• mark thompson

    #1, #4

    Beautiful Face, A-Mazing sideboob

    • Dukeofohio

      witch part the fake lips or the fact that her eyes are on the side of her head

    • JerkFace

      What's with the perpetual duckface?

    • Lt. Nick Bradshaw

      #9 #10 #14 Absolutely fake and here is the proof check out the posters on the walls in these three pics and this link showing this is clearly Natacha Peyre. John learn your lesson this time and don't post this shit unless they can prove it a little better than a photo shopped Chive poster in the background.

    • DoomsDayDub

      #7 = Gorgeous face, bangin body, lose the Johnny Depp hobo head wrap.

    • Biggus Diccus

      I'd eat a mile of her shit just to see where it came from

  • 6 crack rock minimum


    you have had just the right amount

    • Burlinator

      Looks like a beautiful retro pin-up, ala Marilyn or Jayne Mansfield!

    • 6 crack rock minimum

      #18 being rich is such a hassle

    • JT Mo-Nay

      That's a legit young Angelina picture.

      • Sorry bout it

        Fake tits, fake lips… without her money, this would be an average white girl. Probably fake hair, too.

        • Sorry bout it

          Scratch that, without her *daddy's money

    • dontbelieveeverlast

      sterioa typicul blond i say yes bring her to the boat cock cleaner is her job BRING HER NOW TO THE BOAT NOW 8===> (O)

      • dontbelieveeverlast

        TO THE BOAT

  • Mike

    yer cute

  • Danny Boy

    #13, #17, #19

    Really digging the variety here. The Chive's got all spectrum of beautiful things from Country Girl to (presumably) a City Girl. The Chive is like a box of chocolates…

  • thomas

    #18 is basically everything you work for in life

    • Living the life

      Just scrolling the DAR topless on my boyfriends yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean. No big deal…

      • jared

        STOP CENSORSHIP! Must remove pink blob.

    • Craigery

      And she hasn't worked for any of it. (Unless you count spreading your legs as work.)

    • Jimmy

      She didn't have to work for anything, except her figure. 🙂 Look at the boat she's on.

    • Steve777

      She's an angel! May I climb aboard?

  • brian


  • Tommy

    She's gorgeous. I didn't remember her being on my yacht though. Maybe I was on the other one.

  • paulson

    #5, #19

    I like the part where she doesn't wear a bra

    • Heres_Johnny30

      Or nothing at all #18

    • ned kelly


  • Dunny_

    This girl was just submitting "funny" content??? I see she's burned all of her bras…yay! #5 is hot. And someone is photoshopping #11 already, right?

    • Elbie

      #11 the derp is strong within this one… nevermind you're not looking her into the eyes anyway

    • Charms

      Working on it. Not quite sure how to fit the midget in though.

  • YourMom

    #5 Looking. for. the. right. screen. angle……… Damn!!

  • http://kamarblogger.com nohack

    #18 cencored aaaarrrrgh

  • Marc

    Great looking

  • Tim

    Dear Heather,

    Find Me.

  • Spencer_on_Fire

    #4 #5

    Some hot burns. Good work Heather

  • EasternCanuck

    Very hot… lips looked botoxed but not too much…

    • Chum

      Flame me all you want, but the fake lips are a major turn off. What's wrong with leaving everything natural?

      • EasternCanuck

        I totally agree. I think these are fake but like I said above… still within the acceptable size for me.

      • ron

        I'm with you Chum…. those lips do NOT look natural to me, and are a huge turn off.
        She is really a great looking girl, but that lip thing tries as hard as it can to ruin the rest.

      • r00s7a

        I'd have to agree. Looks like she got stung by a bee. That is not an official complaint though. I'd still let her put them things to use. Chive on bitches.

    • (.Y.)

      Botox isn't used to plump lips, fillers are.

  • Maynard B.

    #12, #13-I'm thinkin' Chivette of the year. Hot on so many levels.

    • Lugh

      Not. Even. Close.

    • CG Lover

      She is damn hot, but have to disagree based on the fake boobies and lips (very nice however), and more importantly on the existence of Country Girl. The fact that CG is all natural is just icing.

      • CG Lover

        On a closer inspection of the Natacha Peyre stuff referenced below I am going to have to retract that 'damn hot' comment. Or qualify it as "damn hot pictures here, but not so hot elsewhere'. Too plasticky to really compete for Chivette of the year or against CG.

    • sir douchador

      the chivette of the year shouldn't have lousy callogen implants in her lips. she should be all natural and this broad doesn't cut it.

  • dtree12

    simply fantastic…bravo

  • mike

    that is one PLASTIC looking chick!

    • Lugh

      YES. +1

    • May

      i know her, she's 23 and hasn't had a stitch of surgery. super sweet too 🙂

      • 123

        No way. There is way too much space and definition between those puppies to be real and it *looks an awful lot like she had injections in her lips. She's got the octomom pout going on. It's pretty obvious. It's a shame too, because she looks like she would be smoklin' hot without them.

        • mike

          couldn't have put it better myself.

        • Johnny

          You know what kind of people I really hate? People that assume. So because you THINK she her boobs look plasticky, she automatically has to have gone under the knife. Don't assume just because you don't like the way she looks. You don't know her.

          • GlibTongue

            You know what people I really hate?

            Internet heroes. Put your keyboard shield, and your mouse sword down there quester.

            I guess it's hard to 'assume' that people are entitled to their 'opinions' though.

          • dirtysteve99

            Even if she has publicly admitted to getting implants at 17?
            Internet paladin fails righteous rant roll.

      • ........

        You know Natacha Peyre???

      • OhSomeEvil

        "hasn't had a stitch of surgery" really may???? those tits deify gravity.

      • 2pumpdump

        u like like rug

      • SCG

        liar. did she tell you to come on here and say that? some girls try too hard….

    • Elbie

      wtf is up with her lips?

    • theblenny

      More fat in those lips that a Big Mac. She was probably hot when she was 18.

    • Oldfart

      I gotta admit I feel the same way. She is a hottie but I'd rather see her in a more natural way.

  • Brocksamsung

    Best way to scroll through the DAR ever!

  • mulambo

    Natacha Peyre
    some nsfw

    • Blake

      I'm thinking you may be correct

    • ........

      If it's not her, it's her doppleganger.

    • Nick

      Yes, this is Natacha Peyre. She's swedish and a former glamour model, she might still be. You can find a lot of nsfw of her on google so… Oh, and here is her blog http://www.thisisnatacha.com (in swedish), it's probably safe to say it's the same girl.

    • ddd

      In other words…NOT Heather

  • http://www.facebook.com/EvilScooby AL Ventura

    I think Im sportin a semi!!!!

  • bsjhonson

    fake tits. fake lips

    • hmmm

      Permi duckface yuck

    • frankus

      shopped chive poster #8

      • ???

        wtf! IT'S ALL I LIE

  • guest

    she looks like she has "potato head" lips on…

  • Jeff

    A bit fake, but smoking hot regardless.

    • Slappy McGee

      Fake tits, fake lips, I'll pass. I mean…I still would, but I'll take the au naturale Chivettes any day

  • rob

    The worst thing about this post. I can only 'Like' it once. Randomly insert number here

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