new Play Station comes complete with one Shay Maria


    • sheoncebelieved

      YES! Please come christen my office with a Corona that beautiful tush

    • Nick

      I'll take 2

    • http://www.facebook.com/lalo.spain Lalo Teijeiro

      i'll take the store, please

  • Brad

    #16 Now that's the best pic I've seen of Shay in a long time…

    • http://www.gfys.org/ classy

      Ugly tattoo + that table needs to be cleaned properly now.

    • tralfaz

      Agreed, Perfect

  • Bud Lee

    #17 best of the buch …. R2 girl still has my heart though

    • Cavok

      R2 girl all the way!! Can't get enough of her!

  • Zachary

    Amazing set of guns. #3 #4 #7

    • nope

      OMG… she's gonna shoot the puppies….

    • KyleRetrato

      #3 DO IT! DO IT!!

  • Johnny_Dizzle

    I get the feeling a conversation with her would be like this…..
    Me: Hi, you're hot!
    Her: Yeah, I hear that from time to time. Let's all go get a beer and just hang out and be goofy.
    Me: I love you…..

  • Anonamau5

    I hate you Chive. #18
    There better be some leaked photos of this.

    • SweetAwesomeness

      please let there be leaked behind the scenes footage of this….rated R version!!!

      • The_Dood

        Definitely… its not fair that she can just walk around there topless and we don't get to see! I almost rather would've not seen these at all than lived with the knowledge that I'll never see them in their full glory.

  • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

    I beat her to it (breaking in the office); I pissed in every sink already.

    – the one you love to hate

    • sixdeadelves


      • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

        To break in the office of course! I just wanted to be the first one to do that; you know, before Mac, Leo etc.. It's a Chive incrowd thingy.

        – the one you love to hate

    • Um, what?

      That there is funny, don't care you are.

    • David

      hey paula

      you nailed it! come break into my office you can pee anywhere you like LOL

  • Mr Gingle

    What's your obsession with this girl and her saggy boobs?!?

    • Glitched

      Are we looking at the same pictures?

    • PzykoSkillz

      You mean real boobs that actually move and don't just sit there?

      • Ken

        Amen! Tired of all the fake tits!

      • Mr Gingle

        No I mean saggy tits that look like deflated balloons. Real tits don't always sag.

        • its_forge

          Once again a man who has never touched a woman in real life is commenting about women's bodies. Will it never end.

          • Jim78

            saggy boobs and fat. amen brother

            • its_forge

              LOL are you fucking high?

    • Ken

      She has a gorgeous face and an amazing REAL body. Seems to be down to earth too. Win – win in my book!

      • TGF

        "down to earth"? have you heard her speak? had any actual interaction with her? how do you know she's down to earth?

        • Dan

          Actions pal… you can tell by there actions in the pictures!

    • http://www.gfys.org/ hahaha

      She gives em some action they give her a post ,clever guys at chive.

    • sixdeadelves

      what does your girlfriend look like?

      • Mr Gingle

        Salma Hayek with a smaller cup size.

        • ImpressMe

          Yeah….the poster on your bedroom wall does not count as your "girlfriend"….no…wait….yeah, it probably is as close to a real female as you've ever gotten…… go away little boy.

          • Robert Plant

            says the guy most likely fapping to the internet model. faggot.

        • RichXTC

          Pics or STFU!!!

          • Mr Gingle

            I would, but I don't think she'd go for it on the grounds that she's not an internet attention-slut.

            • RichXTC

              ok i understand… only option left… STFU

              • Mr Gingle

                Good. Glad we understand each other. Good luck fapping to internet models. Bye.

    • jimbo

      "Loyal Chivers" as they call themselves are fans of anything with three holes and a heartbeat. Also little kids who don't know anybetter.

      • http://www.gfys.org/ truestory

        @jimbo Comment on the week.

        • http://www.gfys.org/ fuckoffgrammarnazi

          Of* ,yeah yeah i know.

      • Vanxidar

        lol comment of the week indeed
        and by having the loyal chivers they say they're 'the best site in the world'
        it's a matter of perspective really

  • disturbed

    #16 She's being koi….

    • Ha.Ha.

      *coy. I don't usually correct, but when I do, you know it's a massive fail.

      • Unknown

        obviously you shouldn't correct because her tattoo is a fucking Koi…Moron

      • u2phan

        You are an IDIOT

      • ROR

        Yes, when you tried to correct this awesome pun, you did indeed massively fail.

    • crowebar360

      Is that Koi barfing?

    • Clever

      I see what you did there

  • Fercho

    flaws? what flaws? you are talking nonsenses!

    • ricardo

      Yea I chuckled when I read that

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001080896790 Devin Skolaski


    • Major Rocker


  • H.Manback

    If you ever happen to come to Germany and have some time…. Maybe we could marry…

    • http://www.gfys.org/ ursodesperate

      You`ll have better luck with Paula.

  • the_junglist

    "Shay embraces her flaws" — What flaws? Where?

    • http://www.gfys.org/ ivhadenuf

      Its obvious now ,the last time the Chivers saw a real pussy was when they were coming outta one.

      • Red

        Or when they see a picture of you…

        • http://www.gfys.org/ detective

          or when they visit your house when you are not there.

          • Vanxidar

            lol good one

    • http://twitter.com/AlissaLee17 @AlissaLee17

      Perhaps the bruises on her shin.

  • Soofus

    What Flaw?

    • silkystealthsurgeon

      bruised legs are all i can tell, but i dont care!

      • http://www.gfys.org/ duke


  • Brad

    Shay's boyfriend apparently: http://yfrog.com/ke61900756j

    • Jimbob Jones

      Dude's batting way above his average there.

      • Freddy Mercury

        no he's not. even if the guy looked like a young Paul Newman, you'd probably still say the same thing.

        • its_forge

          Heh, he looks like a cromagnon.

    • peter

      As Joe Jackson said "Looks don't count for much and there goes your proof"….

      • thisgoesonandon

        He might be swinging with a big bat, who knows? Maybe she prefers a little stretching now and again…

    • http://www.gfys.org/ cop

      BF or her PIMP ?

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