• Dude legs

    #4 absolutely disgusting

    • Brad

      That's actually one of the most perfect expressions of the human body. Everyone has the muscles you're seeing in this picture but what's insane is the amount of work she's done to express it in her way.

    • hootie

      guys who think this is disgusting have a tiny penis. True story-

      • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

        not true,i love this….damn….

        • frank richmond


      • sloop23

        What does the size of her penis have to do with it?

    • poopman

      i bet she could hold her poop in for a month with an ass that tight!

    • Dan


      • Gdub


        • DDD

          and shes 43 yrs old, Amazing!!

        • bert

          u aware gdub?

    • Will

      That's the best I have ever seen wow on a scale of 1-10 she's a 100% perfect

      • 1-10 (and 100)

        It hurts to read that sentence.

    • Livin' Legend

      "Dude legs", proclaims the man who is understandably mistaken, never having had a woman bend over for him.

    • The Moron Backhander

      I can't believe I fell for this morons cry for attention. Now I'm the chump for having to point out that he's an idiot. The Berry might have images more to your liking. And if so, that's OK too.

      • dan005

        damn it who is she!!!! i need to know!!! every week theres a new photo with those blue Addidas and sexy running shorts!! i cant take it anymore, she perfect need moar!!!!

        • just do it

          google ChickenTuna

          • cmZULU

            i am so glad i finally have seen a face to that body thank for the info

        • She awesome

          Or Body Space "chicken tuna" on bodybuilding.com

    • pahn

      google "chicken tuna"

      • MattDamonFace

        I'm so upset with myself for a) thinking it was her when I saw the pic, and b) seeing your reply and thinking "I knew it!" My life is a sad one…

    • Dixie Wrect

      Good tuck job. Can't even see the penis

      • GDfd

        Just because you're too much of a pussy to get that hard, you don't need to belittle other's accomplishment.

    • John Robert

      you have to be joking or a homo. great feminine muscular legs with well developed hamstrings.
      she might be a sprinter. who knows? clearly her legs are awesome.
      why would you write something so mean?

  • C'mon chive

    Where the girls with curves?? All these women look like men bodies

    • Hmmm

      Do u think gay guys get turned on by these "women"?

      • droppin loads!

        See comment below

    • randall

      All these women are gorgeous! Some more muscle than me, but I wouldn't kick 'ember outta bed fer eatin crackers

    • geo

      See FLBP, Hump Day, Because Squishy.

      Variety is the spice of life, and Chivettes come in all forms.

      • yup

        fit over fat any day

    • Chris

      Male bodies? You're not only an idiot but a really insecure one at that obviously.

    • Tony

      you fat?

  • Jimbo

    Come on guys, nobody cares that you're gay and hate women. Keep it to yourself. These ladies are beautiful.

    • Correction

      *these men

    • U got me

      Sorry ur right.. I do turn on ESPN and watch the worlds strongest women and jacket off so good

    • roger

      sorry, didn't realize these were women ๐Ÿ™

    • Steve

      Yeah we're gay because we don't like unnaturally muscular women who are built like men…

      • Miller0700

        LOL, what else are they supposed to look like after extensive workouts?

    • Anonymous

      every one is entitled to their own opinion, doesn't mean they are gay. me, i personally find girls with muscles fucking disgusting, doesn't mean i'm a fag

      • ,

        shut up, fag

        • patov40

          Winner!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  • Ewww

    #19oh baby flex those arms — such a turn on .. She could rip my dick off with those biceps

    • shoestring

      Fit looking Paris Hilton

    • realio

      While I understand different people have different preferences, it is counterintuitive that women with athletic and toned bodies draw more ire than you losers requesting dildos in the background photos- much less proposing to snorkel some chick's ass.

      How's this: nobody gives a fuck what you like or don't like, whether you want (It pains me to write this, as I feel like a lemming) "moar" or want "real" chivettes. Get over yourself and get a life. Ps KCCO

  • cheese

    #9 #28 #48 i love so hard my love turned into a boner

    • Uhhh

      That is one weird statement

      • cheese

        tacos is a weird statement, oregano is a spice.

        • Pokes

          I don't even know what to make of that, so I just gave you a thumbs up.

    • BallsOnYa

      Is this a girl trying to act like a guy??

  • http://onfunzone.com/ ninechive

    Daily Afternoon Randomness (18 Photos) http://onfunzone.com/2012/10/28/daily-afternoon-r

  • Vic

    #9 #46 love those sexy bodies…

    • SOhioChiver

      MOAR! Please?

  • kick.it

    dat ass

  • ChivetteChick

    Wokring out is good…doing steroids is BAD.
    #11 looks like a sweaty man. Eww.
    #13 has the biggest head I've ever seen.

    Very FEW of these women are actually sexy…most need to tone it down and notch and they could have a sexy, fit and curvy WOMANLY body.

    • TruthYo

      Couldn't agree more

    • Shall

      #10 should be the ideal fit women in these post, not man abs #17

      • Jimbo

        Don't know why you call it "man abs", because I'm sure as hell that you don't have abs like that.

        • Jon

          or abs at all…

      • RoadSodas

        #10 along with many of these girls look to have genetics on their side w/ out actually working for it. I want before and after pics on these ladies…PS Abs are ok with me

    • Mellow

      No way! Fit girls are SEXY!

    • Merica

      sounds like you are jealous

    • Reality

      1. They're more fit than you'll probably ever be, so telling them to be more fit yet more curvy, you're an idiot…
      2. Muscle is part of a woman body as well and gives you much more "shape" than the gelatinous fat you seem to be so fond of.
      3. Obviously jealously is obvious, maybe you should hit the gym ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Berty

      Post a pic of yourself and see the site come to life judging you, shut the f*ck up and let us guys enjoy these fit women in all their glory

    • bobothecane

      is #11 Kate Mara? Either way…not eww in any way

    • patov40

      Whatever fatty. B-) PS — I rarely troll, but this one seems deserved.

