• Richard

    Can someone help me? I've got my foot stuck in my chair again…

    • bob

      you are better off than me, i misread the directions and now my dick is caught in the ceiling fan…

      • DAMNBOB


    • vincent

      profound mental retardation jk

  • Mikey

    Those boasting to have IQ's above 145 are completely full of shit. The mean of the test is 100 with 3 standard deviations of 15, ranging from 55 to 145. Based that the last few are clearly bogus, this whole list is suspect Chive…

    • Jiub

      lol what? Sorry dude, but you're completely wrong. Google it.

      • Richard

        He just wanted to use the term "standard deviation." I wish I was as smart as he… 🙁

      • Mikey

        Maybe Google what the Intelligence Quotient is…

        • Bas

          Even if you have an extremely high statistical probability that a random respondent falls within a range of a number of standard deviations away from the mean, it doesn't mean that every measurement needs to fall within that range.

          • Mikey

            That's all an intelligence quotient is designed to measure though. 98% of those tested, within their age group, will fall within the two standard deviations (70-130). Then you have 1% on each side distinguishing either severe retardation or genius level intelligence. That genius 1% may very well exceed the tests ability to measure them, but there still isn't a method to designate a number to them.

            • http://www.cavsplace.com/ Cavalary

              Hm. The IQ tests I saw generally went up to 160, not just 145, and quite sure there are ways to determine, if approximating to the nearest 10 or so, up to at least 240. And, incidentally, at 160+ this is just what you see, not exact scores but 160/170/180, which seem like approximations to me.

              • Dimwit

                My farts smell bad.

    • http://twitter.com/MathijsBaert @MathijsBaert

      it depends on the test you take some are scored differently and let you go up to 200

      • Mikey

        Oh? Which tests are those?

        • Terman

          They use the Stanford Binet L-M or Extended Norms on the WISC-IV. Other tests do have ceilings at about 150-160.

    • edd

      reggie jackson = stephen hawking? bullspit. either the people on the list took a flawed IQ test or whoever asked them their IQs did no research whatsoever. "what's that Madonna? you say you have a genius IQ? that's fascinating! now slip into your wedding dress its almost time to marry dennis rodman."

      • dandude

        There are a lot of people with genius IQ's that have done nothing with their lives, just look at a MENSA convention. Just because you have a high IQ does not mean you automatically apply yourself to a particular field, or life in general, more than someone else.

        • Euroranger

          This'll surely get me flamed but I'm one of those people with a high IQ who hasn't applied it to a field that'd make significant use of it. I was tested as a kid, was taking university courses on Saturdays around age 10 (and God did I hate that shit) and have been tested as an adult (about 14 years ago now) as being somewhere between Asia Carrera and Stephen Hawking. I write code for internet applications and databases for a living. My university marks were nothing to write home about and I'm pretty sure I only made it into second year as a result of a clerical error.

          All an IQ test seems to measure is your ability to do what I call mental gymnastics. Being able to discern patterns and manipulate concepts to fit patterns is what the tests mostly seemed like to me. However, what you do with the gift is much more important than the gift itself. Me, I'm happily married with 2 great kids doing a job that I like (from home no less) and getting paid a good dollar to do it. That's enough for me for now.

          • skynet

            Excellent. Good for you to be concentrating on a happiness quotient.

        • skynet

          Corollary: Consider those that don't seem to be too bright that have done well for themselves through determination, self discipline, and risk taking.

          • Chaosd

            Just look at Obama, he became president with a low IQ.

            • hu flung poo


            • Hydrogenbond

              And you must have a towering intellect to come up with such a witty and original insult.

        • Wisti

          Even my father passed a test that said he was a mensa…it's just a money maker thing, ANYONE can say they're a mensa…and anyone can take a test online that isn't an official IQ test so it's meaningless…

      • velvethammer

        agreed. regiie jackson was the one that compelled me to call bs. but an equally good point about madonna. dolph lundgren on the other hand… you gotta respect chemical engineers. and he has the papers to prove the mental horsepower.

        • xaotikdesigns

          Reggie liked baseball, so he played baseball. Hawking really liked theoretical physics, so that's what he did. Dolph Lundgrin liked acting, so he pursued that career. Asia Carerra became a porn star

          Just because someone has a high IQ, it doesn't mean that they necessarily have to go into science.

          • tmoney

            Plus, maybe he did the math on how much baseball pays. Genius!

