The Chivette Spring Break final contestants. Vote for your favorite! (28 Photos)

Editor: Asa and Ellen count as 1 submission only (b/c they’re freaking attached at the hip). If they win there will still be an additional Chivette winner.

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  • Casenator

    Fuck you Chive.. Fix the KCCO's first! Then I'll consider voting..

    • this is BS

      ya, get your ##$@ together

    • Skilik

      Wow that's really keeping calm.

      • 6_Crack_rocks

        These guys really need to chill out. Missing the whole point of what the shirts say, KCCO. And if Shopify went down there is nothing the Chive can do about it. Shopify is big, they will get it working at some point and then you can get your shirts.

        The Chives method of releasing the shirts is great, keeps demand crazy high and leads to fast sales. With demand as high as it is I would think they would do the releases a little more often, and rake in some more bucks, but its their biz, let them do as they please. Of course the super high demand will cause angry responses when there are problems.


        • forsyfe

          If we had KCCO shirts we'd be able to keep calm. So fuck you.

          • 6_Crack_rocks

            You sir are not a real Chiver in any sense of the word. Grow up, or just live your life as a D-bag and enjoy the emptiness that is your life.

            • SilkySapper

              a chiver, by definition is a person who views this website, so go fuck yourself with the elitist attitude that seems to be prevalent on this website. Just because you view this website doesn't make you a part of a special group.

              You view a website that shows funny pics, then buy a shirt that advertises their website to others. That's all a chiver does.

    • BSS

      Wasted almost 2 hours trying to get a shirt. Maybe time to find a new distributer?

    • my5tika1cll

      I just got one. You had better hurry now while you can!!!!!

      • sfb101

        Me Too WOOT!

        • derekkleyne

          And missed out again,, Please fill your Store with more Classic KCCO shirts and let us know, thanks

  • Tucker

    No one cars about your posts right now. Get us shirts DAMNIT!!!

    • So much for that

      I refuse to put any money on any Chive product until you either produce a large quantity of shirts soon, and / or get the hell off of Shopify. Thats right, I am keeping calm and boycotting your poor decision making. Good day, sir. I SAID GOOD DAY!

  • TommyBoy

    GIVE ME A SHIRT!!!!!

  • badmatty

    #17 of course

    • Martin McFly

      Erin has been ALL OVER the Chive and was denied Chivette of the Week.. I think it's simple to say she deserves this.

      • JOHN

        Obviously she is the best candidate. you couldn't pay me to vote for the others

        • Splash down

          She has a tattoo?! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

          • FUUUUUUUUU

            You act like her having a tattoo would cause you to not want to have sex with her. I call bullshit on that sir.

            • OH SNAP!

              You're saying that just because she is hot, there is nothing that would prevent him from having sex with this girl? you must be about 17.

      • WaterWalker

        Agreed! Probably the hottest looking chivette I've ever seen!

    • jjj

      You can shave me in a hot second. No gripes at all.

    • sneakypete

      poor intern is getting his head shaved FO SHO!

    • SilkySapper

      no question, Erin is the hottest, the rest are all blah!

      marry me Erin, please!!!

    • Swenka

      My girlfriend's name is Erin Young…so, naturally…

    • mouchette

      here, here for #17

    • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

      she can have my vote and everything else <3

    • ddd

      so are these girls prostitutes?

      • Yes...

        …yes they are

    • eclipze

      UnderBOOBs for the WIN!!!

  • dj E30

    Kill shopify.

  • Undershooter30

    I will vote for whichever one can get me a gosh damn st. patty's day Keep Calm shirt!!!!

  • Chris

    Ill vote for the one without tattoos….if there is one. :(((

    • Bryan

      After a comment like that your vote shouldnt matter

      • Chris

        I find a woman WITHOUT tats to be sexy as hell. Not to mention, quite rare.

        But, you have a right to your opinion.

    • zunebeatsipod

      Ya buddy! Thanks for voicing the exact opinion I have!

  • teamgrindem

    #3 i vote erryn. i went to high school with her. good luck

    • http://twitter.com/Jhaddix3 @Jhaddix3

      you lucky bastard

    • Jayyy


    • ksc

      I went to high school with her also, loves anal.

    • http://twitter.com/jahrodnz @jahrodnz

      God damn she's gorgeous!

  • Julie

    I was fortunate to be featured on the Valentines day SC and the DAR thank u to the chivers posts right alongside #19 Erin. This bitch deserves Vegas for sureeeee 🙂 KCCO gf i voted for you! <3 Julie

    • Skilik

      Always love hearing from veterans!

