ChiveDrive FAQ

IQL Publisher Frequently Asked Questions

What is ChiveDrive powered by Zendrive?

ChiveDrive powered by Zendrive is a usage-based insurance program created in collaboration with our partner, Zendrive. Depending on the specific program, usage-based insurance allows you to get a fairer insurance rate that’s priced based on either how you drive or your mileage. On the contrary, many traditional insurance policies include premiums priced on other factors that have nothing to do with your driving behavior (i.e. your credit score, location, or age).

ChiveDrive is leveling the auto insurance playing field by first understanding how you drive, then calculating your insurance rate more fairly according to your behavior. You can simply connect to ChiveDrive in your [Publisher’s] app, start tracking your driving habits, and find out if you qualify for a lower insurance rate (without any obligation to buy).  

How does ChiveDrive powered by Zendrive work?

Once you sign up for ChiveDrive via the [Publisher’s] app, simply drive as you normally would for a period of about 30 days, making sure your smartphone is with you and you’re connected to the app. 

Over the 30-day test drive experience, ChiveDrive will determine your average driving score based on factors like your speed, the time of day you drive, how you handle your vehicle, and your level of focus. The better your driving score, the more you could 

potentially save on a policy. Once the trial is over, you can immediately check whether you qualify for a discounted auto insurance rate, get a quote, then decide whether or not to buy a policy.

What does ChiveDrive powered by Zendrive track?

During the test drive period, ChiveDrive will track your mileage, the time of day that you drive, and how you drive. Data like the routes you frequently take and your average speed are used to better understand your habits, determine how safe you are behind the wheel, and calculate your average driving score. Driving data collected is only shared anonymously with Zendrive to determine whether you qualify for a personalized insurance offer based on your driving score.

Am I guaranteed a better rate with ChiveDrive powered by Zendrive?

You aren’t guaranteed a better rate by using ChiveDrive. However, throughout the test drive experience, you’ll get helpful driving tips to help you drive more safely, and increase your chances of getting a lower insurance rate or discounts in the future. 

Where can I download the ChiveDrive app powered by Zendrive?

There’s no need to download another app — ChiveDrive is part of the [Publisher’s] app. Simply download the [Publisher’s] app on the App Store or Google Play store and create an account or log in. If you’re having trouble with the [Publisher’s] app or ChiveDrive, contact our Customer Care at +1 (888) xxx-6970 for assistance.

Is ChiveDrive available in my state?

ChiveDrive is available in most states. Availability can vary by state over time based on insurer participation. The ChiveDrive experience will not be visible to you in the [Publisher’s] App if it is not available in your state.