• John

    #1, #2, #21

    • MegIntheMitten

      John, I love her. Such a great pick for COTW. Keep em coming!

    • JMAKK

      Wife Material!

    • Whorebait

      Truly breathtaking… thank you for your service to our country, and being one badass chivette 😀

    • MylesofStyles

      How the fuck did this guy get to comment first?

      • Unfkngblvbl

        He killed Paula. >_>

        • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

          Oh he tried, believe me, he tried…

          – the one you love to hate

    • Solitaire

      #21 is astoundingly sexy, but friendly at the same time.

      • Sick350Z

        Agreed #21 Send a few hump pics with the next batch.

    • J. D. Rage

      #21 I approve this humpage!

    • SmokeyTheBear

      Perfection incarnate.

    • Lowrent75

      Good lord she is beautiful. Thanks for your service.

      • Giblets

        Best smile ever.

    • Bham Chiver

      just wish I was a pro athlete….

    • Andre

      We getting a chivette calendar for next year or what!! Can she be August?

    • https://www.facebook.com/nicky.lup Nicky F Lup

      God bless you girl.have a super holiday season. :'-))

    • Joe Green

      yo john, like to see if she could give a shout out to my good friend whos at the USAFA right now. it be a real nice thing if she could do that.

  • jamie

    #15 #16 Beautiful !!

    • muttt17

      You are a knockout. Now point the glock in the opposite direction. And yes, I see the two clips, but safety first. 🙂

      • trill

        they arent clips, they are magazines 😉

        • muttt17

          LOL..I stand corrected. It isn't a M1 and it doesn't have clips. 🙂

      • Why Not!

        It's too bad the Air Force doesn't teach Safety First! Even though the Magazines are not in the weapon, it does not mean the Chamber is empty. Plus I would like to see her shoot those bullets through that pistol.

        • mack

          Those aren't bullets, they're shells

  • Now Kiss!!

    I would love to sample your cupcakes!

    • nate33uc

      #19 #21 #22 stunning

    • Mike

      I'd love for her to sit on my face.

  • Ace

    That's it I'm joining the military

    • 1C451

      Join the Air Force and choose an AFSC that will take you to Sheppard AFB, in Wichita Falls, TX for training. This is where they grow them…

      • Gerritt

        yeah unless your flightline maintenance then you'll never see them. once a year I get sent to medical for eval and I get reminded that their actually are females in the Air Force.

        • TFred

          HA try the Army, unfortunately half the "females" here have more chest hair then Tom Selleck. At least the corps has the navy to nibble from

      • Wes Vane

        No medics at Sheppard anymore. They moved them to Fort Sam in San Antonio.

  • DDD

    #21 How would ya like to bite that in the butt, develop lockjaw and be dragged to deat

    • Lukeatmacock

      No doubt!!!! dat ass

      • LawnGuyLand

        Need moar pictures of that rump. There I said it. Somebody had to say it. More turdcutter!!

    • Peace and love

      Dont get sexual brother, youre supposed to say…

      Wow you have a great smile…

      Great eyes ..

      Then go HUG a tree and sing kumbaya and light a candle.

      • http://www.facebook.com/SeanLoganDamnitfeelsgoodtobeagangsta Sean Logan

        Well that escalated quickly

  • N2MotoX

    #3 Those eyes!…..now I need directions because I'm lost!

    • SmokeyTheBear

      That smile is just awesome..

  • Scott



    #3, Thank you for your service…BTW, you're beautiful.

  • bigcityreem

    Beautiful and tough. Thank you for your service Kayla. You are appreciated for what you do.

  • http://www.theChive.com Rusty_Dreams

    #6 #8 #16 Stunning!!! And thank you!!!!

  • cDubya

    You are absolutely gorgeous.

    Thank you for your service.

    – A Navy vet

  • jason

    I would marry this women in a heartbeat..

    • jobone

      I'd marry her twice

      • Lukeatmacock

        Id bone her… who cares about marriage

        • hootie

          reality: You all would still be sippin on your bud light limes while she goes home w/ some1 whos actually talked to a girl b4-

          • Alone again

            I talk to my mom everyday

          • quailman8907

            you were doing so well until you said "some1" and "b4".

  • wkdfrog

    #3 Stunning! KCCO

  • MegIntheMitten

    Thank you for you service. You are such a rad Chivette.

  • MaxCarbon

    This beautiful lady is on my list of top 10 chivette's. Thanks for sharing!

  • Major Tom

    #22 Now we all know who REALLY runs the Armed Services. You are amazing! KCCO

    • thatgirl

      engagement ring…classy

      • Anon

        I suppose you would say that to all the full time models who are married who do more scandalous shoots than this?

  • Justin Cider

    Hot nurse is Hot!!

  • TX_Chiver

    Keep Calm and Be Safe! Thanks for your service.

  • pa'ver

    #19 gabe?!

    • one

      who is that dude. he looks familiar

      • miami master

        looks real familiar. who is he????

        • Tarley

          Ax Men

    • Fog Ducker

      My favourite pic for sure. Unbelievably beautiful.

    • its_BACON

      Thats who i thought it was. Either she's tall or he's shorter then what I thought he'd be.

  • Shat_Thrice


    God bless America, and bless this magnificent Chivette!

    • Gordon L

      and god bless you breath taking , sweet and sexy , and thank you chive for having her i will have a great day now

  • justChive

    I have no idea what geocaching is… but I kope #9 can end the lockout!

    • http://www.facebook.com/ben.feeve Ben Feeve

      Geocaching – using GPS to find hidden trinkets and notes placed by people. Pretty fun game- if you enjoy the outdoors.

  • baddbuzz

    #13 keep smiling and Chive on.

  • Gtown cupcakes guy

    if you love cupcakes have i got the guy for you. my brother is the head baker for georgetown cupcake. he is in la right now opening the new store

  • wraith

    Obviously you are quite attractive, but that smile of yours could light up the sky. Thank you for your Service

  • BigDave

    I spent 13 years on military bases and never saw anything like this. Just damn.
    KCCO and thank you for your service!!

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