• Firstly

    First!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yee-Ah gayboys!

    • Firstly

      Meant "Yee-Ha" :$

    • BostonChiver.

      I can't knock your hustle on this one….made me lol.

    • Bill57

      i realy like this post cause it is like the chive is everywhere

  • den Edd

    Comments below this line don't matter

    • Dr. Fap

      #11 is she chugging Johnie Walker Blue label?

      • McCallan Guy

        I thought it was black…either way, I can't believe she's chuggin' scotch. I love the shit, but no way in hell could I shoot it.

    • Underbaker

      So the true secret to having a happy life is… What? It don't matter? Ok.

  • untamedride

    #4 mmmm…i do love them country girls

    • Stallion

      2nd from the left – moar Moar MOAR!!

    • Mlsa37b

      Good for you! Want a cookie?

    • Bubba

      find them!!

    • Max

      cowboy in flip flops?….

    • yo bro

      that is one sweaty dude.

    • http://twitter.com/PedroDaVePacas @PedroDaVePacas

      knew I shoulda gone to stagecoach this year.

    • Jezza67

      HMOG! What is a Stagecoach and how do I get one?

  • den Edd


    • Me too


      • Trey


  • LIJay

    #1 Go, Bulls!

    • USF Bull Rugger


    • word

      go bulls!!!

    • Mike Litoris

      Tampa needs a Chive meet up, more specifically St. Pete Beach!

      • Chuckles The Clown

        Abso-F%#$KIN-lutley, Chive on!!!! GO BULLS!!!

      • Fappy McFapperson


        • Always Last

          I'm in – plus I know a local Chivette who's been saying the same thing – she's # 8 in the BYB from Thursday. Hit it up on CL and we can flashmob a local saloon.

  • DaFraze


    • Underbaker

      #32 I think the one on the right is my daughters track coach. (yeah yeah I know, cool story bro)

  • mattymac25

    #3 Lets ruck.

    • JAFitC

      Hey! A fellow scrumbag!

      • USF Bull Rugger

        Monaday's my Dancin' Day….

    • longshot421

      Beautiful! Canada pride, rugby rules and a cool photo too. Nice work. 😉

    • Cody

      Amazing, rugby is a great sport

  • insanely great

    #38 GORGEOUS !

    • Cookie

      He is my friend! we work together!

      • insanely great

        so judging by his uniform you must both work in a bank. So sexy. 😉

    • Minnie

      I agree!

  • drbman

    #62 I NEED one of those green shirts!!! Awesome!

    • bob onnitt

      Rachel Starr on the left???

    • Mlsa37b

      Wow. Just cause you get a shirt doesnt mean you start gettin that…lame

      • drbman

        I'm just kidding!! Lighten up, a little.

        • Onizel

          goin on sale today

  • Joe

    Curly, Moe & Larry?

    • ret

      Close enough!

      • FRK

        Julle is verkeerd. Dit is die drie Basies

  • Ken

    #62 – which stripclub was this?

    • Skermitt

      Kinda looks like Rachel Starr on the left.

    • Brian

      That was at New Century Theater in San Fran, Rachel and Brandy were headlining and I was lucky enough to be there.

      • http://www.facebook.com/cassandra.l.hanes Cassandra Lynn Hanes

        Glad you made it on here Brian! No pics of you on stage with them, eh? The things you can buy with 20 bucks!

        • Brian

          Indeed Cassie! It was nice meeting y'all there that night, fun to hear a couple Chive On's while she was abusing me hahahah.

      • missie

        Yay Brian!!

  • Bender

    #79 awww yeaaaahhh

    • NZ Chiver

      your bedroom is where I want to be!

  • jroc

    #69 weird tits

    • Jimmy

      Not really. Just an ill fitting bra. Can be fixed.

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        Strapless too, I'm guessing.

      • jroc

        my error

    • Luke0027

      i was thinking the same thing

  • rick

    #47 why would you destroy that beautiful shirt!?

    • JAFitC

      Ummm. . . it's draped over his back.

    • Rih-tard

      Yea, because draping it over your back TOTALLY destroys it

    • tv_paul

      DA DA DA DA DA DA…Circus…DA DA DA DA DA DA … Polka Dots…DA DA DA DA DA DA.. .Afro err ..Cowboy Hat.

    • El_Pirate

      perhaps they meant #36. one of the countless douchebags who feel the need to cut the sleeves off of their shirts.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mhatfield markhats

    #3 CHYES rugger chivettes are the best

  • https://thechive.com LukeTheTerrible

    #27 don't worry honey, I know where to put it.

    • Mlsa37b

      Good one! How old are you 12?

      • guntherj

        yea im the chiver in that pic, ha

        • KroD

          What up Fellow Kutztownian. the Pub on main?

        • Capt. Bo Jengles

          Bout time some PA chivers arrive! KCCO!

        • tnutt37

          I'm the chivette in that pic!

    • tnutt37

      Oh, LukeTheTerrible, I'm sure you do….that sock you keep in your nightstand….or maybe that fleshlight.

  • Mlsa37b

    Read this, save time:

    A bunch of corny comments from people who think they are hilarious. There. Now you dont have to scroll through this whole thing

    • JAFitC

      Others are by trolls who think they're witty. There. Now you don't have to read the comment to which I replied.

    • BostonChiver.

      Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Cheer up.

  • tmach81

    #55 I have been to that Training when I was with 2nd Bn 3rd Marines The ROK Marines are hard core. Chive on Brothers

    • Jezza67

      I once spoke to LTCOL (ret.) David Hackworth and asked him who were the toughest soldiers with whom he had fought. He told me that the ROK Marines were so hard that they had muscles in their shit. RIP Dave Hackworth.

  • Boris
  • Andytortoise

    Great finish! I liked the half-Ironman so much last year that I had to sign up for another one this year. (we're good at forgetting pain) KCCO!

    • Mur

      nothing more pathetic than someone patting themself on the back.

      • Andytortoise

        One thing is. Only one thing. A type-2 diabetic who can't walk 15 fucking feet talking shit on the Internets.

        • Rayintacoma

          well said! Good luck on your half Iron Man! KCCO Just imagine a BFM shirt at the finish line = NO PAIN!

  • Jimmy_Recard

    #10 Every time I see a photo from Petra I am waiting for Indiana Jones to come riding in.

    • Henry Jones

      Only the penitent man shall pass.

  • Martin_McFly

    #40 Your friend there needs to get his ass out of the Zone!

    • Jack o' lantern

      And what the fuck happened to your jeans?? Were you attacked by an animal?

  • heather

    #71 best picture..love u too t wizz

  • Dlamp7

    #63 find her!

    • smitty


    • Solitaire

      sorry, had to. and yes, do find her, she's a looker.

      • Sara

        It was at Lynches 🙂

        • Firsttimer

          Lynches is awesome! Next time I'll be sure to wear a chive shirt! -First Time Jax Chivette

  • BostonChiver.

    #37 saw so many Chivers at the Vermont Tough Mudder this past weekend, helped a few chivettes and chivers complete the course along the way. Shit was awesome!

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