iCHIVE Submission Guidelines

iCHIVE Submission Guidelines

All photos submitted to theCHIVE and iCHIVE are subject to the following rules:

Violating the following guidelines may result in your photo being deleted
– Any visible areola, nipples, genitalia, visible anus, or darkening of the anus is not allowed
– Any straight crotch shots, photos directly toward a person’s nude butt or nude thigh gap, are not allowed
– Any emojis or after effects covering nudity are not allowed
– Any transparent/mesh garments that reveal nudity are not allowed
– Any undergarments that do not fully cover a person’s genitals or anus are not allowed
– Visible pubic region is not allowed

– Any copyrighted photos that are not your own are not allowed
– Any photos displaying a copyright symbol that is not attributed to yourself is not allowed
– Assuming someone else’s identity is not allowed
– Any photos of another person where you assume their identity are not allowed

– Gore, blood, or trauma to a person or animal is not allowed

Distasteful Content
– All racist content is prohibited
– Any photos that are pornographic in nature are not allowed

– This includes but is not limited to:
– Cameltoe
– Nipples showing through a shirt
– Poses insinuating a “Point Of View” position
– Overly tight clothing revealing genitalia
– Poses or gestures that insinuate masturbation

– User profiles for a brand or company are not allowed
– User profiles representing pornographic content are not allowed
– Any photos with website links to a brand or company are not allowed
– Any photos revealing personal data (Phone number, names, etc…)

Top Reasons Photos Are Removed:

– Nudity
– Overly risque
– Visible nipples or genitalia
– Emojis or after effects covering nudity
– Spam

In addition to these rules, all submissions are subject to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and ALL other applicable notices posted by Chive Media Group, LLC, available at the following URLs: www.chivemediagroup.com/legal/terms; and www.chivemediagroup.com/legal/privacy.

*Guidelines are subject to change at any time*

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