Jet man takes it to new heights (23 photos)

  • Stephen

    This guy raced Richard Hammond on an episode of top gear…pretty big nuts to strap that to your back

  • etcrr

    This guy has been racking up success after success. I think its freaking awesome Kudos

  • MRCS

    #20……now THAT is going to hurt….:p

  • Boobman

    I think it is awesome….but will anyone be surprised if he takes a 150 mph dive in the dirt? I guessing that's why most people watch him, as there is no practical use for these wings.

  • Hamsamich

    I want one! With a chute of course.

  • GTXMittens

    #21 To infinity, and beyond!!!

    • Guest

      Awesome…you nailed it!…lol. COTD,

      Now, where do I get one?

  • mullex

    This guy obviously works for COBRA

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