A Chivette jumping on her bed (16 HQ Photos)

I think this should become a thing, ya’ know, for the greater good. Chivettes, feel free to submit your bed-bouncing exploits anytime.

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  • Shawny

    No more monkeys jumping on the bed

    • JLBugbee

      there can be only one!

      • Lolasaurus

        One boob shot!

    • tobe


    • Stalker

      I know her she's 15 FYI

    • NoodlumNad

      3 pairs of pants…1 bra.

      • unoriginal

        many "jumping on bed" sites on the net

  • Colby


    • Shawny

      No beat you loser

    • Doof

      Not first.
      Not cool.
      Not able to clear up that pesky acne.

      Go home.

    • Stop saying first

      How bout you "first" people fight to the he death. Of both.

  • alexcurtis11

    first which is really surprising

    • IamnotnamedBill

      Bet you're especially surprised now, dumbass.

      • alexcurtis11

        worth a shot

        • JSJ

          No, it's not.

        • Seth_Michaels

          Was it? Really?

    • jreddy23

      you thought you were first…which really isn't that surprising.

    • Shawny

      Beat you too loser.

    • FNG

      Whats really funny is that you got thumbed down more then the other dumb ass. that was before you. hahaha

  • Mike

    Great idea Maggie!! Well done

    • BarrowsBOY

      I'm sorry but this is just stupid…

    • _HypoLuxa_

      I like this because bouncy.

    • 29er

      burn bra bed bounce?

      • 65massey

        Awesome idea! Unless you sleep on the top bunk.

  • A.J.R

    This was a great idea! #16

    • guest

      The only thing missing is slow motion gifs

    • KAFman

      Also featured in this pic, epic dog "Soon"…

    • Ken

      For the briefest of seconds I thought she was topless. And yes need gifs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ctanis1 Chris Tanis

    This girl is a genius….

    • jjjjjjjj

      flagrant abuse of the word genius

  • Cavok

    Wow. She gets a gold star for this! We must have MOAR!!

    • Dick

      It's spelled "more"

      • Open minded

        Have you ever been to this site? (I hope you are joking)

      • DaddyD

        Only in dictionaries. On the interwebs, it's spelled "MOAR." And is always all caps.

  • SeriouslyDoIt

    Can I jump on your bed?

    • JLBugbee

      Can I jump on her?

  • joe


    • Mad Hatter

      Go shit in your hat.

  • Guitarnoob

    Yes. That is all.

  • justChive

    Nice idea- I'm sure the chivettes will try to one up her quickly, ready… GO!

    • ChiverOnFoot

      One upping her (or even trying) is not at all a bad thing

  • BWaecker


  • this guy says

    i don't think i ever wanted to be a bed so bad in my life

  • MylesofStyles

    Trust me, you're boobs are just fine…although to be absolutely sure would require further inspection, and more photos on your part. Thank you in advance.

    • EMA



      • MylesofStyles

        Actually, I meant to tell her that she actually IS boobs, thank you very much.

        As far as calling me a pervert goes, you might as well tell me that water is wet while YOU'RE at it.

        • WeakSauce


          • MylesofStyles

            Obviously. LOL.

        • ELdouches

          There comes a time in every man's life when he must take responsibility for his actions, and admit when he is wrong.

    • ron

      I agree to the "boobs just fine". Those will stay nice and perky whilst bigger boobs will be at waist level way too soon.

      Count me as a fan.

      • TheCanadianGuy

        LOVE it, Great set.
        And remember you don't need big boobs to be HOT!
        #15 is HOT

  • teight

    #11 is ridiculously cute

    • OmahaDude

      Judging by the poster, Maggie might enjoy some hallucinogens as well 🙂

    • Ned

      That dog's name has to be "Lucky"

  • BacardiFiend

    Minnesota chivettes do it best

  • Ty Webb

    Um, ok.

    • texjosh

      I only clicked this post because that dog looks like my dog.

  • hi mom

    now without clothes

    • WBM

      I second this!

    • Notknowing

      …and make it a gif.

      • wrench

        If only there was websites that had naked girls…

        • SuccessfullyTrolled


  • NickT

    Minnesota eh? I must find this local Chivette!

    • Alyn

      Stranger danger!

  • JLBugbee

    I love this Idea and she is right she is cute. Thanks Maggie!!

    • dedubs

      Something about girls who TELL you they are cute bugs me though…

      • goglass

        Yeah,cuteness is like greatness,only others can declare it

      • bunck

        Yeah, that stuff usually rubs me the wrong way but she is actually cute enough that I want to rub her the wrong way so I will let it go.

  • Wisconsin

    Yer not that cute and look as if you need to eat a samich.

    • Kris

      I have bad news for you…

    • Kato

      You, sir, have a bad case of fagliosis.

      • Yeahhh

        Don't even refer to that guy as a sir. He doesn't deserve it.

      • Wisconsin

        Fuck you dick sucker. I fucked your mom.

        • Andy

          Bad Karma man, im from Wisconsin, I hope people dont think we are retarded for what you are saying. She is smokin!! But you sound like your 16 and prolly still living with your moma

    • wrench

      Guaranteed fat girl from Wisconsin

      • 2 CDO

        Dad, get off the Chive your drunk !!! But seriously cut her a break great idea & she's hot !!

      • emailhobo

        Fat? Prove it you "wrench"…

    • TheCanadianGuy

      She has the guts to post pictures of herself in her undies and you can only reply by being an ass.

    • 5280Blazin

      With cheese? Shut up fatty. Go fuck your own rolls if you find that sexy, but personally I would prefer Maggie.

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.keogh.733 James Keogh

    Gif needs to be submitted too 🙂

    • fed

      i'm disappointed that i needed to scroll this far to read about a gif

    • https://thechive.com F3n1x187


    • drewcypher


  • Deep Dish

    Let the revolution begin.

  • WindyCityKid13

    I vote for MOAR chivettes jumping on the bed #15

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #14 Hi, I'm SmokeyTheBear and I approve of this message.

    • Smokey Bear's mom

      There is no "the" in Smokey Bear. Look it up

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