Just a friendly reminder to all you college misfits

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  • Chive on MN

    Does the school of hard knocks count?

    • Bobolog

      No. No it does not.

  • Armedand Dangerous


  • chiverMike

    Send Chive Logo Tees!

  • Johnny_Doyle

    fucking classic! might have to make a bootleg copy on the beach today!

  • bse35

    send women and beer make it a party

  • khamil78

    Please take more picks so we can make more money

  • Paul Chubbs

    Paul Chubbs

  • DunlapAlba

    my classmate's mother makes $84 every hour on the internet. She has been fired for 10 months but last month her check was $8514 just working on the internet for a few hours. Read about it on this site CashLazy.com

    • interest Ed

      Where do I send my hard earned cash to find out more?!?

  • All methed up

    Ball so hard university should submit some photos

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