      • Glen

        Stephen Hawking has never taken an IQ test and a score of 160 has just been assigned to him since there's no standard IQ test or scale 160 is just given to people who'd qualify as "super genius". He personally thinks that people who brag about their IQ are losers (he actually used the term losers when asked what his IQ was after telling the interviewer he didn't know)

    • hello please

      Test score ranges vary wildly. It's much more instructive to talk about percentiles.

      • Jen


    • Jackson

      It's not B.S. Three standard deviations covers approximately 99.7% of the population meaning 0.3% fall outside of that. You can assume half are at the bottom end and half at the top, therefore you still have 0.15% of the population that should exceed 145. Based on 7 billion people in the world there should be about 10.5 million people with an IQ above 145. It's definitely a quick back of the envelope calculation but you get the point.

    • Bri Guy

      it's not the numbers that are suspect, it's the fact that all these people have taken an IQ test and it's now publicly available. short of Dolph, Stephen Hawking and James Woods, I would bet none of these people have ever written an IQ test. The numbers that come up on google are all assumptions at best if not just entirely made up. Do you really think Madonna and Shakira have taken the time to sit down and write one of these?

      • Jay

        actually, shakira is noted for intelligence, having attended UCLA, I shit you not, in disguise at some point. Google it because you probably won't believe me. A lot of these are actually very not surprising, because even though some of the people on the list have a public persona that may seem less then smart (Madonna, et al) they have made some very intelligent moves throughout their time in spotlight. Say what you want, but the majority of this list doesn't come off as to unbelievable without personal feelings tied in.

    • Wisti

      3 standard deviations only includes 99% of the data…anyone who's taken even an introductory statistics course knows this…therefore there HAVE to be some people who fall in the 1% category…I don't get your point Mikey.

      • fuksh03s

        I dont know why everyone thinks reggie is dumb, he has glasses!

  • https://www.facebook.com/theadamsegal Adam Segal

    IQ has nothing to do with expected career path – only potential. At MENSA meetings you will find people who range from scientists to luggage salesmen.

    • Button it

      Ya ever tried to figure out some of the zippers on some of that luggage? Dolph would be challenged.

    • Jason

      Have to agree man. When I was 18 I took an iq test at a local college and scored 138 now I'm a truck driver

    • Wisti

      MENSA meetings are full of crap…the tests are easy and anyone can pass them simply so they can make money…if you disagree with me then please find me someone who actually tried the test and DIDN'T pass.

    • jason

      my IQ is 142 and at the moment, I'm a janitor. The problem is that most of us with high IQ's have a really easy time with school and life in general so when we have to work hard it sets us back. We're not used to having to work hard. I heard the person with the highest IQ on record was a bouncer.

  • absolutcarcrazy

    #16, "OO, piece of candy"

    • absolutcarcrazy

      yeah…I'm in the 'mild mental retardation' category

    • Richard

      If he's so smart, why did he get shot at the Kwiky-Mart?

      • JHL1

        He was researching the experience of being a clerk at Kwik-E-Mart. Also Apu took the bullet for him so James didn't actually get shot. I'm guessing you're in the 20 – 35 range for Simpsons trivia.

    • SheriffPablo

      Smarter than Stephen Hawking? Really? I call bullshit.

      • TGA

        The thing is Stephen Hawking has only his mind in his control, he can probably focus and calculate 5x better than all these people.. which does make him a lot smarter..

      • _DoC_

        Whatever dude. I tossed him a ball once…that dumb fuck let it hit him in the face….

        • MylesofStyles

          This comment deserves more thumbs up than I have to give.

      • Fryy

        IQ is just a number. There's much more that it takes to be an actual genius

    • Pit_Boss

      You know what the difference is between a hustler and a good con man?…A hustler has to get out of town as soon as fast as he can, but a good con man, doesn't have to leave until he wants to – Diggstown

    • Hank Scorpio

      10 inch dick too, or so I've heard at a party, dunno how the conversation got there tho.

  • mojomojo444

    Sylvester Stallone also has IQ around 160

    • https://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

      I believe that would be his hat size.

  • sledneck600


    • Jed

      I wouldn't say shocking. She managed to keep renewing herself to keep her career going when most of the stars from the 80s are long forgotten.

      • sledneck600

        Ya but I would have thought they'd cut away most of her head and brain to try to keep her semi attractive.

      • Just sayin'

        He didnt say shocking he said SHOCKER. Madonna's favorite handshake

    • http://www.facebook.com/zed.kelly Zed Kelly

      She figured out how to make millions by wearing her underwear in public. Who is the dummy? The girl selling the undies or the girls buying the undies?

