• http://www.facebook.com/Jefferson.Curtis Jeff Curtis

    I’m moving to Canada.

    • dude

      i cant see it wtf

    • terry

      Where can I see her pics. I can not find her. helllppp

  • Lrz

    Oooh Canada!

  • jhento


    • paula_pissflap

      u can't explain that

  • http://www.facebook.com/doug.zimmerman Doug Zimmerman

    I'm from Alberta! We need to be friends

    • Doug Zimmerman

      Am really really desperate !

    • Dick Salad

      You could be friends with her husband too!

    • Dirty Dingus

      I'm a photographer in Alberta…we should work a little TFC (Time for Chive).

    • fajita

      I'm in Calgary too!

      • Schwartz

        Me too. But I saw the ring. lol.

  • mark

    #23, #36, #21

    from all us boob guys out there, thanks for that

    • Anonymous

      The ass is very much there as well. Plus just imagine the expressions she makes

    • truthman

      Ugly face but big boobs ,thats enough for the chivers.

      • Tuff Guy

        Her face is pretty. You're crazy.

      • JohnQ

        nice try hater.. ╭∩╮(︶_︶)╭∩╮

      • WOie

        yep. low standards.

    • eljefe05

      Need to see them naked

    • https://www.facebook.com/jason.ciotti Jason Ciotti

      Unfortunately I can only thumbs up this once.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=760102828 James Keogh

        They are epic funbags plus she is very cute.

    • I love boobs!

      What guy isn't a "Boob guy" 🙂

    • R2GFan

      Very pretty. Terrific body.Looks like a pretty complete package to me. Don't be a stranger, darlin.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000486430436 Mo Swift Than Mimi

      my penis is in love <3 <3 <3

  • Matador

    nice curves… gorgeous eyes!

    • Matador

      Manly face.

    • Mister H.

      creepy eyebrows though…

    • vsinertia

      oh yes….. the eyes… so round and big…..

  • stolen_art

    Wow. Best Chivette ever…simply incredible

    • sheeeeesh

      Relax fanboy.

    • jer

      #20 and #21 will the three of you marry me?

    • lol.


  • Rick

    Very sexy girl

    • Rick

      I fapped to these pics.

  • Joe

    Looks great, other then that not my cup of tea..but Kudos to her!

    • loyal chiver

      Keep calm and Whore on!

      • loyal redditor

        Douches all like the girls on reddit, they're all good girl and doncha forget it!

    • Endo

      other THAN that… Learn English jack-hole.

      • mike

        this girl is GORGEOUS without make up.

      • WHY?

        How about you just keep calm and chive on! Who cares is mispelled a phrase or said it wrong. Really a need to call him a jack-hole? Isn't that what this site is supposed to be about?

        • Syntax troll

          Who cares "if a phrase is misspelled or said wrong." You're welcome.

          • assman


  • salen


    uniquely beautiful

    • nothankyou

      Did the joker put a smile on her face ? Scary !

    • Garrett

      This is my favorite picture for sure. I love the look of a girl with no make up. That's real beauty right there!

      • Jeff_Rush

        I agree, she is a natural beauty.

  • ohh yhea

    first suckers!

    • bob

      you are super cool ! i just love you so much!

  • Htisss

    #29 Yes We Can!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000486430436 Mo Swift Than Mimi

      my penis is in love <3

  • beck-


    • Alister

      oh my god you failed so hard its not even funny.

  • El diablo

    First! (Did I do it right?)

    • nepster

      No…to do it right…you ACTUALLY have to be first.

      • guest

        even if he was first it wouldn't be right!

  • https://www.facebook.com/pctechjunkie429 Kyle White

    DAMN. She should be a weekly post. I'm kinda at a loss for words. I can't pick just one picture, she's beautiful. 0_0

  • Mike

    I just wanna fuck fuck fuck her. Really fast!

    • thrisnohope

      How dare you insult the girl who sends semi nude provocative pics to be posted on the internet for random strangers ? Cant you see how decent and classy she is ?

  • http://www.thechive.com ChronicUser

    She's very cute #20, with great tits #21

    • getalife

      Tits i agree but cute ? Stop brown nosing the chivettes ,none of em will ever hook up with you.

      • SimonDPieman

        jog on!

        The guys paying a compliment. One which I frankly whole heartedly agree with. There's nothing more to it than that. so shh.

  • keith olbermann

    I was expecting a video of Bill O'Reilly telling me why I should hate the Occupy protesters.

    • salen

      really, u clicked on boobs expecting that? how do get around every day?

      • keith olbermann

        Walking usually. Sometimes a bus. Once in a while a train.

        What is your choice of transportation?

    • Zach

      Because without Capitalism there would be slower innovation. Be thankful we have the internet to CHIVE ON!

  • Question_Mark_


  • Holy Hell

    Her haircut is kinda unusual.
    But the rest seems just right.

    • inshort

      Butterface !

    • mouchette


  • DrLeppiwinks

    #13 oven mitts clearly necessary

    • Dick Salad

      wedding ring…. /sadface

      • JHL1


      • http://twitter.com/The_Scofield_ @The_Scofield_

        Yeah, I noticed that too. Lucky dude, whoever he is.

  • Magnus

    She has nice eyes

  • Marc

    Holy tatas batman…

    She is unique and perfect

  • James

    Exhibitionists aren’t my bag, baby, but #21 made it twitch. Good looking gal.

    • oughtnot

      Cute face and nice tush … but big breasted women aren't my thing.

      • Boob Man

        gay dude says what….

  • http://twitter.com/latxxtal @latxxtal

    #28 Channeling Bettie Page perfection…

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