CHIVE|BETS is running a season-long “Beat John” NFL Pick’Em contest that consists of making 10 selections against the spread each Sunday.  Here’s how it works and how you can win… that is, if you can “Beat John”!

Each week you are asked to choose the winner, against the spread*, from 10 NFL Games that are playing that Sunday.  You will make your selections here and your picks must be submitted before 11:59 a.m. CST each Sunday.

As many as three additional prop picks may be required each week – to serve as tie breakers. 



  1. Season Winner = $10k Bill Murray Ostrich Crest Gold Coin – 1oz. or $10,000 in cash. 
  2. Weekly Winner = $349 Bill Murray Ostrich Crest Gold Coin – 1/10th oz and a personal letter from John himself congratulating you on your victory.
  3. Weekly “Beat John” – if you score more pts than John, for that week, you are awarded a 20% off coupon code to theCHIVERY. (max total order value of $150 – 2 week time limit to expiration. )
  4. Season “Beat John” – if your top 15 scores, out of 17, beat John’s top 15 scores in the final standings, after Week 17 completes, you get a 50% off coupon code to theCHIVERY. (max total order value of $150 – 2 week time limit to expiration. )
  5. Weekly Bottom Dweller – whoever completes a full entry and comes in dead last for any given week, wins a “Mush” T-Shirt – compliments of theCHIVERY. (You must complete a full entry for that week.)


The Leaderboard – will reflect a summation of all your weekly totals up until (roughly)mid-season where we will then remove the worst 2 scores from each contestant’s total as we sprint into the final stretch of the regular season – through the end of Week 17.  Only the top 15 scores from each contestant count towards the final total and the grand prize – a $10k Gold Ostrich Crest Coin.


Weekly Announcements

Weekly winners of the $349 1/10 oz Gold Ostrich Crest Coin will be announced via our Facebook Page each Monday by 3pm CST.


The season long leaderboard will be updated each Tuesday by 1pm CST.  It will also highlight the past weekly winners of the $349 1/10 oz Gold Coin.




*Against the spread means that if a team is (-7.5) and you select them they have to win by 8 in order for your pick to be a winner.  Counter to that, if you select a team that is (+7.5) and they lose by 7 pts, your selection wins, as they covered the spread. Please refer to our guides in order to get a crash course in sports betting.


**By participating in this contest you acknowledge that this is a NFL regular season long tournament where ONLY your top 15 weekly scores out of the 17 weeks will be used to determine your final placement.  This means that your position on the leaderboard could drop after everyone’s worst 2 weeks are removed from the totals.  Your final point calculation will only consist of your top 15 out of 17 weekly totals.


***You re-acknowledge that you read the paragraph above.


****CHIVE BETS reserves the right to make adjustments as to how the tie breakers are configured in order to determine both weekly and full season winners. This may include additional tie breaker picks.


*****Total point or total yardage tie-breakers are determined by who got closest to the actual. If there remains a tie, then the winner is determined Barker style – who got closest without going over.


******Upon winning and receiving your prize you may be asked to take a picture with such prize and or share that picture via your social network.  Upon entering this contest you are agreeing to do so.


*******Participants can only win the weekly 1/10 oz BFM Coin – once per season.