theCHIVE goes on Spring Break in Las Vegas Part 1 (36 Photos)

Here’s the sexy footage of the girls hauling off with firearms

And Ellen’s darling surprise serenade

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  • general wang


    It's ok, man, I'd try to grab 'em too

    • U DON'T SAY

      So you actually payd three hookers tå hang out with you guys I Las Vegas.. How come I didnt noticed the fact that you are a couple of douchebags before.. Or maby it's just the newly found riches that's good to you heads..

      • Shant1k

        U DON'T GAY

      • Del

        Kind of agree. Seem's like it was the easiest way to get 3 beautiful women drunk, in Vegas, with you.

        Since you played it off so well I must know…anybody hook up?!

    • thetruth

      They don have to pay these skanks ,they post their pics and they spread their legs.

      • thetruthhurts

        Are you referring to John? He does't spread his legs silly-billy!

        And the black haired one with the gorgeous tits is HAWT and you KNOW it silly-billy!

  • thomas

    #32, #33

    I wanna party with Mac. but then again I don't

    • Erik

      I think partying with mac would be an experience. Im pretty sure he can time travel like he said.

    • DrLeppiwinks

      dude I was in Vegas, and he is literally exactly how you would expect him to be and then some. Funniest dude alive… and I quote "Hey man, tell that girl you do 400 pushups and know JaRule personally… then tell her Mac knows him better and can do 401." Funniest random line in the middle of a bar ever.

      • me.

        Thats awesome lol

      • Edd


    • Bob Lee Swagger

      Well he bottomed out Asa, so he does something right…

  • KeepinCalm

    #9 #11 Up skirt down blouse. Thankyou!

    • Master_Rahl

      Erin can DEFINITELY cater to her audience, and I definitely appreciate her playing along.

    • Sieaeiawe

      No panties party!

    • Erik

      Space travel* i gotta quit drinking

  • Mark

    #23, #35

    Those dudes really are nice. John walked around the meetup buying everybody drinks. It was a relief knowing the chivers are down to earth people. thanks for the Guinness!

    • naa

      so bummed out… i flew down to vegas Sunday – Tuesday and missed this by a day… next time i'll be there!

    • asdf

      nice hipster scarf!

  • Martin McFly

    #9 My God… Erin's chest is simply amazing.. and oh so close to seeing up that skirt!!

    • itstrue

      For a few $ you can see and feel up her skirt easily.

      • idareyou

        McFly is a fuckin perv and itstrue is nothing but bullshit so fuck u both get a life!

        • Martin McFly


  • MOAR

    Looked like a great party. Chive on!

    • ppffbbbttt

      3 worn out sluts + tons of dudes ,yeah great party.

  • Jennifer


    That really is a sweet video of Ellen

    • DoucheyMcDouche

      did anyone else notice this thing looked like one big cock-fest?

    • sheisahe

      TRANNY !!

  • schnizz

    #11 a view from above…

    • thereugo

      She really is infinitely hotter than those other two…. Just sayin'….

      • Martin McFly

        the others are Hot. She is a Goddess.

  • Martin McFly

    #11 HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would do anything for this woman…

    • truchivette

      Keeping calm and whoring on.

  • Martin McFly

    #26 Welp.. that answers the age old question.. there IS proof of a God.

    • derp

      Yep, and he wants you to premaritaly FUCK THAT ASS!!!

  • marriage sucks


    my hotel room in vegas if full of my wife and annoying kids

    wanna trade up?

    • Talon

      Douchebags like you give douchebags a bad name….No woman is worth trading your children for….what a fuckstick.

      • DexLargo

        Wow, you must be superfun to hang out with.

        Don't take the jokes so seriously.

      • Bob Lee Swagger

        I think what Talon is trying to say is that you shouldn't trade your children for a woman…you should give them up for adoption BEFORE pursuing a new woman.

    • DRS

      ummm, hope she leaves you fuckstick!, say hi to the kids

  • Francois

    #27 caught peepin mac

    • http://4chan.org/b/ gnocco


  • Bob

    #32 — story of Mac's life

    • Master_Rahl

      I can hear Buffalo Bill's voice (Silence of the Lambs) when I look at this pic. Creepy Mac, very creepy.

    • _LG

      It's okay Mac. Mel Gibson can sympathize with you too. Nipples do hurt when you twist them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5b6FXw0G5lQ

      • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

        LG!!! <3
        Oh, if you're looking for your cat; I was hungry, sorry.
        That'll teach you to block the basement door though…

        – the one

    • KeepCalmDriveOn

      Fabulous Mac is fabulous.

    • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

      Oh come on Bob, this is nothing. Post that aftermath pic of the second Chive meetup if you dare.

      – Fan testimonial: "Paula, for a late Xmas gift I'd appreciate if you just died in a napalm fire. Thanks!"

  • grant

    #23, #25

    and don't stop until i'm finished

    • soobvious

      Well he/she IS a tranny so yeah he can suck her cock.

  • Master_Rahl

    #15 I like Ellen's way of thinking. You can't have a hostage standoff when YOU shoot the hostage. Take THAT evildoers!

    • MattKL

      "What do you do, hotshot? What do you do?"

      "Shoot the hostage."

    • itsmeagain

      Feed this man some burgers.

  • Billy Crystals

    #32 mac has some serious game.

    • 2pumpdump

      Thank god for the internet eh boys? For without it you would be forever alone.

  • Lamp

    #11, that computer screen was never happier

    • vegasbaby

      hoes gonna hoe.

  • usual guy

    met them in Vegas. As much as I'd like to hate on them for their awesome lives, they're the nicest guys.


    • usual guy

      They also have big dicks. <3

  • Boarder32

    #16 Marry me

    • DogBowl

      Me too

      • Eastwood

        And after you divorce those two…me next.

        • Chiveman

          After those three break your heart I will have you as my bide – nothing spells love than 4th place!

          • Chiveman

            Bide also means Bride in my country (Canada).

  • Anonymous

    The clap brought to you by 21 jump street.

  • Master_Rahl

    #21 Funny, Bumblebee always looked taller in the movies. Guess the camera adds more than just weight to the Autobot physique.

  • Billy Crystals

    #20 please aim it away from my dick.

  • Joe

    White trash with a camera.

    • theminority


  • Jonathan

    #33 sounds about right

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    #22 #26 #27
    Gray never looked so hot!

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