• tv_paul

    #2 Somewhere in those wood a Sasquatch masturbated when he saw her do this.

    • Smash

      like to squash that snatch!!! with handcuffs on

    • Yup

      Ha! Another good one from Paul.

    • tv_paul

      Sorry I meant to say woods not wood.

    • AndySaximus

      #17 Fav

  • marineman12

    Still MOAR!!

    • Bigsac

      What's up with that huge camera

    • oclvtrek


    • Jjjj

      She looks 13

      • Guest

        So you have something in common then? The age she looks to you and your IQ.

    • chiveadmin

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    • Skermitt

      I live in CO, where the hell are these girls hiding?!

      • lovinco

        3 places in CO have these kind of girls, Aspen, Denver, and……

    • ninechive

      Daily Afternoon Randomness (20 Photos)

    • roadhog0

      Yes Please!!!

    • Edd


  • pingpong

    #2 turn around please…

    • RUhigh


    • stonedwalljackson

      this anna banana is makin me bananas

    • Deep Dish

      Those lucky trees

    • ninechive

      Daily Afternoon Randomness (20 Photos)

      • quailman8907

        Go away

    • Coloradochiver

      And this is why we live in……..
      Chive on Colorado!

    • Kato

      Those trees are definitely benefiting from her bananas.

  • thatgirl

    #12 pretty decent if you ask me

    • SOhioChiver

      my friend…that is way better than decent
      She is gorgeous, period

    • Danny Downer

      Hot girl, nice camera, shit-quality pictures. Seriously, if you're going to drop money on a nice camera, learn how to use it.

      • tele22

        You know, I was thinking the same thing. Until my dick told me to shut up.

    • chiveadmin

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  • Abe Froman

    #10 Book em Dano!

    • Dalton

      Book ME!

  • ttyl hef

    #10 she seems like she has a great personality

    • akoalie

      i lol'd ^

    • bdg

      You spelled BOOBS wrong!!!

    • What_Tha

      She has a couple of nice personalities.

  • DotHackSign

    Simply stunning. Thank you.

  • Tbert

    #6 I wanna touch it. I bet it's nice and soft.

    • Mike Hunt

      Yeah that bed looks nice and comfy

  • Everclear

    No, we want Coleen.

    • ARNG


      • Gonasiphaherpalitis

        If that's the girl who closed out yesterdays DAR, then hell ya bring on Colleeen

  • moondog

    #18 Very hot!!

    • sfb101


  • BigPup

    #16 MOAR is not enough!

  • Mr. Mackle

    #8 You guys should just write theCHIVE on her somewhere and use this picture as your logo

  • SlimtwigMJ

    #18 Nice jewelry there

  • Samwise

    Good God! what part of CO!?!?!?!?!

    • oasdnasd

      yeah let's stalk the SHIT out of her

    • chiveadmin

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    • Boom

      Something tells me in a mountainous area of CO. You welcome. Happy searching.

  • Max

    I have never been more sad to reach the last picture……She is awesome!

  • Kevin

    Goodness, gracious.

  • Everclear
    • bones


      • Pr0n

        Don't tease me

    • etnchiver

      100% AGREE

    • its_forge

      Aw hell naw, this one's decidedly sexier.

  • weofkwerightao

    The things I would do with you and those cuffs are illegal in some states.

    • YouTool

      You're probably still a virgin spending too much time on WoW and Internet porn. The only thing you would do is jizz your pants at first touch.

    • ninechive

      Daily Afternoon Randomness (20 Photos)

  • jbcrazylife

    #10 Handcuffs??? If you insist??

    • JohnD

      I'm Ron Burgundy???

    • chiveadmin

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    • Boo Bee

      JB Crazy…..I think we should be friends

      • jbcrazylife

        Well I'm a damn friendly guy!!

  • Tiber_Septim

    #8 gorgeous hot n' sexy

    • chiveadmin

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      • its_forge


  • ChiTownBearFan

    #18 amazing tush and even better knowing she likes to have fun

    • The_Truth

      She likes to have fun?!?

      Wow! How unique!

  • Clowd

    She is gorgeous!

  • Lemley Scott

    Love to use that accessory…

  • Jackson


    Thanks for the MOAR!

  • neelsvanpk

    #1 Sweet, Sweet girl!

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