• https://www.facebook.com/Blakgambit James McGill

    Interesting. I hadn't realized I'd taken acid today

    • otto

      You win sir, bravo

    • hombre

      no just a lot of honkies

    • Birdhaus32

      This is almost better than John groping that mannequin for the new cut Chive shirts

  • Corpie

    What the hell is this… AND WHY WASN'T I INVITED?!

    • Birdhaus32

      This is awesomeness in its most awesome form. Anything at theChive that happens and is recorded is interwebs/internets GOLD!!

  • USAF_Ammo

    Damn't… Why can't I have a job like that? I need to reevaluate my life.

  • skatlib

    I was totally going to do that today but thought… Meh

  • drock

    texas needs a chive meet up. Oh what the hell did i just watch?

    • Jethro

      I'd like to do an unofficial mini-meet up in ATX on march 15th. 6th STREET!!! Then Warrior Dash on Saturday. Reply for more details!

      • QuickLikeFrenchToast

        At SXSW? Lets do it

  • RusticTomcat

    That was hilarious, thank you for brightening my day before going to work.

  • Everclear

    The girl dancing on the couch in grey.

    I want it. ♥

  • arian

    god damn i fucking love you guys.

  • Truth


  • Trav1121

    Thrust, Green Stormtrooper… THRUST!

  • Pohono

    WHY ONLY 30 SECONDS???!!!
    seriously, I need like 3 more minutes of that goodness.

    • Skillin'sotherSelf

      The Harlem shake doesn't last that long…. unfortunately.

  • josh

    chive, why my mardi gras kcco burn down!

  • Jeremiah Johnson


  • tbjacobs

    Fuck yes.

  • nanahater

    FUCK YES. This is so great, best thing i have seen all day

  • Tim

    that just made my day!

  • MonkeyMadness

    The whole time I"m thinking. "……………………………..uh………………."

    • RedHotChivette

      The whole time I'm thinking "…..why the FUCK aren't I doing this right now….ugh….."

  • Thror

    And…. now I need some paper towels. Thanks, Chive.

  • CD3

    THATS how you get a party started!! lol

  • Meh


  • jamie

    I presume this is a typical day at The Chive offices?! F%$K !!!! Two thoughts, Stop F-ing around and tell your shirt maker in S. F. to make more than 20 shirts for each release date. And, I am going to punch Mac in the throat for making all of us realize how "Un-Fun" our work places are.

    • dirtysanchez

      MAC is still forever alone ,who attempts to play foosball solo ?

      • jamie

        Hahahahah !!! So true !!

  • 1578434

    White privilege

    • 1578434

      Note to self: "kill self"

  • Ish287

    Chive do you need a bodyguard, cause I'd die for you.

  • Tristlo


    Keep it coming, bro.

  • Btwink

    The randomness….the epicness…. they are Chiving so hard right now

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