• whyme1973

    #9 God bless you. More women should be as cool as you obviously are. I know they are out there.

    • Biggus Diccus

      Use them quick. Even though the coupons have no expiration date, she will not honor them after a while.

    • clickBoom

      "I know they are out there…" well there's your problem mate, that last line reeks of desperation! Act like u don't need it and they'll bring it to you. True shit-

    • Big D

      Moarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr:) Very nice wife.

  • Chris

    You have to got to get her a Bill Murray shirt now

    • ddd

      that one looked a bit 'shopped (read: ad)

      • schnizz

        she should have to resubmit underboob in Bill Murray Tee!

        • schnizz

          oh, and #4 is by far the best…be creative my friend!

  • peter

    Hook Em!

    • spicticus

      I had to go back to check the logo on the shirt (didn't see it at first).

    • SEC

      Gig'em ags

      • Grant

        Hell yeah!

      • Everyone else


  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #4 i would photo copy this one and use it all the time.
    #9 glad he used this one

  • MatadorPride

    one lucky dude!

  • Chris

    So lucky… Hopefully someday i'll find a woman this awesome.

    • http://twitter.com/Pud_Divine @Pud_Divine

      Good luck to you sir!

    • Ander

      Lucky? This is why I dont want to get married. You need a coupon book once a year for her to do all the things a wife should do anyway. And the other way around too. I love going down, but I wouldn't marry someone who never gave it back and needed a coupon to give a BJ. Massage? if I walk in the door hurting after a long day she should massage me. Just like I would for her when she comes home from wherever hurting. Just sayin.

      • OBWan

        True dat!!

      • rls

        The point isn't that she wouldn't do that anyway, the point is they're broke and it's a sweet, TANGIBLE reminder that she wants to do these things for him. It would have been easier to just do those things, but this way, when he looks at his little coupon book, he'll be reminded how badass his wife is.

        Don't be such a fucking hater.

      • Grant

        So im guessing you are one of those people that expect everyone to read your mind and know everything they are supposed to do and when they are supposed to do it?
        It's and awesome thing she did, and the dude that has that awesome wife better make sure he deserves her…..

  • Chiver2099


  • Joe's Crabs

    Hook Em!

  • Unfkngblvbl

    With any luck…MY wife will read this post.

    • Your wife

      Go paint our bedroom.

    • slowion2

      Dude, I sent it to mine. We'll see how it pans out haha.

      Get pissed at under-boob? I must be lucky, she would say if it's hot or not, go figure.

      • Slowion1


        • Slowion1/2

          Anyone looking for an ADT alarm? LOL

    • Unfkngblvbl's Wife

      I read the post and you're not getting shit.

      • IICoLt45II

        bahaha, troll or not this was funny

  • http://www.thechive.com Penrath

    #9 Hook 'em Horns! Well done and way to break out of the Friend Zone! B)

    • sweater girl

      he was never in the friend zone dumbass, that's why he's hittin that…

      • andy

        "…I married my best friend…"

  • meat42

    Well done.

  • dacrawla

    Got a good one there bro!!
    Did you make photocopies?
    “Didn’t you use this one last night for a stairwell BJ?”

  • skinger

    I hope my wife sees this post. What a cool lady, and a true Chivette if there ever was one. Kudos to the submitter for finding such a woman and having the courage to seal the deal.

  • skinger

    Can't help but notice the lack of coupon for anal though…

    • Him

      He used it before anything happened to her.

  • SweetAwesomeness

    glad you married her already…..shes a keeper!!!

  • Dukes

    the 'Chive" is strong with this one……………..

  • Above AVERAGE

    My wife gave me 12 coupons for our first anniversary (the traditional gift is paper, so this was very fitting). I got a picnic, a massage, an "end the argument" ticket, a night of stargazing, a meal, 20 kisses anywhere I want them, a BJ, and five more that I can't remember. Overall, probably the coolest, and definitely the most thoughtful gift I've ever been given.

    • IICoLt45II

      end argument WIN

    • rafael

      thats so cool bro that after a whole year of marriage she is still willing to cook you a meal, give you a bj or go outside and look at the sky with you. Wow. how selfless of her. I can only pray i find someone some day willing to give me a whole 20 kisses.

    • Just Sayin'

      My friend's ex-girlfriend gave him a "10 blowjobs on demand card" (when they were still dating).
      Whenever they had an argument, didn't matter what about or who was right, he'd whip one of those badboys out.

      Needless to say, you can guess why they are now Ex's! >_<

      • Cowboy1354

        That is the best story I've heard this week.

  • AM

    She’s a keeper!

  • misanthropetb

    Does she have a sister by chance… ?

  • Poontangler

    What's all this fucking "husband", "wife" talk? 1 coupon to cook for you, 1 coupon to clean the house, 1 coupon to treat you with respect, 1 coupon to STFU

    • Above AVERAGE

      This is a fine example of a guy that is regularly quoted as saying "man, why don't I ever get any of the cool chicks?"

      You get what you ask for. And I very seriously doubt you've been tangled in anything more than a pile of tube socks and astroglide lately.

      • Poontangler

        Are you quoting me on the quote, you fucking douchebag? Listen metro sexual, if you need someone to bring your girlfriend to climax without their tongue or a vibrating twister, let me know.

    • bisonbade

      youre an idiot

      • Poontangler

        You're right. I'm the idiot. You're a goddamn grown ass man, and you stupid bastards unwrap presents like little bright eyed children hoping for your annual coupon so some subpar vagina can give you a half-hearted blow job, meanwhile, I get sucked, shucked, fucked, fed, looked after by multiple hard 9's, just for existing, just being alive. Good job winner.

        • montago

          These "hard 9s" you speak of sound like pretty generous dudes. Way to go man. Personally I'd take a subpar vagina over a hard 9 any day.

    • STfU

      Have fun dying sad and lonely, poontangler. At least you won't have to move your"wife" in your parent's basement with you.

      • Poontangler

        1. Read above, it's for you as well.

        2. You're clearly an undesirable female in her mid-to-late 40's, probably a deuce, deuce and a half, with cats climbing the fucking walls. I masterfully ascertained this by your perspective of (a) dying sad and lonely – every older woman's fear. Just to let you know sweetheart, I'm a successful man (financially, socially, educationally) in my early 30's, and I "see" multiple women on a regular basis. I don't have to pay them, cajole them, or give them fucking coupons. (b) Wife is in quotes which implies that you are a divorced man hater. (c) The "to move….parent's basement" clearly means that when you were divorced you had to move back in with you parents. No one blames you. Women typically don't have the ability or the desire to tackle the grind known as employment. They'd rather decorate coupons.

        3. My original comment was a fucking joke. This is the chive right? Has everyone who visits this sight become a full blown dandy boy? This sight used to be perused by testosterone laden cavemen. If any of the women I spend time with knew I joked like this maybe they would be turned off by it. That's why women shouldn't be allowed in the comments section (only the pics) and if you do sneak in this section, that's why we use pseudonyms you moron.

        • Mike

          you want some cheese and crackers with yourr whine?
          just asking

        • Jhoratio

          Long rambling explanation = loser

        • CBCBC

          poontangler drinks wine coolers and has poop in his butt

          • kodakkid

            On his dipstick too me thinks!

        • Fuzzy

          To long did not read

  • Hokie08

    You, my friend, are winning. Never let her go.

  • Cavok

    Wow he was one lucky guy. She is smokin hot in #9. Chive on!!

  • Eric

    One word, keeper.

  • Slick_Nick

    b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. 🙂

  • tnrchr

    Now that’s a great gift!

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