The optical illusion hiding in this painting from 1533 will freak you out

A mind-warping optical illusion is hiding somewhere in “The Ambassadors”, a painting from 1533 by Hans Holbein. From head on, the painting looks like two guys chilling, shooting the shit in front of their collection of ladles and globes and whatnot. Just ambassadors being ambassadors.


But look at it from the side…

WHAT. HOW. This is some serious Da Vinci Code-type shit.


Cue the X Files theme song.

The artist snuck the skull in there as a reminder that death is always hiding in plain sight. Super edgy. Something tells me this guy was way too into Tim Burton movies and The Cure back in high school.

But there are lots of optical illusions hiding in the world’s most famous paintings. Did you know if you stare at the Mona Lisa long enough, her face morphs into Vladmir Putin?


Tell me I’m wrong.

h/t someecards

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