    • anon

      i always feel fortunate when pics of my body are put up on the internet for strangers to fap to.

  • John

    Hey all,

    A brief note on the KCCO Irish. We're really trying our best to bring them back online. I understand your frustration, I almost threw Mac out the window (again).

    Some perspective here: theCHIVERY is not self-hosted. It runs on the Shopify platform. Shopify is the one of the largest eCommerce servers in the world. And ya'll crashed it, all of it, even the Angry Birds website. We're told that's never happened before.

    In the meantime, enjoy the Chivettes and cast your vote.

    • From_The_Hip

      Uh oh, you guys pissed off the Angry Birds dudes ….. shit just got serious! 😉

      • MattKL

        Shit just got real.

    • tom

      My fingers are soooo sore from hitting try again for the last 2 hours lol

      • John

        I really do hear you. I wish we had any control over the issue. You can take some solace in the fact that, during our phone conversations with Shopify, you can literally hear the panic in the background. They are scrambling and trying to fix it as fast as they can. I think Leo is on the chive webcam chat if you want to talk to him about it. Feel free to yell if you like, if it helps.

        • Fa Q

          FUCK the chive!Get your shitty site running right and maybe i won't get a petition to start banning ur asses. Ur really gonna get some negetive feed back on this KCCO shirt debacle. Fuckheads!

          • sixdeadelves

            hey fuck you asshole, take your shit ass attitude somewhere else dickhead!

          • sfb101

            Way to keep calm dude. You don't deserve one.

            • SilkySapper

              it's a t-shirt man, how can someone not deserve a t-shirt? Are we going to refuse to allow people to wear clothing now if they do not agree with what you think?

              • fibonacci5150

                so ur gonna give the guy flicking u off at the baseball game a free shirt from ur pump gun?

        • MCLMFMF

          Maybe for future reference you could give shopify a heads up for when your going to be releasing your shirts so they can prepare for it.

          Or you could release the shirts randomly and un-announced to give the true chivers (the ones who buy them to keep them, not resell them for profit) a chance at getting them. You will still make enough money that even Scrooge McDuck will be jealous and the word will spread like wild fire anyways

          Just a though

          • truth

            This FTW!

            • MattKL


          • John

            that's exactly what we're going to do

            • MCLMFMF

              your going to give shopify a heads up or release them un-announced?

              Please tell me it is number 2

        • From_The_Hip

          I'll still drink beer with you John!

        • King of the North

          panic… yessss

    • passwordistaco

      That's pretty damn impressive, funny as shit too. Gave up on the shirt though.

      • passwordistaco

        damn it damn it damn it. I was fine then saw people were getting shirts again so I figured what the hell, now I'm actually pissed. How many fucking times are you guys gonna let someone click on the shirt enter all their f'ing info like it's just fine then say fuck you try again we just sold out while you were typing (even though it's in our cart as we type). sell out in 5 seconds fine, fuckin with someone on and off for hours, not fucking cool Eat a Bag of Dicks

        • Fa Q

          hell yeah! tell them password!

    • Thom

      im good…I can click try again all night!!!! lol

    • Tonyspoonz


      Why don't we all have the Chivettes joust it out! I have a house we can host the jousting out at!

      BTW. Where are all of you raging at! I kind of want to have a black out night like at the Meet Up last year! I'll wear a Ninja outfit from the shop!

      ps. If I don't get a KKCO Irish Shirt I'm gonna use a Ninja rope to come in thru the roof and surprise you with a 30 rack of beer… O DOULS TO BE EXACT!

      Your move John!

    • Sublime

      fuck it, I'm going back to the Hula Hoop Girl video

    • Richard

      It really seems like a lot of people are getting really pissed about not being able to get a KCCO shirt. Yet you guys are posting new content like these beauties so I can Chive On. So right now is the ultimate time to Keep Calm and Chive On, and yet so many people bitching. Kinda Ironic. Thanks guys for all you do.

    • tommy

      well all…I am done here. I have tried the last 4 times shirts have been relased…Thought it would be a nice touch to my trip to Cambodia next month!!! oh well…. have a good one!! I am trying no more

      • anon

        there is probably a sweat shop in cambodia where you can get one on your trip, tommy!

    • Mike

      Maybe limit one shirt per order since a lot of them end up on Ebay, that would be a huuuuuge help.

      • passwordistaco

        wouldn't help their pockets though would it? same reason why they don't release them unannounced

      • sfb101


    • http://twitter.com/jahrodnz @jahrodnz

      John, we (we = me and probably a lot of other Chiver's) want more of Erryn! And please make a douchebag folder all about her ex. And Chive On from New Zealand!

