Ashley Sky is using the Twitter machine properly (24 Photos)

Last year, we featured a few modeling shots of a little-known stunner named Ashley Sky. Since then, the 21 year-old model has discovered the Twitter machine and received a little more notice. Ashley is known to be really interactive with her fans on Twitter so stop in and say hi.

Oh, and her boobs are real.

Ashley's Twitter here.

Ashley’s Twitter here.

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  • MOAR

    In love.

    • Bruce LeeRoy

      Good LAWD, I'm done for the day. Productivity done for the day, and I really don't care…CAN YOU DIG IT???

      • ROK247

        put little leroy back in your pants and get some work done

    • Twitter is Gay

      Nice Body…..head is kinda egg shaped tho……

      • Sean

        Really?!?! . . . That's what you had to say. Her head is "egg shaped". GTFOH wit that shit.

        • Twitter is Gay

          Yep. My opinion. Calm down, Francis.

          • Twitter is Gay

            I fuck bitches in their ass……

            • Twitter is Gay

              Right after the roofies kick in.

            • Wrench

              you spelled dudes wrong

    • biggerisbetter

      um..the breasticles got bigger in the last pic..

  • Tommy

    Uh yeah, God is a guy. Holy Hell this girl is H-O-T!

  • EasternCanuck

    #28 bring her in for a photoshoot… Me thinks we want moar!!!

    • My name is Jonas

      fake tits, butter-duck face…NEXT

  • Wow, she is amazing.

    #19 Wow, she is amazing…

    • Jentheoriginal

      i approve – doesnt look like an attention whore, real bewbage, naturally pretty. you go girl.

    • Chad

      2/10 would not bang

    • brian

      Yea, its unfair to pretty much every other woman on the face of the planet to not be her.

  • Woodrowrules

    #7 Hot! #27 Nice side boob

  • zep

    8! 16! 21! Set…..hike!!!

    • boll

      #8 #16 #21 ….touchdown

  • Rich


  • Antonio


  • rcjaos


    • AmBush_Steve

      and…it might just be time for you to turn in your Man Card for using twitter.

      • rcjaos

        No more "man card" jokes for you….you're at your limit, find a new insult, or switch to french.

        • AmBush_Steve

          D'accord. Je vais l'arreter.

      • aaaa

        The majority of twitter users, use twitter mainly for sports information and news. Turn in YOUR man card.

        • AmBush_Steve

          Continuez à se dire que s'il vous aide à dormir la nuit.

  • AmBush_Steve

    #18 – Just me, or do the glasses really work for her?

    • Public Masturbator

      Yes! but the shirt…not so much :p

    • goodnuf

      What wouldn't work for her?

    • PianoFingers

      yeah, in an Angie Varona kind of way

      • Nope

        I hope you play piano better than you post comments.

    • trey

      this girl would look good ina potato sack

  • Adrian

    Stunning and beautiful. Just looks so sad in certain pics

  • direthol

    Not even for that hottie Twilight shirts are acceptable.
    Sorry Ashley Team Blade shall see to that.

    • gorthaug

      didnt even see that, you know how I know your gay…….
      oh and #21 is just nice

  • drbman

    very nice , am i the only one who wished there were more ass shots?

    • anorexiakillls

      What ass ?

      • Lotus


    • Rock

      She should have a Hump Dar dedicated to her! Wow!

    • tLoko420

      its cuz she doesnt have one…too much up top means no legs and ass.

  • Dreday

    I love chicken legs…and no ass

  • jag

    #19 Those eye's

    • Mike


    • Yo Mamma

      "….have see a lot of love, but their never gonna seen another one like she had with me, oh, oh,oh,oh…"

    • Grammar Nazi

      When's the post with inappropriate apostrophes?

      • JHL1

        It's comin' up soon….'

  • Ned Plimpton

    #20 Eats half a donut. Goes to the bathroom to purge immediately after.

    • I love boobies

      Nahh it's obvious she eats them all…and it goes straight to her boobs<3

      • Ned Plimpton

        I wish… If donuts made your boobs bigger, Krispy Kreams & Dunkin Donuts would be on every corner.

        • Matty J

          Dunkin Donuts IS on every corner.

          • Ned Plimpton

            Maybe in Wisconsin..

            • Kyle

              Go to Boston

          • matt

            we got 3 dunkin donuts in my town in Jersey. They are EVERYWHERE!

    • billythekid

      you mad bro?

    • scharfy

      This is the only thing in this post I could afford…

    • Tre

      As you can clearly see… she didn't eat any of her breakfast.

  • Seldi84

    #27 She is gorgeous. I may just have to go to twitter now.

    • Jon


      • Dub

        Think I may have to go take care of something now!

  • Ryman

    Makes me rethink my love for blondes…

  • stumeister

    Yip…. she is ridiculous

    • Yorkie

      are you a small dog?

      • stumeister's sister

        he's hung like one.

      • Terry Orr

        ankle biter

  • jondice

    Methinks she should be eating some of those donuts…

  • whyme1973

    #7 #15 #19 #28 She is lovely!

  • taste

    Too skinny ,i dont screw skeletons.

    • Trent

      Or anyone

    • hMMMM

      you wouldn't be saying that shit when she slaps you across the cheek with one of her beautiful titties

      • Chile Jackson

        goddamn you all sound like a bunch of virgins. who the fuck says that shit?

        • YiddishNI

          Was just thinking that Sir, anyone who wouldn't screw that is gay end of story!

    • Hiro

      It's good to know someone can always take the silver bullets for the team. Thanks bro

  • poorlittlething

    She looks like a crack hoe.

    • CrimzenSymphony

      If that's what a crack hoe looks like where you come from, I'm moving there immediately.

      • 4383

        enjoy the AIDS.

        • CrimzenSymphony

          Imagine what the non crack hoes look like if they look like that.

    • Dub

      You're mother must have really done something wrong……or maybe you're uncle

  • oridotan

    praise the lord for giving us the side boob:

    #27 #8

    of course you also gotta like what I like to call the inner side boob #4

    • Laser

      #4 , yeah that girl on the left is looking at that marvelous inner side boob

      • qwert

        #4 thats how i felt when i saw the sideboobs in #27

    • k2thev

      It's called cleavage

    • 80934

      really? "inner side-boob"? could you sound more like a net-fapping virgin?

  • sheeatsattention

    #20 of the guys who slept in her room.

    • @michael_shea

      yeah…say what you will, this gorgeous creation has never seen a donut, let alone eaten one! Stunning woman!!! And yeah, we'd like MOAR please!!!

    • This Is Me

      Maybe she's some kind of she-witch and she turns guys into donuts in her lair.

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