• etcrr

    Nice lookin babes, They show a bit more than the hooters girls #53 is my favorite

  • Franklin1138

    As a proud Scot (for there is no other type of Scot), I approve of a business using my peoples' traditional attire as a selling point. They do a great job with it, actually…they wear the little tabs on the sides of their socks, and they wear the sporran (the purse thing around their waists). My only gripe is that some of them wear it to the side, which not only looks dumb, it's not how you wear it. But that's pretty minor.

    That said, I'd like to single out #45 on the right and #46 for wearing their duds particularly well.

    • Scotsman

      I completely agree!

    • thechevron

      They wear it to the side because its a pain in the ass at the front and bobs up and down when you walk.
      Where you from?

    • Obama

      Kilt Flashings, "the little tabs on the sides of their socks" they are kilt flashings, some Scot you are. 😛

      • Franklin1138

        Gimme a break. It was late, I was tired, and couldn't remember the actual name. So sue me. You think people who aren't Scottish or don't give a shit about it would know what the hell a kilt flashing is?

    • http://twitter.com/trustnoone73 @trustnoone73

      Sporrans are traditionally for dudes as are kilts so wearing it to the side or front is a pretty small point. Compensated for an otherwise perfect turnout and the pouring of plenty of beer. I approve. Slainte

  • Scotsman

    I need to go here!

  • MattKL

    #24 "What am I doing? Oh nothing, just oogling the hot girl in skimpy clothes on the motorcycle in front of me."

  • smoores


    I know a public masturbator when I see one.

    • Jay

      too true. pocket billiards

  • Chester

    If it's not Scottish…It's Crap!

    • Jim

      "If you ain't Scottish, you ain't shit."

  • Scotsman

    #39 The one in the middle is winning.

    • Aggieclassof11

      Actually, the customers who get her are the ones winning, and all the others are just jealous

      • Chris

        I've been to Tilted Kilt. None of the customers are winning. Unless they like sit food and worse service.

        • Chris

          *shit food

  • Noidios

    Meh. I'll take the average Hooter's girl over this lot any day. I do like the stockings though.

    • Rick

      I've got a good collection for a future part 3 Hooter's post

  • fly


    [guy in background] NOOOO wheres my bike!? wait thats my oil (sniff) I know my oil because i put bits of cinnamon in it

  • ThatOneGuy

    I love going to Tilted Kilt, not only is the food great, the women are smokin hot!! 😀

  • etcrr

    #38 Now that's what I'm talking about

  • Name

    #37 WHOA!

    • Rick

      I was thinking about using her as the lead photo

    • Jay

      geeky, sexy, and sweet.

  • rlogan75

    #45 the 1 on the far right!!! FTW!!!

    • Franklin1138

      Yep, she's the winner in my book.

    • Jason

      She's a very cool chick! Doesn't work there anymore though.

  • tomasher

    #39 Good lord!

    This place needs to come to Philadelphia.

    • chicago

      I've been to Philly, too many times for work related travel, so its not by choice; you need to leave Philthydelphia. Being honest.

    • Jazmondo

      One of these just opened up in Allentown – only the 2nd one in PA

      • Dex

        I've been going to the one down by Baltimore. Allentown's about the same distance I guess.

    • John

      way late on this but there is one in King of Prussia, right off 76 and 202

  • Kevin

    great yummy post, I would be just staring and giggling if I was there.

  • Scott

    We NEED this restaurant or Bar or whatever the hell it is in Canada ASAP.

  • Marcis

    #1 #5 #12 #55

  • Jmmr54

    NICE! and not a duckface in the bunch

  • JZiz

    A few good ones, but overall, not impressed. Too many have that WT facial bone structure, and a little meat hanging over the side of the skirt. Don't lie; You know what I'm talking about.

    • Joey

      Yeah, a couple of cuties in there, but mostly butterfaces.

    • Franklin1138

      Brother, when you're right, you're right.

  • dalesq


  • Spectre_NL

    #7 lucky guy?

  • Here's Johnny

    These chicks so not work at the tilted kilt @ Cumberland Georgia. Went there for the first time ever last Thursday and will not be going back. Service sucked Food was awesome my waitress fell out the ugly tree!

  • Tuff Guy

    Maybe if black people would actually go out and get jobs…

    • Judy


  • chicago

    TK better than Hooters, but close to Twin Peaks for nice babes. Oh #59 and #38

  • Dalton

    easily the dumbest looking bitch i have seen all week on here

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