Body cam of Police catching jumper in MID-AIR before falling to his death (Video)

Body Cam footage released of Knoxville Police Officer Rehg and his partner, Lieutenant Chris McCarter catching a bridge jumper in mid-air. Although the split-second life-saving actions took place on April 8th; this footage was just released today.
I slowed down the footage to show these two Heroes reaction over the span of about 2.5-seconds from realizing the jumper making a move to catching him before falling to his certain death.
From Knox County Sheriff’s Office:
“Officer Rehg along with KPD Lt. Chris McCarter grabbed and held onto the young man just seconds before he went over the bridge. Because of their vigilance and quick actions the young man is alive today.
Both Lt. McCarter and Officer Rehg are true local heroes, not just because of this one incident but because they continue to risk their lives daily for the safety of others.”

Source Knox Sheriff on FB

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