    • It's Me

      If you got your ass in the gym you could probably get rid of your curvy womanly body.

    • ElliotFitNess

      #11 is fine as hell! #13 just has a goofy picture angle, both are beautiful and way hotter than any soft, "skinny"fat girl anyday! You also do know that non of these girls tried to get on here, right? They were all randomly chosen by editors. Let's see an actual picture of YOU for us to judge; you probably won't like what everyone has to say.

  • Sean


    • SOhioChiver

      #22 Thank You!

      • A fan

        One of the highlights! You look amazing!

    • guest

      When I die, I want to go to #2 's panty drawer…

  • Man love

    #8 serious case of man back

    • GayPride

      I'm gay and into men, but damn this women is the kinda man I am looking for

    • carl

      with men like that who needs men?

    • Big D

      Also got a serious case of perfect ass n leggies

    • ddh1969

      Just as long as she doesn't have man 'front' I think we'll be okay.

    • goatpunch

      It's probably just because she is working out. Probably looks fine an hour afterward or so. Still not too bulky, would bang

    • a man

      you have pretty low expectations from man-backs.

    • Cici

      If she wasn't like mid-pullup she would probably look fairly normal.

  • Groddy

    This post has deviated from the women who are fit to women that are juiced out on roids…

    • grumpy

      Yeah, some of these girls are fit, and some are ripped to a point that seems disconcerting.

    • Bruce

      You obviously have never seen a woman on steroids before. The ones in this post that obviously make you question your manhood have put in countless hours of hard work to look the way they do. You prefer women to be soft? Fine. I know how dedicated these women are to being healthy and that in itself is sexy as hell.

    • John

      I agree-not sexy to me at all, except the girl walking the dogs

    • Spicoli

      I doubt these women are on roids. Many of them are crossfitters proven by the bumper plates, kettle bells, HSPU's, knee high socks and pics clearly taken from the box. I see these girls several times a week and they are not on roids, they are; however, BAD ASS!

  • jjh21

    idk…#1 is pretty fucking hot

    • TheHoopty5.0

      That could have been the only picture in here and I would have been completely ok with that.

    • irons

      Yes she is gorgeous, women playing with their long hair gets me every time.

      • TheHoopty5.0

        If she had on thigh highs, I would have had a heart attack and died a happy, happy man.

    • max

      jessica rafalowski

    • ps86

      don't get me wrong – i agree 100% that this girl is amazingly gorgeous, but when photoshopping there is a fine line between improving a photo and ruining it and i think whoever modified this photo ruined it. a girl's ass doesn't have to look like Coco to be sexy.

  • Sean

    #29 #30 #43 Yes please!

    • Notme

      I thought the post was Okay, not bad but not great. Then #43 a grand slam to save the day.

      • FishOn

        What?! She has the body of a lanky 14 year old boy. No hips, no tits. Not sexy.

    • Guest

      #30 = Rebeca Rubio

    • heckmantis

      #29 is Margrett Gnarr, Icelandic fitness model

  • Jimmy_Recard

    #28 Is at the maximum level of hotness.

    • Jed

      Indeed. That one goes to 11!

      • JMAKK

        Her and #23 I thought were absolute perfection, the rest.. a little overdone. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • irons

      Agree, beautiful curves and lovely skin.

    • ben


  • MattyDeuce

    before anyone acts as if they are disgusted, please, honestly tell me you would kick them out of your bed!

    • NiggaJay

      Honestly, I would because they would turn into a roid monkey and rip my head off… So now that I told u that, I can tell u that I am disgusted by half these women

      • Das Kiku

        Who said there on roids? Also no need to hate people in better shape than you because you hate what you can,not have or afraid of.

        • Obviouse

          Well if its not roids, they got some serious testosterone.. Probably have a balls sac too

        • pooty

          I stopped reading your post when you misspelled "they're."

    • Rick

      I would only kick them out of bed if, they're better on the floor.

    • Steve

      Yes, I don't want to run my hands on her stomach and feel a man's 6 pack.

    • tinkle

      I think they are too ripped to be kicked by anyone…. all these women would have clits like little dicks too.. way too much testosterone

  • jason

    # 9 go STL

    • SOhioChiver

      Like this #9

  • DickSauce

    Can we get a like and dislike button under each individual picture

    • http://www.facebook.com/mtbiker124 Nick Parsons

      I can't even like or dislike comments…

      • problems

        haha. same here, nick. my phone won't allow me to! >:(

  • 123321

    #10 winner for sure!

    • John

      only feminine one-others are she/men

  • N8orius

    Bobble heads have come to life!

    • 775

      Hahaha! My exact thoughts.

    • http://twitter.com/NickClark360 @NickClark360

      It's like an orange on a toothpick

    • John from Accounting

      a virtual planetoid!!

    • bubble

      LOL!! maybe just a bad angle but who knows, funny nonetheless…

  • http://s1336.photobucket.com/albums/o642/janeyqueen/ teslawasrobbed

    #1 is truly number one.

    • Footlong

      Can we bang please??

      • Footlong

        And I am referring the the chick who made the post

        • Jake


  • üäö

    nope- to much testosteron

    • Miller0700

      Learn to spell before you complain.


  • irons

    #2 Damn she gorgeous

    • inspector32

      haley davis arlington tx

    • oaidkjdfjkl

      check out the dude checkin her out lower left corner

  • Boobman

    They are all sexy as hell!

  • Firefighter 21

    #1 hot

    • mike re

      I know its not her but from that angle she kinda looks like aunt becky(lori loughlin)

    • Motorcrossjunky17

      She is so hot !!!!

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