      • Dr_StrangePants

        and SHE topped that #10

        seriously, just after I lamented a wrestler wasting his gift, I almost did a spit take with my tea at finding out this porn star is almost as smart as Stephen FUCKING Hawking

        • Dan

          She made millions by being in porn. Compare that to the crappy salaries most "geniuses" make (maybe $200,000 a year if they are lucky). I think she made a very smart choice.

          • Whit

            Money does not necessarily mean brilliance. A "genius" may not really give a shit about how much money they're making so long as they're doing what they love. Money does not equal brains. Also, I wouldn't call $200,000 a year a "crappy" salary.

            • xaotikdesigns

              She has stated that she really liked having sex, and that when she orgasmed on screen, it was typically real and not faked. She found a way to make a lot of money doing something that is rather easy and that she loved doing.

              He also said, "If they are lucky", I know plenty of engineers and such that don't make nearly that much money.

    • chris

      Not really. 30 years into her career she's still selling out stadiums across the globe. She's no dummy.

    • Bri Guy

      It's not shocking, it's fabricated. There isn't some public database where one can go look these numbers up, it's either just some asshole who wrote it down once on the internet at which point nobody questioned it or it was her publicist who just went around telling everyone this without evidence. Either way it isn't true.

  • Navin R. Johnson

    scrolling, scrolling..wha..what…madonna? come on now…quit scrolling

  • http://www.facebook.com/SnyderAndrew Andrew Snyder

    i took an online iq test and scored a 135. the internet doesn't lie

    • Mikey

      Are you going to join Mensa now?

      • MonkeyMadness

        You have to have an IQ of 140+ to get in MENSA.

        • Toba

          Not true. I received an invite to MENSA, and I'm just below 140.

          • MonkeyMadness

            Did you join? DId they show you the secret handshake?

            • MattyDeuce

              They are like the Stonecutters from the Simpsons

          • Isaac

            I took there pre-test twice at a 138 and a 136. I'm going to get it, but I haven't had an invite of any kind. Everybody must of forgot Bull Shannon from Night Court. He was a 181 but he realized he had the paper upside down. 🙂

    • LuvsHorror

      I got a score of 126 the first time and 129 the second. I think I've lost a lot of brain cells since then, tho.

      • trl87

        I feel yeah. I've taken the online tests every other year or so since high school and I've gone from 138 to 125 in a 7 year span. Not looking good down the line…

  • Richard

    Isn't David Duchovny suppose to be real smart?

    • Buzztud

      Yeah watch Californication

    • MattyDeuce

      He is incredibly smart. Has an undergrad from Princeton and his Mastersand PhD from Yale. Everything I find regarding his IQ online has him topping out his IQ around 180 (other #'s have ranged from 155 – 178).

    • Grammar Hitler

      *supposed … *really (or a better use would be *quite)

      • LawnGuyLand

        …a better word….

  • Tiber_Septim

    180 iq amazing

  • Max

    Steve Martin really really really really really really really wants you to think that he is smart. (Truth: he isn't)

    • mojomojo444

      He's made over $100 million out of making people laugh, I'm guessing he's smarter than you

      • Livin' Legend

        He also plays a mean banjo.

        • socket2me

          I was gonna say ! He kicks ass at banjo

    • James Westfall

      You're a Jerk.

    • MonkeyMadness

      Then you don't know Steve Martin. The man amazes me.

    • MajorTom

      Ever tried to pursue a degree in Philosophy? He is a brilliant man.

      "He hates these cans!"

  • http://marcussam.com/blog/ marcussam

    Lets accept it , nothing in life is easy…if u are surviving, probably u'r a genius in yourself…

    • Fryy

      Surviving is really easy. Humans are the most adaptable specias after mice and croaches.

  • Hmmmmm

    "Before her successful porn career, at the age of 13, ….."

    I can't help but feel that this detail should have been inserted later in the sentence.

    • The Pict

      Hee-hee! You said inserted.

  • Mr X

    #12 He can kill you, revive you, and kill you again.

    • DickFister

      #11 and #12
      Armed with this information, I'm heading to the bar to win some free cocktails

      • Jay

        the order the images are attached to your comment in makes it look like astronauts are trying to swing hawking against lundgren. Armed with Stephen hawking, their gonna win for rocky.

    • NothingToSeeHere

      You kind of wonder if he's satisfied with what he's done with his life…

      Such potential, yet such shit movies.

