• macallister


    Lately the chive is really delivering with the chivettes.

    • Kaiser

      they finally had one that wasnt a stick with makeup caked on her like the joker.

    • shelacksrack

      nooo boobs typical hand picked by the editor that likes small breasts..
      PDO BEAr

      • me.

        Are you joking, you must be trolling right? There is way more to attractiveness than just breasts. This is a quite stunning lady. There are plenty of big ol' jiggly fat chick boobs at the Mc Donalds down the street for you. Ill take this please.

    • upy3rz

      Check out her pics in the blog section of the "Dream Theory Studios" site. You will not be disappointed.

    • WowZa

      Sweet Mother of gOOd. Send HER to Vegas!!!!! Fo'get the others!

    • Epitomizer

      I think everyone should know that i have seen her nipples and they are glorious.

  • paulson

    #2, #11

    this is the reason the chivettes trump all. this girl has had a starring role on the chive the last couple weeks and she works as a barrista. she's just a regular, beautiful girl. I seriously fucking love this site.

    • whyme1973

      Real. Hot. Chivettes. This site is perfect.

    • marco

      I. will. have. your. babies!

      • marco

        and im a dude. somehow i will make it happen…

  • Him

    That is acceptable. Please never stop doing what you do so well!

    • techno_viking

      And feel free to turn around every once in awhile. I'd love to see that backside…

  • charles


    I wanted it to be you. i wanted it to be you so bad

    • banana flapjacks


    • Trent

      Nice reference

      • Molly

        nice recognition…

  • Fred

    jesus christ

    • banana flapjacks

      ass shot?

    • Jesus Christ

      Yes may I help you.

  • the jaco

    Think I’m in love…

    • banana flapjacks

      need a butt shot woman

  • BigPup

    #8 #25 She can steel my soul anytime…

    • awful

      and your grammar

    • Guest


      • BigPup

        Woops, fat fingered it…

        • Herp McDerp

          wow that must be one fat finger, reaching all the way from an "a" to an "e" like that.

          ** looks down at keyboard to check distance**

          • JHL1

            You should see his dick. When he lays it on his keyboard it streches all the way from A to Z.

            • pete

              Wow, never heard that one before…

  • Anonymous

    Shirts! Now! That is all!

  • Dick Salad

    #17 you have a tuxedo… I have a tuxedo… I think the planets are aligning as well. what do you say?

  • http://twitter.com/taraisdead @taraisdead

    Heyyyy every buddy! so happy to be a chivette ^^

    • Jason

      Its always cool when the chivettes actually participate in the comments.

    • Hassel Shattnerhoff

      A sexy chivette to be sure, HOWEVER, isn't it a rule that you can't be chivette of the week without at least one hump shot? You are the type of natural beauty that makeup just distracts from, but we still need a hump shot. Just saying.

      • its_forge

        ^^^ This!!!! I *know* the young lady's got a beautiful backside, I can just tell, so can we pleeeeeeeeeeeeease have a picture of it pleeeeeeease???

    • Rusty

      Canadian Chivettes have really been rockin' lately, must be something in the water…er…ice up there.

    • http://twitter.com/obrien05 @obrien05

      I agree with Hassel..we better see you on Hump Day next week 😉

    • LivingDeadBeat

      I love you already…Marry Me

    • Dirty_Dingus

      You Rock!

    • boobies

      you are an ugly cunt

      • Gwar

        Go fuck yourself boobies

      • downfall616

        i'll kill you

    • Martin McFly

      My God, your facebook must be blowing up right now…

    • Scott

      From one canadian to another, I'll be your friend 🙂 You're cute as hell.

    • yagotnorackchickie


      • youlackFLBPboy


    • nowimacfedrnkr

      Stunnningly beautiful!! The eyes, the hair, the smile, the nose, the body…. oh wait we really haven't seen your tush yet. Soon I hope.

    • ABCdario

      Just want to say: beautiful eyes, really sexy lips
      You can say a woman is truly beautiful when she looks awesome without make up. This is your case.
      Congrats to the lucky man that can say he's your boyfriend

    • friend

      you are too beautiful… if there's such a thing

    • corey

      mc chris, lower case, no dots, rewind. seen him 6 times live since LAB.

    • Jimmy The Locks

      You definetly have a Mila Jovovich thing going one there (hope that is taken as the compliment it was ment as ;p)

      got to chuckle a bit at the poster telling the obvious troll "Boobies" to go fuck themselfs, conjured up all sorts of images ;p

    • MacGeekVan

      There are a TON of Starbucks in Van!! 42 and still searching!!

      Starbucks needs to give this gorgeous girl a massive raise. Think I've spent nearly $300 on coffee just to get a small peek at this beauty!!

  • Daysncnfusd

    I live in Vancouver…… Please tell me which starbucks I should be going to so I can get a dose of hivette with my coffee……please……

  • Hbk_83


    Loved it!

    • jag

      Morning face TOTALLY rocks!!

  • PervySage

    I'm in love…..

  • cody

    Amazing girl to represent vancouver. I’m obviously going to the wrong coffee shop

    • Kowabunga

      yeah, stupid.

  • xavi00


  • MAGS

    I should have stayed in Vancouver!!!

    • AppleGeekVancouver

      No STINKING LEAFS FAN shall ever have the honour!!!

  • LucretiusCaro

    Damn–I gotta move myself to British Columbia. What are the putting in the water out there?

  • Dick Folgers

    #6 You have red on you… #19 Chive on indeed!

  • sucka

    Why hello there.

  • BostonChiver.

    #13 you are so freaking adorable…respectively requesting a hump DAR next week.

    • downfall616


  • tommytwotime

    #17 YES CATS!!! and you're hot

  • SeanzyMcHyde

    This girl makes red hair look so good!! Where else can we see normal everyday girls who are way gorgeous in so many ways!! Chive On!!!

  • NOOT

    #16 – Kravitz Bomb.

    • Lower

      Thank you Lenny! Great scene from Zoolander.

      • Scuba Steve

        Socially Awkward Photo Bomb Level: Kravitz

  • DDD

    #15 WOW!!!!!

  • 42095477

    y u no show tush?

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