• eric

    WOW! Nuff' said!

    • fail

      No, more needs to be said.Something is not right here.
      According to later posts……………This might be a hoax.

      • Billy

        Chivers are being punked. She is a model suckers…………..

      • fail

        There needs to be an explanation !
        Or take down the gallery.
        "Chivette of the Week". FAIL !!!!!!!!!

    • snowbird

      those are all facebook and twitter pics and her name is not scarlett. fail.

      • Mr.X

        Snowbird is too dumb to check out the links posted by the smart chivers

  • Vantastic

    Absolutely Stunning!

    • Barrowsboy

      She reminds me of Michelle Beadle from SportsNation

    • mtpuckhead

      She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

  • nepster

    #17….before the upgrade? And when I say upgrade, I mean the new tittays.

    • b-ry

      def hotter in this pic…little meatier and tits look a lot nicer.

    • jpp407

      Im not sure if I like the silicone customizations

    • iambigd42

      I like her much better pre-bolt-ons. Either way she is still hot!

    • Rocks Off

      Absolutely, the new balloons are bit too ballooney.

    • Dolfan0925

      Ya this one is nicer. Guys don't care what size your boobies are as long as they have nipples.

      • a Guy

        I like boobs without nipples.

        • krush

          Why? Without nipples, boobs would be pointless.

          • Bob

            nicely done

    • Smitty

      I agree, in this pic and her chivette pic, #18, I think she is better looking, In all of the others I can't help but feel that she is trying too hard, despite that killer smile.

      Sure she might be beautiful, but I don't find her new image attractive at all. Sorry.
      IMHO, I think she should have stuck with that heartbreaking cuteness she had.


      • 123

        what rule? If it's hot, it passes. She passes with flying colors. What is this retarded notion that theChive has these standards about what type of girl they'll post pictures of? Have you not seen the pics of the ladyboys? They'll post any-damn-thing.

        • Smitty

          Well, insofar as I know it was unwritten, but it was certainly spoken that they were into promoting the real, true natural beauties… the ones that the world that has been brainwashed with silicone and PhotoShop wouldn't give a second look.

          It was the whole principle behind which the sexy Chivettes got started.

          I'm not saying she ain't hot. She is barn-burning smoking hot, but she is a model. It's her job to be, whatever it takes and silicone and pixels just ain't my thing. Looking good is her career. I am more interested in a lady that looks good just because she looks good.

          As far as the ladyboys go… I'm not really sure what you're talking about… unless you are referring to some that have shown up in the "These People Exist" posts. If you are, then WTF?

    • Bubba

      Hooray for natural bewbies!

  • not bad

    not bad for a plastic model. little too skinny for me. stop sucking it in!!!

    • Dirty Dingus

      She looks like a Barbie doll…in all the good ways :p and some of the bad ways =/

      • Jen

        i was thinking the same thing.

      • the_junglist

        I see you remember when Barbie doll was a compliment and not an insult? Thanks fo bringing it back. +1 to that –a smokin hot Barbie doll #10

        • barf

          god…her ribs are sticking out!

          • yup

            I know! It's so awesome.

          • ROK247

            sandwich patrol GO

          • hjghgjyh

            and she's duckfacing!

    • Scottish

      They have another site that may be more suitable for you called The Berry, go check it out.

    • GOD

      You must be gay.

    • pat

      sucking it in? she's got a six pack you ass


    God answered to my prayers!

    • Guesty

      Then google images will be your new religion. Google Elaine Alden

  • uberbrie

    "She will be mine…" Wayne Cambell

    • hip hop anonymous

      "Oh yes, she will be mine"

    • Rad-Balls


  • Solitaire


  • Lylah

    To fake for a chivette.

    • bleh

      hooray grammar

      • Richard

        Hooray for capitalization and punctuation.

    • bull1123

      you're right, man. no chivette should be a fitness model. I mean, #11 has got to be the "fakest" picture I've ever seen!

      • caleb

        explain please….

        • yup

          I'm thinking sarcasm

    • max-pow

      What a hell are you ppl talking about??… the girl is gorgeous "period"…and the other chivettes with no make up and no enhancements are gorgeous too….there is a lot of people looking for natural perfection and, let me tell you, there is none!!!. Firm tits? have to hit the gym…..oh no, too "fit and Scary"
      Nice and firm ass?…got to run every morning…oh no, too skinny, eat something they say. STOP IT AND ENJOY THEM!! GOD DAMNNN

      • yup

        Maybe you should fap quietly in a corner, and stop telling people what the fuck to do.

  • reggie

    hey scarlett any chance you want to move to michigan and marry a dr? im available…

    • fake DR.

      your a dentist or a chiropractor aren't you.

      • http://www.goodadvice.co.za CalculatedRisk

        Or a vet. Oh, and *you're…

      • counter

        are you implying dentists and chiropractors are fake doctors? I believe they go to school for 10 trimesters like a med student would go through before they receive the title of "Dr." You, sir, are an idiot.

