• optimus_lopez

    #15, 18 and 27 more please…. First?

  • ijjhg

    These photos have inspired me to do a workout , starting with some wrist conditioning.

    • Flicka

      Dude, this is the reason I'm on cycle 3 of PX90.

    • quikson

      lol…dont think he gets it

    • NOYB

      ummm wrist conditioning meaning .. jacking off

      • Flicka

        Yea… I was going to forgo the "saw hot girl on internet! Must jack-off!" joke on the grounds of being 40.

        Oh I get it, it's just that the days of a photo of a pretty girl making want to spank it are gone.

        • Eddie

          is that why you are still looking at 'Fit Women" on the internet?

    • Frank M

      #4 Reminds me of a roided-up version of Madeline Stowe.

  • fibonacci

    #32 #35 Awesome!!!

    • maboze1x

      #32 Is just awesome!

    • DChiver

      Looks like a younger Robin (From How I met Your Mother)… <3

    • goodlars


    • Chiver

      #9 is amazing

    • Brian

      F'in perfect!


    • ASDasdASDS


    • LuckyAsianGirl

      Fantastic =]

  • Cyberfunker

    #1 a true trifecta

    • davoinc

      two trifectas… JP, Indy and TZ = win
      think green is my favourite

    • paulhitchcock

      Left to right: Lindsay Piatti, Jennifer Rankin, Kathleen Tesori

      • schnizz

        left to right: hot, hottest, hotter

    • admiralperry

      now thats a party

  • etcrr

    #32 and #35 are my favorites to warm me on this cold January morning.

    • fibonacci

      second comment vs your comment = same feeling!! 😀

    • Truth

      and #9 as well. MORE!

    • Daniel

      I believe it's Jayde Nicole.

      • http://twitter.com/ThoughtsByMike @ThoughtsByMike

        #32 and #35 are Amanda Cerny. Miss October 2011

      • paul

        Amanda Cerny @amandacerny

    • Geo

      Its the same girl, and my fave as well

  • VanIsleChiver

    #2 is making me have impure thoughts

    • deathscythe257

      first that came to mind for me: her form looks wrong…

      • Bogus_Shizzall

        But oh soooooooo right.

  • http://twitter.com/Hurricane_Paul @Hurricane_Paul

    #1 #35 Yes, yes, yes and YES. Happy New Year Chivers!

  • Santa

    Most of them really are too masculin for me

    • whipped much?

      you know how I know you are intinidated by women?

    • laugher

      More into women of WalMart??

    • Brent

      I agree, this is almost as bad as giant, obviously fake, tits and some horrible plastic surgery. I'd much rather have a real looking girl. I can appreciate how hard they worked to look the way they do, but I find it unattractive. Oh, and no, I am in no way intimidated by women. I just prefer them have a little more estrogen and not quite so much testosterone.

      • guest

        more testosterone means they are more willing to be sexually active

    • deathscythe257

      I dont get it… All I see is a well toned body and boobs… I dont get how they are too masculine… other than No. 28…

      Who the hell would want a helpless damsel in distress?

  • racist

    I hate racist stupid people

  • MigraineBoy

    #2 is so hot, even the floor's got hard wood.

  • passwordistaco

    #17 Yo fit girl, come here are you ticklish?

    • minnesota


      • passwordistaco

        Not a big Digital Underground fan eh?

  • Sean


    • I'm me


      • quikson

        good deed

    • Logue1021

      #32 and #35 are Amanda Cerny. Miss October 2011
      (Taken from @ThoughtsByMike a little higher up)

  • Patrick

    #28 #29 My sentiments exactly, little girl.

    • Der_Joe

      #28 don't know if I should call it Ma'am or Sir

      • quikson

        'it' will do just fine…….yuck!

      • thepoopsmith

        Epic handjobs, that is all.

    • Yarthepirate

      Little Girl has it wrong, 28 is awesome.

    • Brian

      Yea, I'm going to go home, thanks.

  • ned kelly

    #6 Break me please…..

    • Big James

      This is Jamie Eason and there is much much better photos of her.

      • Ricky

        Yes, I agree, but even this picture is HOT!!!!!!

      • Tyrone Shulaces

        Thanks for telling us who it is, but keep your editorial to yourself you douche.

  • http://www.thenudity.com Nudity

    #6 WTF

    • LukeSkywalker

      I know, I was like, WTF, she's so fine!

  • mcsgwigga

    #32 is super super hot.

    • Daniel

      Jayde Nicole???

      • guest

        amanda cerny playmate oct 2011 from her twitter account….

  • chivebasti

    #2 i like what i see. moar 😀

  • Tony

    Number 5 looks like a bad photo shop of the girl from scrubs face on some randoms body

  • MikeBedlam

    #2 at least I can be lazy with her work ethic
    #32 and #35 give me no more reason to need the internet today

  • brad

    #23 please. Thanks. Happy New Year Chivers!

    • Dude

      There is a fine line that most of these women have crossed. #23 however, is perfectly secure on the correct side of the line.

      • mihaisuzuki

        You're right in a way but it's their lifestyle.

    • Chris


  • Chubby

    Fake boobs alert

    #19 #31

    • Maximiliaanvdv

      So what?

    • Steve Thomas

      Yeah, but that's inevitable when you reduce body fat so much,

    • 2pumpdump

      There real on the outside

    • Chrisper

      I know. I LOVE THEM!!!

  • Frenzifreddie

    #8 & #33 win my vote^_^

    • Alex

      went to HS with #33 its sad to say but the pic they have of her does no justice… 🙁

      • KCJake

        #33 Works out at my gym.

        I know: cool story, bro.

  • Charlie

    #30 If you FIND HER…….can we have some MOAR?

  • SweetBabyJesus

    moar of everybody in #1, #32, and #24!

    • Waylon

      I like fit girls, but for the life of me I just do not understand the fascination with fake tits. Girls, you will look great without them. Better small real ones than those things…ugh.

      • SweetBabyJesus

        You also probably complain about winning lottery tickets being a waste of paper.

      • bajingodiver

        You are wrong because boobs

  • Chunk Pants

    #17 MOAR
    #22 Never again please

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