• http://chive favian flores

    Allison stoke FTW:)

  • Ken

    Well hello #30

  • thelogic

    #5 and #31….who is she? flippin georgeous!!

  • king_Leonidas26

    Awesome post. My new favorite sport.

  • whistler

    4 is the nastiest thing I have and possibly night ever see on this site. Where did their butts go? Amazing toned legs and not a single set of hips.

  • http://www.shaqlight.com/feed/2012/02/vanessa-hudgens-back-in-black-and-other-fine-things-to-ogle/ Vanessa Hudgens Back in Black and Other Fine Things to Ogle | Celebrity News | Entertainment | Models | s h a q l i g h t . c o m

    […] Hot chicks working th&#1077 pole. (TheChive) […]

  • keith

    This is great!

  • john

    #2 I would pay a $1000 to sniff her thumb!

  • PatoTheKing
  • Pezski

    Oh my. I think I have a new favourite sport…

  • Pezski

    All of a sudden I'm interested in the London Olympics…

  • Anonymous

    #32 who is she!?!?!?

  • romeo


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