• Tucker


    • chapstick

      ahaa, my chapstick sized penis will probably get more thumbs down than your shitty "first" call.

    • Pål

      *Scrolls past all these great pics to tell everyone you're a gay twat*

    • Resignation Media

      Due to overwhelming insulting, threatening, and vulgar comments, The Chive will go offline this Friday, September 30th, for ever.


      • noreally

        um….. your dumb. nobody takes chive offline but me.

  • JROC

    #10 aggggg leggings you get me every time

    • ahawkeyeguy

      aggggggg hot women you get me every time.

    • Mike Oxlong


    • 3843

      that's right. keep spamming these bitch asses.

    • http://twitter.com/StrongAsMeat @StrongAsMeat

      Those aren't leggings, they're thigh high socks.

    • tex

      love da legggggings. collegepoison.com

  • Ryeno

    #69 Holy Crap what an ass shelf

    • shopped


      • Headfade

        Yeah he's right…. 🙁

      • MAX_POW

        Anyway, the ass in the original is epic

      • heywoodjablowme

        yeah… and?

      • Evil Dung Beetle

        Don't spoil the illusion! Let us dream…

        • The one and only

          The original was soo much better than that stupid shopped version

    • theonehodge

      Pretty much in every hump day…but I still go "Oh Damn!" every time!

    • TDP

      Who is this?

      • jason

        Catherine Deee

      • CHiver

        Keyra Agustina

        • Ryan

          I think its Norma Stitz

    • Hunter X

      No shit! I just about tore the crotch in my jeans when I scrolled this one up…good gawd!

    • http://www.facebook.com/kyle.mcclung Kyle McClung

      I think they're ass implants.

      • Master_Rahl

        if they are, they're phenomenal! holy bulging buttocks Batman!

        • teh dude

          and its completely fake? yea duh

          • Maytrix

            Tits are fake, ass looks about the same – hard to tell with the difference in quality.

            • hMMMM

              ass does NOT look the same.

    • BaseballRube

      #69 Indeed.

    • DoomsDayDub

      That one never gets old.

      #1 – Someone please photoshop a hot chick into that chair in the background.

    • tdog

      You can find more of her by googling catherine_deee

    • david

      by far the best ass ive seen

    • Alf

      You could sit your pint on that.

    • omegaman


    • Kronik

      I would love her to sail my ship! I guarantee she floats.

  • Iam_Dave

    So Many Lovely Lady Lumps!!
    #16 #50 #52 but I love them all!

  • jeston23

    I see 70, not 71.

    • dorkfish

      Damn-it jeston23 now I have to go back and look at all of them again…I meant Thank You

    • newscot


  • McBeastie

    #28 , #50 , #60 – context is everything. Closeups of ass without the rest of the body are gettin' old. Let these pics be an example of doin' it right.

    • Dano

      Closeups of ass without the rest of the body are gettin' old.

      Word. Still love the Chivettes, though.



      • Looo

        fuck those cum-dumpsters.

    • Shawn

      #60 definitely has the correct way of showing off, time for another stretch gallery i think, #13 as well

    • MAX_POW

      IN MY OPINION, #50 is the perfect ass FTW today

    • riverdog

      totally agree. i think #48 is smoking and i wish i could see the rest of the package.

  • Kaars

    #7… Thank you for your service, and thank you ma'am!

    • yuck

      Looks like a dude.

      • semanonurpoopdeck

        the neighbor is hittin that while you're off in some shitty country, stokin your usaf buddy and swearing you're not gay.

        wipe your chin when you finish up airman

        • realthing

          you're both douche bags, she's real & he's proud of her. Way it should be. Where are your ladies?? Oh yeah right- you don't have any….

  • teilzeithippies

    #70 where did you get these pictures from showing me watching hump day?

    • Mike Moore

      I lol'd

    • desertsteel

      Creepy but funny

    • KHfan4evr


  • Boooger

    #11 I love when they do that…

    • Justin

      I'm a hip man, and those are some great hips.

  • Waldo

    #69 OMG!

    • jimmyah

      Find her!

      • ;][

        fuck off.

        • MtnRiderHumpJumper

          You fuck off. Don't post unless you want these questions asked. DERRRRRR. Dumbass.

      • thank you

        mmmmmmmmoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrr shes a FLBP candidate toooooo!!

    • MooseMoose

      I've never found sailor moon to be sexier

    • HogtownDaddy

      anybody know who it is?

    • Derek

      Find HER!

      • tdog


        • http://bryainiac.tumblr.com/ bryainiac

          How did you know this?

    • Ass man

      X2 on FIND HER! I'd cut off my pinky for a night with her, afterwards of course – I do kinky stuff with my fingers lol…

      • '[;./[;.

        no one cares you jam your fingers up your ass.

        • TDP

          why don't you go through the chive posts like the loser you are and talk smack to everyone trying to have a good time…your obviously a real winner… who is happy with his personal life… fag

          • josh

            and what the hell are you doing?

    • teh dude

      sigh, its fake a photoshopped…

      • Waldo

        Still a great ass.

      • Lotus

        I'm pretty sure the chive shamelessly photoshops a few girls in each post to generate more buzz.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=677821817 Harrison Walsh

        i noticed as well. i know all the asses.

      • http://bryainiac.tumblr.com/ bryainiac

        I'm glad for finding out the truth but in a way, YOU broke my heart.

    • tdog

      You can find more on her by googling catherine_deee

  • Boooger

    #4 where the hell is this and why do I never know about these events

    • Not Paula

      And topless too….