    • just sayin!!

      I bet you are a black guy…every guy named reggie I ever met was black…lol

      • duffer

        That's Dr. Reggie to you.

        • jaynecobb2

          (Cue porn music)

    • Yessirr

      You are the worst kind of douche.

  • SitVisVobiscum

    #3 DIBS!

    • b-ry


      • SitVisVobiscum

        I stand corrected.

    • Guy

      She looks much better before she got the fake boobs. I take real over fake any day, even if they little.

    • http://twitter.com/ABQLifer @ABQLifer

      She may be a racehorse and I am a donkey, but I'll take my shot. I am the king of donkeys!

  • Jordan

    Watch your wallets gents….

    • Makes No Excuses

      Horrible… but most likely true……

  • Livewire


  • panama99

    Plastic but pretty

  • Steve

    #16 …. Holy Fuckin Shit she is scary hot

    • Rocks Off

      There's not doubt she's hot, but something that just kills me with many women is the desire to be three inches taller. You can always spot a self-concious woman by the size of her heels.

      • Dylan

        Heels also change the way a person stands & generally make the legs & ass look better. I'm not complaining.

        • Envy

          Her friends HATE her.

      • Chode

        I for one love heels. Nothing sexier than a pair of exposed calf muscles in a set of high heels, and that rack…oh my freaking goodness. I'm in love.

    • http://www.gfys.org/ good taste

      Scary yes ,hot no.

    • Sid

      Sweet Jesus Holy God

  • reggie

    the tits that will launch her new modeling career

  • jmmillerfzr

    Not the place to put this, but how hard is it to print a tee shirt..

    • Sean

      This is retarted… up to 76 bucks already? Still 3 days left! Come on Chive, all we want is to support you.

    • Ridiculous

      Craziest part is that it's an XL. I would understand one that sells out instantly like a M but XL for $76? C'mon now……

    • https://www.facebook.com/adamtkremers Adam Kremers

      This shirt better be made out of unicorn's hair.
      Double sell-out for the chive, all in one post!

  • reggie

    #17 before the new nose and boobs

    • ru5h11

      I actually prefer this.. but can't complain about the new model

    • sSnowblind


  • Apollos

    wtf? Scarlett?

    Her name is Elaine Alden.

    Google her.

    You're welcome.

    • Guesty

      Even used one of the pics she submitted to another site. Nice NSFW pics though…
      Chive, you have been punked! HA!

      • DeuceBrew

        Somehow I think the Chive was doing the punking. They just got caught by Apollos.

      • HelloGuesty


      • http://www.facebook.com/ranDgallegos Randy Gallegos


      • Çreep

        not sure what happened but look at the one on the far left in #15. looks like a potential treat.

    • txflyboy

      A marketing campaign brought to you by Elaine Alden Enterprises, LLC.

    • shesh

      #18 is photoshopped too. On her twitter she said the chive is going to delete her picture and that she didn't send in anything. That chive sign is shopped then.

      • yup

        Most chive signs are shopped.

    • Boooger

      Were they punked, or are they trying to pull one over on us viewers? Personally I never believe the "look how many requests we had for this one" BS. This is who they are paid to promote so they pretend it is who was most asked for.

    • Chuck

      This is not Elaine Alden…

      • itsmeHamlett

        Correct. Not Elaine Alden.

        • Apollos
          • Smitty

            Not only has the Chive been had, after reviewing that link, I can see that they have been had more than once. I recognize some of those pics from DAR and Find Her! posts.

            I retract part of my previous statement. I don't like her at all. Not one bit. She is fake, trying too hard and we have been hoodwinked.

            We need a forum to keep good comments and detective work discoveries from getting buried. Good work Apollos.



            • https://www.facebook.com/adamtkremers Adam Kremers

              I agree! Bad job Chive… losing credibility here

              • Raunchy The 1st

                you all are just noticing this crap? christ, you bastards are dumb……

                • Smitty

                  Just noticing this? Yes. Let me tell you why.

                  1) I don't surf the internet as a career so it would be highly unlikely that I would have come across her before, accidentally or otherwise.


                  2) I'm not into the silicone and manipulated pixel model scene. I would not knowingly go to her site or other sites of that ilk that would promote her and her contemporaries.I have never heard of, nor scene her before. Ever.

                  Why would you expect someone who isn't a fan of something to have a frame of reference and a basis of knowledge on that subject?

                  • thieves

                    you don't have to surf the net 24/7
                    I will tell you a website that Chive steals all the pictures from ..
                    reddit . com
                    all the content is from there..you will see

            • yup

              With all due respect….Are we really just figuring this out? Why do you think the Chive intern job listings always want someone with photshop skills above all else. Most "Hi Chive" etc. signs are shopped on stock photos found somewhere else. Second page of comments has proff that hers is too.