      • k4nt

        "Some people are satisfied with B movies" (which is not what i mean; i think he does what he likes and has fun doing it) + he already acted twice with the top "one man armies" (where i also count him to) in expendables 1 + 2 and will reshine in 3. Maybe its his way of KCCO no?

      • Dan

        He's actually talked about this multiple times. He said he wouldn't change anything. Then he likely went out on a yacht with some Playboy bunnies.

    • Bdon

      and then clone you and make you fight your clone gladiator style.

    • gs425

      And with a CE degree, can probably cook up some good drugs.

  • Jeff

    Will smith also is very high up, with a score of 185… Google it!

    • Geoyff

      Will Smith is a fucking idiot and so are you.

    • MattyDeuce

      Why on earth when thinking of potentially genius celebs did the Fresh Prince first come to your mind??

  • Umga Bunga

    #17 Well gee genius according to your chart 2 billion Chinese are in the top 2%. Brilliant means of rating intelligence, brilliant. Naturally everyone in Africa is a dullard according to your chart as well, of course.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      I guess we now know where you rate on this chart.

    • f2222


    • https://www.facebook.com/mark.newman.1848 Mark Newman

      That pretty well sums it up. You get a gold star.

    • Alumni72

      "Your" chart? That isn't something that the guys from TheChive made up. It may not be accurate, but for decades it was the usual means of measuring your future potential while in middle school.

  • Gilly

    If Steve martin is so smart, how come he makes such crap movies???
    Or am I so stupid < I have watched them….oh God .I am an idiot

  • boomking

    Mine is over 9000!

    • cat hammer

      WHAT?! 9000?!?!?!

  • http://www.giornalettismo.com/archives/479149/qual-e-il-quoziente-intellettivo-delle-persone-famose/ Qual è il quoziente intellettivo delle persone famose?

    […] Il successo è un fattore legato alla fortuna o alla bravura? Sebbene sia necessario un mix delle cose, questa gallery dimostra il valore del quoziente intellettivo. Sapevate che Ivan Drago ha lo stesso Q.I. di Stephen Hawking? Scoprite gli altri nella gallery selezionata da The Chive. […]

  • Wood Bang

    #1 I'd bang her so hard there is a 38% chance she'd get stupid.

    • MattKL

      Too bad she's into chicks.

      • MonkeyMadness

        It puts the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose!!

    • Big Ole Weiner


    • Niitsitapi13

      I hope you have a vagina

    • https://www.facebook.com/mark.newman.1848 Mark Newman

      You better be a girl or you ain't bangin' nothin'.

  • vandinz

    #13 I WOULD argue that …

    • Ura Derp Buddy

      Dude according to this article a porn star is the smartest woman on the planet. It's fake, and you should question the mental capacity of the person that published it.

    • turbosmurf

      it's funny how a very intelligent person does such lame scripts, who stupid people consider to be good.

      Asia Carrera is smart. Heck , every porn star is smart , doing what you like, having a lot of fun while doing it and getting payed for it is the smartest thing you can do.

      • andfukyamoms

        all the while degrading yourself and embarrassing everyone you are related to, thus alienating yourself from almost everyone outside of the industry. Genius!!!

  • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

    Paula: 214. Equally devided between her two split personalities.

    – the ones you love to hate

    • Jeff

      You mean your boobs are 107 apiece?

      • Dr_StrangePants

        Hell if that's the case, then every man's Mini-Me should add an extra 30 points

    • Spelling Police


  • http://twitter.com/RickvdS @RickvdS

    This makes me curious and makes me want to do such test.. however I know I'll be disappointed when I don't beat James Woods. So nvm 🙂

  • MattKL

    #2 #4 Smart AND sexy.

    • Jeff

      Geena Davis sexy?? Uh, no

      • This is Me

        To each his own, Jeff.

      • MattyDeuce

        My first cougar experience kinda/sorta looked liked Geena Davis so I am going to justify how my 24th birthday went by saying she is super sexy!

    • flyingzombies

      If Nichole is so smart, how'd she end up with Tom?

      • Methos

        Smart people can do dumb things. The two things aren't mutually exclusive. I, for example, know better than to reply to internet comments, but I do anyway.

  • guest

    #17 Love the paragraph at the end that tells us the occupations of those with certain IQs. Yet the celebrities listed aren't "Neurosurgeons, research scientists, university professors", but actors, athletes, and a porn star. So I guess there are plenty of geniuses in the "Unskilled Worker" professions.

    • True Story

      Even Einstein had an "unskilled" occupation at one point in his life.

      • The_Dood

        If only I had known, I would have been a locksmith.
        -Albert Einstein

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