Atmosphere College Affiliate Program

We want YOU for the Atmosphere College Affiliate Program!


What is it?

CHIVE TV, the channel you’ve probably seen playing at the bars with hilarious fails, amazing feats of human strength, awe-inspiring adventures, and of course, puppies, has recently moved to Atmosphere, the world’s first ambient television platform. We need a little help spreading the word about this new and improved app, which now includes more channels than just CHIVE TV, including Happy TV, Shügazing TV, Alpine TV, and more.

The College Affiliate Program is a new spin on our former CHIVE TV Affiliate Program. We need one go-getter to drive sign-ups and installations for the Atmosphere app. For now, we’re only interested in focusing on bars and restaurants in and around Ann Arbor, Michigan (independents only; NO chains or franchises), and for every verified installation streaming for at least 30 days, you make $100.

Who are you looking for?

We’re looking for one outgoing, ambitious college student (must be 21+), who is interested in working their own hours, gaining sales experience, and earning money. This person should be a hard worker and should represent Atmosphere in a responsible, respectful manner.

Why should I apply?

Make $100 per verified installation. Work your own hours. Gain real-world sales experience. As long as you’re not misrepresenting the brand, you have freedom and flexibility to make this program work for you. There is no limit to the number of independent bars and restaurants you can sign up; all we ask is that you steer clear of any chains and franchises.

What about the fine print?

This works in two parts: sign-up and installation.

– You must help the venue sign up and help them gather the necessary information to speed up the fulfillment process at HQ.

– Once the device is shipped to the venue, you must ensure they “install” the device (plug it in). Each installation is paid out in two parts: $10 up front with proof of installation (a video of it playing on-screen will suffice) and $90 after it’s been active for 30 days. Our definition of “active” is playing 40+ hours within the 30-day period.

All payments are made via PayPal, tax-free.  However, if you sign-up six or more venues (and we hope you do!), we will need to send you a 1099 as you will have exceeded $600 in payments, and you will need to report that to Uncle Sam. Payments are subject to standard PayPal processing fees, which are paid by the recipient.

How do I apply?

Fill out the application form here. We are accepting applications through Sunday, February 10, 2019. One college affiliate will be selected and contacted the following week. We’ll set up a call to run through all the details, including product knowledge, how to track sign-ups, and resources. The selected affiliate can begin selling can being as soon as February 15, 2019.

Have questions?

Email us at and we’ll get you squared away!