I’m going to say this Japanese multimillionaire has a lot of toys (46 Photos)

  • etcrr

    pretty cool but pretty sad at the same time, cars are really cool, but I can't afford even one of the rims never mind a car lol

  • gdm426

    #6 i didn't even know this came in silver

  • Chris

    He can have all this, but he still has a tiny dick. hahahahaha

    • przechuj

      is that making you feel better?

    • Jbjb

      he may have a tiny dick, but i guarantee he gets more pussy than you….

      • DistractedCO

        A handful of panty dropping cars would make up for any endowment issue….Id do him in #35 personally:)

  • Dorkfish

    Rich asshole

    • przechuj

      poor asshole

  • texjosh

    I love to see the fruits of success spent on something the person is clearly passionate about! He has 4 (I think) F40s!? That's just awesome. I would probably kill for 1.

  • Dyler Turden

    Awesome collection, but it seems he could spend a bit of his cash on the garage itself. It doesn't look climate controlled or dry, and the cars deserve some better lighting. I do have to applaud his taste in cars though…

  • Muadieb

    Absolutely loving the blue Ferrari F40!! Especially would love to see an HD of #20

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    that is a spectacular collection of cars! all very rare & sweet rides!

  • bramer666

    the blue chrome looks awesome on het Merc GTR

  • Lars

    With a top speed of 80 km/h in Japan, why bother?

    • James

      every seen Tokyo drift. If they know that your car is fast they dont even try with their stock police cars. and who would ever dare drive over the speed limit when your in a fast car. Your a dumb ass.

      • Red

        Classic. If "you're" going to call someone out on their intellegence, at least use the correct form of "you're" vs "your".

    • GMbH

      This is true for the highway on little Okinawa Island, 80kph, but for mainland Japan around Shinjuku (from what I saw) the top speed there is 100kmh on their highway.

      …of course usually the older folks were the ones really following the posted speed limits!

  • Maria

    For some reason having this many cars kind of devalues the vehicles to me. Each one doesn't seem as special as it should.

    • DexLargo

      I agree, to an extent – when you have multiple copies of each one, it makes it excessive and a bit grotesque. Like the Sultan of Brunei's collection, where he would get Ferrari models in each colour, and order unique custom made (but bizarre) cars like station wagon models of Ferraris.

  • bdawoodworker

    Awesome collection. It's a shame that so many very rare cars are sitting in storage instead of being enjoyed by the owner and other enthusiests. Put them on the road, track or concourse.

    I think the blue F50 is a GTR model. Anyone, Bueller….. Bueller…….?

  • MrStiggy

    Anyone else notice that he has 2 Mercedes CLK-GTRs? There's only 26 road going CLK-GTRs and he owns 2 of them.

  • tj

    This collection is US based. I think the plates are from Cali. Also, all lhd cars.

    • Beavis

      The garage is japanese. You can tell by the build style and the Japanese Fire Alarms..

  • beavis

    no one goes 80… Most people on the Kan-Estsu do between 140-240 km/h

  • GMbH

    Japan has 100km/hr top speed from what I've seen around Shinjuku but Okinawa does have a top speed of 80km/hr



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