          • https://thechive.com/ Award_Giver

            First ever "BUSTED" award goes to Apollos!! Thank you for your good service kind sir

        • Guesty

          Funny how the pic with her drinking on the beach is credited to her, and her twitter mentions being on the chive… but you are right, not her huh?

          • Apollos

            wtf are you talking about?

            what Twitter?

            I am saying it IS Elaine Alden…wtf are you saying?

            • Guesty

              Thats what I am saying. I was talking to the 2 experts before your link. I'm agreeing with you bud, calm down. She also known on the site theDirty.

              • Brooklyn


                • Guesty

                  ChinChilla indeed.

        • crashfistfite

          All these pics are on her facebook page, along with her acceptance letter from a modeling agency welcoming her. She 'tried' to crop out the 300 something thousand dollar figure at the bottom.

    • theweathermansaliar

      She looks similar to Elaine Alden, but are you sure they're really the same person?

      • yepper

        this was her "submitted" pic from SC… but without the photoshopped chive sign from her facebook http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2287904799

        not to mention it has been on her twitter and she has said no dice – her pics but not her submitting

    • jack

      Whaaaaaa! shes no chivette shes a model! to shame

    • Yepper

      so did someone screw up or we being hosed?

    • Splittin Hairs

      Coinidentally, this same girl is in a pin up video on Transworld Motocross this month. You know, if you want to see her shake her ass in a SFW kinda way.

  • disturbed

    Hey Scarlett,

    You are a true Georgia peach! Beautiful!

  • Nick

    Too skinny? Look at that thing! You guys are nuts


    • NotPaula

      Did a mouse take this picture?

      • CXT88

        If you give a mouse a camera…..

  • Blindsided5

    Those look pretty au-natural to me.

    • http://affeslist.com Affe

      My thoughts exactly, impressive young blonde!

  • yo yo ma

    She's not as hot as my European model girlfriend. She may visit next week. Maybe I'll bring her around but we'll probably stay in all weekend.

    • Hand of Fate

      I don't know why you're getting thumbed down for that. That was really funny!

      (Even though I'm actually married to a model and will probably get thumbed down for saying so, lol)

      • yup

        1) He got thumbed down because his comment was retarded and had no relevance.
        2) How'd it go when you submitted pics of your "model" wife to the site? Not so good. Model doesn't always mean hot. Everyone's a model nowadays.

        • Hand of Fate

          1. Nah, it was really funny. Humor is always relevant.

          2. It went really well I'd say, but thanks for your concern.

          • yup

            From YOUR comment history…… "Yeah, I had to deal with this crap when my wife and I shared some of her pictures" – talking about people tearing apart your disgusting "model" wife……aaaaaand I'm out!

      • Slauter

        Dude, mentioning your model wife really gets old. Here's a pat on the back, now move on.

        • Hand of Fate

          Thanks, I feel better now!

      • http://www.gfys.org/ obviously

        Married to a model = Mail Order Bride

        • anon

          married to a model = Palmela Anderson

    • dorkfish

      Pics, or it didn't happen.

      • it's true!

        Why do you need pics? Don't you know by now…everyone online has a supermodel contortionist nympho bi-sexual wife (with a twin sister that likes to join in), a collection of Ferraris, two yachts, and a mansion?

        • ssstoopid

          and a Canadian midget butler. You can't leave him out! You'll hurt his feelings!

    • john connor

      People apparently have never seen this movie. For shame!

    • nick

      o wow good for you, i bet he's a real winner

  • Bryan_W

    I think I love you

  • Drew_BfloTrace

    Gorgeous, like really hot, I'm just curious, is it normal for all of the really hot "real" girls that submit to also be part time models? Any one else notice how they all appear to have at least a few professional photos submitted? I'm totally ok with it obviously.

    • Guesty

      That's cause she is a model, nsfw pics too. Google Elaine Alden. Sorry chiver, but you have been punked

    • Hand of Fate

      It sounds like, from her twitter page, that she didn't actually submit these photos cause it makes it sound like they were going to be taken down.

      • http://www.facebook.com/ranDgallegos Randy Gallegos

        what's that? someone submitted pics of a random hottie and claimed it was them and LIED!!! you dont say….

        • Hand of Fate

          Well, looking at #18 someone went through the trouble to fake a Chive sign.

          But, there are actual Chivettes who are also models, and I don't think there is anything wrong with. My wife has had a few pictures in the DAR, but none of those were her professionally done shots, not that I'd have a problem with girls doing that either considering most of the galleries on here related to girls are all professional model shots.

          It doesn't have to mean the girls are promoting themselves in some way though, and it doesn't sound like Elaine was doing it to promote herself as some people think, since she doesn't sound like she wanted her pictures on here.

      • Smitty


        Bring back the Chivettes.

  • jrey81

    #4, #11, #12…so many hawwwt ones… i don't care what "enhancements" have been made as long as she shares it with the public. Definition of Blonde Bombshell!

    • Birdhaus32

      $10 & #5 Is she a stripper?! If so I need to know where she works

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