• _DoC_

    #13 probably gets a lot of seamen

    • Corpsman

      haha its funny bc im in the navy too!

    • Taco_Depot

      Truly serving our troops.

      • _DoC_

        Full servicewoman 😀

  • tv_paul

    #19 Mac, let her out of your locker. You can't keep her.

    • HatBomb

      The food service gloves are an interesting touch, what the hell is Mac getting into now?

      • tv_paul

        Do you remember that scene in Animal House in the parked car….

    • triplecap

      I already assumed being in her "box" would be a tight fit.

    • Liv

      I like this girl's style! Moar!

    • Imzkid

      Did I say 2 fingers? Better make it 3.

  • JoshlikesBewbs

    #1 Wowza! Tommy LIKE

    • Yuh!

      She is stunning

    • LarsfromNorway

      that face! she is hot hot hot

    • Scooter

      Great googly moogly!!! So hot…she's probably seeing a baseball player!!!

  • johnnystyle25

    #37 Piercings are cool!

    • Sebastian

      I'm in loooovvvveeeeee…. i love pierced nipples!!!!

    • Sad Panda

      So no shirt is not ok, but put a piece of see-through clothing on it and it's good? Makes no sense

      • Geez

        Is there a reason you are complaining right now?? Just enjoy the boobs.

    • Winchester

      This was going to be my favorite pic but then I noticed she spelled KCCO wrong….. what is wrong with me

      • https://www.facebook.com/nickhaven Nick Haven

        I was too busy looking at boobs to notice. Good eye haha

      • Jeff

        Same here all is see is boobs. lol

      • sandy astroglide

        You know how I know you're gay?

    • shane

      I can not stop looking at the KKCO… i am just baffled.

  • Needlegun13

    #18 Keep up the good work and some MOAR please!!

    • tdog

      Next time don't hold back so much.

    • fooge

      1st timer !! wow , came out with the heat right away, nice, send MOAR !!!!!

      • Needlegun13

        Seriously… It’s like she’s a professional with that pose…

    • elo2

      i got stuck here for 5 minutes..awesome

    • sfb101

      One has to admire a girl can can bend over and present like that!

    • Derr

      She's today's winner in my book.

    • JHL1

      #18 Definitely hot enough to be King of the Sofas

  • LowEndRumble

    #38 MOAR please

    • mikey

      tough mug. oh, and the term "moar" is sooooooooo beat

    • oughtnot

      I agree … she is HOT!

  • Drew

    #19 …. yeah, cute…… okay…. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN THE LOCKER?

    • Boom!_Headshot!

      are those gloves?

    • SOhioChiver

      she is showing us how bendy, trusting and open minded she is

  • BGrimsleyII

    Chivette, the portable edition. Available now

    • HatBomb

      You think the KCCOs sell out fast…

  • Guest

    There are a lot of Canadian Chivers and Chivettes!!

  • AB

    #10 Hopefully not the last time either. DAMN

    • sfb101

      Looks like she just finished some rough and tumble…

  • tv_paul

    #10 Catholic School Girl look! I'd definitely have her stay after class to do some tutoring .

    • tdog

      Could you please stand up straight when addressing the class.

  • JoshlikesBewbs

    #18 DAT ASS!

    • tdog

      dat everything

    • mikey

      chick's a ho….

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        Yea I was gonna say… she's totally missing the point of chivettes. Sexual liberation is not the same as sluttiness.

        • JHL1

          Give her a break, she's looking for her contact lens. I'm hoping someone kicked it under the dresser.

    • Jon

      Is disgusting.

    • Kodos


  • Alpha_Dog

    First time but hopefully not the last. MOAR!

  • Jay 21

    #8 ftw

    • Pontisan

      What is written above her… shorts?

  • JUtah

    # whoa!

  • MrUpp07

    #12 you…. are a gorgeous girl

    • mikey

      i'm going to be the honest guy today. this girl is not attractive. i am right, and you know it.

  • joejoe

    #20 that was a pleasant surprise when the clothes came off!

    • Justin Cider

      Not sure what the paint brush is for but i'm in…giggidy

    • mikey

      yes, it was a surprise… because with a face like that, we didn't expect much in the bod department

    • Baconbygod

      I'm calling Bullshit. The Tattoo on her arm miraculously appeared with the body. No way!!

      • Joe

        correct, that body does not belong to that thing above it!!!!

      • Adam

        Mirror image….look closely at the arm with the paint brush…it has a tat.

        • Paul.c

          NOPE!! not the same girl….nope!

    • JamesMoravia

      I fully agree, #20 has a smoken hot body

    • Muad dib

      Good God! For a second, I thought Gianna Michaels had a breast reduction.

  • rachel

    #45 is a dude right?

    • Hmmjan

      Nope, Dude's cleans their room up.

    • ilookfamous

      Holy crap – that's my cousin Bill.

    • just4fun88

      are u stupid?

    • hu flung poo

      a lil jealous, Rachel?

    • Anon

      stfu rachel

  • JUtah

    #10 whoa!JUtah

  • ChiveforDays

    #24 killed it

    • Jen

      yea, her body rocks!

    • ciro ferrara

      loking like ashley bulgari pornstars

    • isawoj

      it's a fake. She is a model on model mayhem according to google images.

  • Captain_Kyle

    It's my birthday today ! And I don't know what it is about glasses but #5 does it for me

    • OhioChiver

      Happy birthday C_K . And I agree, something about a woman wearing glasses.

    • Bubba


    • tv_paul

      I know why I like women in glasses because it's the one thing they can take off that makes me more attractive to them.

      • Mike

        LOL well done.

    • Rholio

      Happy Birthday!

      For this one, it probably helps that she's a total cutie.

  • Lizard

    More like a mix between burn bra and show us your thongs

  • kal50

    #3 And may we see MUCH MOAR of that hump!

    • wolfpack

      I believe we may have found the perfect hump….but will need to see it closer to make sure!

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      She's a West Point cadet standing on her bed. I'd recognize that regulation American flag on white wall, woobie, and edge of desk anywhere.

    • sfb101

      I totally agree. Moar we must have.

  • jmthibs

    so many beautiful women, so little chance with any one of them…

    • Paul

      after i see these posts i get excited to go out and meet girls like them…then i dont find any and i get sad and go home and surf the chive…its a big loop

  • sanderson32

    #27 – Marry me? Because then I would divorce you so I could show you off on "Newly Single Chivettes" as well….

    • Liv

      Yes, this girl is very hot!

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