Powerful moments of Dogs at War (85 HQ Photos)

Again, please take 2 minutes to help with this product launch
by doing the following 2 Steps:

Step #1. Click the link and sign their petition
Just click on link below
Click HERE for petition link

Step #2
Copy/paste the message (shown below) to the Facebook or Twitter accounts for Kroger
link to for either Facebook or Twitter are below,
you can choose either one

for Facebook:
1. Visit the American Heroes Water Facebook page and click “Like”
Click HERE for FB link
2. Highlight and copy the following message:
Please support our Veterans through Folds Of Honor by adding American Heroes Water to your shelves. facebook.com/americanheroeswater #heroeswater
3. almost done,
Click Here to go directly to the Kroger Facebook page,
Paste the message on their page and post it…and you’re Done

for Twitter:
1. Click HERE for their Twitter page and click on “follow”
2. Highlight and copy the following message:
@kroger Support our Veterans via Folds of Honor by offering this product in your stores! americanheroeswater.com #heroeswater
3.  Go to your twitter account, paste and tweet the message…again, that’s all

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