    • Mikey G

      Where is today's DAR?!

  • Chiverbr0

    I bet whoever wins will end up with a shirt, even if they were late. So butthurt

  • etcrr

    Erin Young for hair for love

    • Keebs

      Totally agree. Great Cause. Even though not a stunt I would much rather see this as a child of a cancer survivor, a father of a child who could have had it, and a friend to many other survivors…..vote!

  • Stupid Sale

    I don't think any of us give a fuck about this right now. We want our KCCO St. Patty's T-Shirts!!! How about you guys brainstorm a way to fix the problem, big business decisions need to be made. It's obvious your company needs to buy bigger pants, you've outgrown them!

    • Jeana R.

      Bitch bitch bitch bitch. That's allllllll I'm seeing. The fucking shirts are gone. Get OVER it.

  • Jon

    This should be a no brainer… Why vote for anyone but the two wonderful Chivettes attached at the hip?!

    • Donkey_Punch

      I vote for the two babes attached at the hip … can you say 3-way!

  • Onetime

    Erin…..Erin……..Erin…….###### 17!!!!!!

  • thisIsMyComment

    #19 #21

    I vote for Erin but Doug must wash his hair before he donates it.

  • Simon

    Erin Young and Asa/Ellen… 3 chicks FTW

  • Dizzlenator05

    I'm a big fan of Erin. And I've got another tab open on my browser, waiting patiently for my shirt order to start working. I know it's not you guys fault, apparently unlike these asshats ^^^^ Can't even do what the damned shirt tells them to…

  • AssClown

    #3 #17 Bring both the Erins John!!!! This way you guys only have to remember one name…you know, cause you're gonna be mind out of your drunk!

    • Dizzlenator05


    • JahRodNZ

      And because they are both stunning! Should put Erryn's boyfriend in a douchebag folder. Give us MOAR of these two

    • passwordistaco

      Clown you are a Genius.

  • Charlie

    #23 Asa had me at hello…in her first post…whew

    • saltygary

      I hope to god those 2 broads just dike out all day.

  • matt

    baahahahahha, got my st patty's KCCO, so I jump in it!!!

    • Steve

      Got mine too!!

      • matt

        though I still need a BFM…

  • KSinz

    YES! We want shirts! No offense to all the beautiful women featured here, but lets fix the other shit first and not just keep posting while saying don't look behind the curtain. FIX PROBLEMS FIRST THEN RETURN TO NORMAL.

    Also all yall ladies look fantastic.

    • http://twitter.com/etuckerlife @etuckerlife

      Keep Calm and Chive On

  • Yep

    Slut…slut… slut… slut…
    ….. aaand slut.

    • Dizzlenator05

      Douche…douche…douche…douche aaand douche. You don't know anything about these ladies asshole.

      • wrxbpboy

        i wish I could like your comment twice dizzlenator

        • Dizzlenator05

          I just couldn't help myself. I hate people that assume shit like that. Every girl on the Chive is a slut to shit asshat. Why even come to the damned site??? Clown shoe…

          • KroD

            Right on Dizz.

            On another note. I say Chive hides 500 or more one of kind shirts in random spots in the USA. (shrink wrapped of course) Then, people take pics of finding them. Then… uhh… profit? Cool photo opportunities… or people that find them and don't get it. Either way… fun was had by all.

      • SilkySapper

        neither do you, for all you know, they could be sluts. I have a good idea that a couple of them are, if not just attention whores

        • Chris

          Like SilkySapper….Attention Whore it is.

          I have no problem with the abundance of women objectifying and photographing themselves half-naked for a bunch of strangers. Hoping to gain acceptance that they are 'sexy' enough for 'Find Her'.

          Behavior speaks louder than beliefs.

  • Getajob

    You bitches sound like my six year old crying cause their outta happy meal toys. Grow the ef up!

    • KSinz

      Your right a continuing problem should just be ignored! It will obviously just resolve itself that way. Also no one give a shit about your kid, thats right I said it.

      • Getajob

        Why don't you wipe away your tears and go give your Teddy bear a hug. Feel better soon and remember, you're a big boy now. Mommy will tell that bad internet to work harder for you. Your life will be complete when your big boy T-shirt comes in the mail.

      • SilkySapper

        You do know they make a limited supply for a reason, so that people will go crazy over them, so they can seem more elitist and special if you manage to buy one.

        Or you could just copy the image and take it to a local decal maker and he can make an iron on one and put it on a shirt for you, probably cheaper too. Not to mention the chive shirt is a rip off of the WWII propaganda campaign from Great Britain, same crown and everything. Nothing original about the chive shit at all

  • KroD


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