      • Luke Skywalker

        …And they brought their own camera, too…

    • BIll57

      made my heart jump

    • raver kid

      this is definitely at a rave. probably wearing pasties. God I love raves

      • nevertoooldtorave

        well said sir… well said

        • Bubba

          where's the next rave?

    • http://TheChive.com Drewcifer

      This looks like it was from Nocturnal wonderland in SO-cal Inland empire. There was LOTS of chicks there with those panties, and pasties. BTW the event was amazingly fun!!!!! 🙂

  • EasternCanuck

    You know its hump day when you have to take a deep breath to calm yourself down before you scroll…

    • Master_Rahl

      nice. thought I was the only one.

  • dangerpowers

    #15 Stockings + Chivette = Win!

    • chiverMike

      I second that!

  • mrraptorjesus

    #1 I must see your face…

    • BHO

      you should concentrate on that hot ass and just forget about the dood in the chair….u no need to see his face

  • iambigd42

    #8 I see what you did there!

  • ahawkeyeguy

    Honestly… I thought #5 was a barbie doll. Not attractive IMO. – but hey, to each their own.

    • ahawkeyeguy

      I'm talking about her waist btw… Boobs are great, ass is mediocre.

      • MooseMoose

        I'd deal with it

        • ahawkeyeguy

          yeah. who am I kidding. i probably would too.

    • Master_Rahl

      funny, I thought the same. About the Barbie-esque look. still attractive, though. No doubt.

      • Really?

        She is clearly anorexic and needs help- you really find that attractive?

        • Master_Rahl

          I tell ya what, I'm normally a guy who prefers the women more on the filled-in side, thick if you will, but this one, I don't know, does something for me… maybe I'm being distracted by nice lips and boobs.

      • Fapmaster

        looks like a cadaber in the mirror….somebody give that girl a sammich

    • Gabe

      classic white girl ass

    • ufail

      Typical chivers who love a girl with a boyish behind.

      • Gib me jelly

        agreed. bunch of pedophiles.

  • MrAliasMan

    #30 A Diamond in the muff… i mean rough..

    • dungydouche

      If you meant rough, why didn't you just backspace and change "muff" to "rough". I don't get it.

      • 3843

        yeah, practicality does take away from the comedic effect….

  • Vantastic

    #24 awesome, Booty Fett

    • jason

      I swear this girl if from Chicago area and I saw her working at tilted kilt….. mainly because of the batman lower back tattoo. cant imagine there are that many out there on hot girls

    • http://TheChive.com Drewcifer

      its sad that she has that badman tramp stamp, and text on her back, it would be so much better with out. Nice ass and body, Id even do ya with the helmet on. 🙂

      • http://bryainiac.tumblr.com/ bryainiac

        I think the Batman makes her even more awesome. Most girls have super lame tramp stamps but this girl is clearly a nerd which makes her my type of girl.

  • http://www.datecafe.nl webmaster grumpy

    first one doesnt know how to dress up. Common mistake.

    • -0-9

      no Americans know how to dress. they even turn their baseball-caps backwards in anticipation of sucking dick.

      • goodluckbattyboy

        WOW….someone has cock smokin on their mind. How do you even come up with the backwards hat thing and gay activities?????? I haven't seen a backwards hat since the 80's. I'm thinkin you're probably a self loathing homosexual. Just let your dad know you chug sausage…he'll get over it soon and you'll eventually carve the turkey on a future family gathering.

        • Deliverance

          no, he's right. it's rumor/joke that men who wear their baseball caps backwards do it to suck shorter dicks. look it up, it's real.

  • Bud Lee

    #15 #26 Pinky?

    • Urtho

      Not sure about 15, but #25 and #26 I think are R2 Girl.

      • Yep!

        26 is.

      • http://halfapinky.tumblr.com/ R2_Pinky

        You both are right! And I am flattered 'cause I don't make hump day very often! 🙂 Chive on!

        • paulhitchcock

          Well, you should. Just sayin'…

        • BAMFOC

          thank goodness we finally get some more R2 shots… the Chive's been a bit lamer lately without you…

        • Misfit7734

          You should be on way more often! In fact my friend has a pantie line and keeps saying he needs a model with those proportions

      • Austin Powers

        that's a man, baby!

    • MooseMoose

      Whoever it is they're doing it right!!
      Epic WIN

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    #2 #27
    It is the subtle things in life…

    • ATL Chiver

      How is #2 not getting more attention?? This is the realest most luscious ass of the bunch. FTW!!

      • justsaying

        Amen! Was thinking the same thing. Dare I say MOAR??

      • chethive

        Could not agree more. Chive, must find #2

    • E1.

      Not to be anal or anything, but shouldn't the thumbs be toward the middle?

      • butt lovin

        not if she grabbed her own ass

        • E1.

          Fair enough.

  • jerkoffovich

    so many humps, so little time. Thanks ladies!

    • dungydouche

      yeah, that's the title of the gallery???

    • Lotus

      I wish the chive would do more sorting and keep it around 30-40, I would hardly call some of the asses posted here quality humps, but there were a few gems for sure!

  • DementedGeek

    #62 if you saw circles in this pic, your doing it wrong… tis quite lovely.

    • Kosta

      i didnt notice them untill you mentioned it. guess whos doing it wrong….

    • BIll57

      all I could see was pink humps

  • ahawkeyeguy

    #69 FTW

    • iambigd42


    • Stranger


  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    I miss summer….again.

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