Insane Clown Posse member tries, and fails, to dropkick Fred Durst onstage (Video)

Limp Bizkit has been telling us for years to “Break Stuff”, but I don’t think they meant a hip.

The band was playing a set at the Rock Allegiance Festival in Camden, NJ this past Saturday when Shaggy 2 Dope, of ICP fame (hahaha fame, good one), ran onstage and attempted to dropkick frontman Fred Durst, failing miserably instead. Apparently, the beef’s been brewing since Woodstock ’99. After performing at the festival, ICP were told, “Fred wants to meet with you”, except they had no idea who the fuck Fred was. Butthurt as he was, Durst invited them on the Family Values Tour later that year, only to give them the boot at the last minute.
Via ViralHog

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